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King’s University Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses and Requirements

Do you have the ambition of studying in Canada? Studying at King’s University won’t be a bad idea as a result of its standard of education.

Everything you are required to know about King’s University has been covered in this article with emphasis on its acceptance rate, tuition, courses and requirements.

King’s University is a Christian that is situated in Alberta. This prominent university is among various universities situated in Canada. The school is fixed in an international community and has many students from different ethnic.

This academic institution is among the most sought after schools in Canada and offers a high standard and quality of education. See the best law school in Canada.

The school also displays a diverse range of degree programs, therefore students are free to discover their academic interests.

  • Wide range of academic degree-awarding programs
  • International/multi-ethnic student community
  • Flexible tuition fee payment option
  • Diversified academic track
  • Quality education
  • High acceptance rate
  • Availability of strong student support and career development track

The King’s University Acceptance Rate:

An acceptance rate of a school is one of the factors which determine the probability of you gaining Admission into any institution.

It is very important to consider this factor before sending in your admission application to any institution.

The acceptance rate of King’s University is 70%. This means that among every application sent to the school, only 70% of the total number of applications will be accepted.

This acceptance rate Demonstrates that the admission policy at King’s University is moderately selective.

This is to say that the probability of applicants getting admission to the school is high if you meet their requirements.


The tuition of King’s University solely dependent on individual courses of study and location too. For instance, the tuition of international students is higher than that of domestic students.

Here is the tuition of King’s University:

  • Tuition for Canadian students is $6,541.
  • Other Student service fees encompass
  •  Student fees which is $797.50
  • Orientation fee which is $160.00
  • Student healthcare plans which is $200.00, and  
  • Academic supplies fees which is $650.

Tuition for International Students:

International students tuition are equally charged based on the number of credits an international student offer. It is important to know that a complete credit consists of 15.5 credits and credit is charged at $422.

  • The International student’s tuition is charged $6,541 per semester.
  • Other Student service fees for International students encompass;
  •  Student fees which is $797.50
  • Orientation fee which is $160.00
  • Student healthcare plans which is $200.00 , and
  •  Academic supplies fees which is $650.00.

Note: King’s University is located in Canada so if you are taking the decision of applying to the School, you will be required to pay into consideration the country’s cost of living.

The recommended amount by King’s University for other cost of living expenses aside the tuition fee is $27,500.

The school justified that the said estimated amount will cover for accommodation, feeding, transportation, materials, entertainment etc.


King’s University gives room for various kinds of financial which comes in form of grant and others as a result of being affiliated with one of Canadian distinguished schools called Alberta college.

However, it is very necessary to commence preparation early, this is because the more coordinated your academic profile is, the higher the chances of benefiting from it.      

The King’s University Courses

King’s University offers diverse degree-awarding Courses. This academic institution offers about 40 different courses. The certificates offered by are the institution encompass;

  • Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science – Biology
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Business
  • Environmental Management
  • Non-Profit and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Canadian Studies
  • Bachelor of Science – Chemistry Christianity and Contemporary Culture
  • Communication Arts
  • Computing Science
  • Computer Graphics and Visualisation
  • Secure Computing
  • Software Systems Development
  • Drama
  • Economics
  • Bachelor of Education – Elementary
  • Bachelor of Education – Secondary
  • Bachelor of Arts – English
  • Environmental studies
  • Geography
  • Bachelor of Arts – History
  • Bachelor of Science – Interdisciplinary Science
  • Bachelor of Science – Kinesiology
  • Bachelor of Science – Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Arts – Music
  • Music Education
  • Piano Pedagogy
  • Bachelor of Arts – Philosophy
  • Bachelor of Arts – Political Science
  • Bachelor of Arts – Politics, History, and Economics
  • Public Policy Studies
  • Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sociology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Theology
  • Artist’s Diploma
  • Church Music
  • Justice and Development
  • Performer’s Certificate
  • Alumni and Community Chorus
  • Interdisciplinary Study Conference

King’s university Academic Requirements

King’s University expects aspiring scholars to meet some definite standard requirements before being given admission.

Here is what you need to know about the university’s admission criteria.

International Students Admission Requirements:

International students looking forward to study at King’s university are expected to  meet specific requirements which encompass;

Bachelor of Science. Bachelor of Education. Bachelor of Commerce. Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Art

Possession of a good English language proficiency test scores. The acceptance of any standard test does not demonstrate that every score can give anyone admission into the institution.

However, the higher the score is, the higher the chances of gaining admission into the school. See best medical schools in Canada

For advanced and ordinary level, the students are expected to have a total average of over 60%. This should encompass the mandatory English language and any other important arts, science, or commercial related courses.

Advanced Placement Requirement:

This requirement is specifically meant for Scholars who had finished their AP courses. Qualified candidates with no college education is to make sure that they meet the institution’s age requirement.

International Baccalaureate Requirement:

This is specifically meant for scholars who had finished their IB courses. Other requirements available are letters of recommendation and good academic profile.

United States Admission Requirements

Scholars from the United States are expected to have an ACT score of 20 and above. The higher the ACT score the more extreme your chances of getting admission to become.

Additionally, in each of the courses, students are expected to score more than 15 which is the benchmark.


Studying in Canada can be a unique and lifetime experience.  The country is one of the distinguished places to acquire academic knowledge in the world as a result of its high standard of education.

Fortunately, King’s University is one of the prominent schools situated in Canada and it gives an excellent and high standard of education.

The article written above focused on the King’s University acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and requirements. Was this article useful to you? You can send in your response using the comment section.

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