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Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses and Requirements

If you are determined to run a degree program at Mount Royal College, here are the things you need to know about the school.

This post covers everything about Mount Royal College acceptance rate, tuition, courses and requirements. Let’s get started!

Instituted in 1910 was a distinguished academic Institution called Mount Royal College. This school is among one of the prominent universities in Canada and it is located in the city of alta.

Mount Royal University was established by Alberta provincial charter by the Arthur Sifton government and it was officially commenced on September 8, 1911.

This academic establishment called Mount Royal became a post-secondary institution  as Mount Royal Junior College (MRC) in 1931 and was offering transfer programs to the University of Alberta and later to the University of Calgary.

In 2009, Mount Royal University was given a university status by the provincial government. The academic Institution presently offers 12 degrees and 32 majors with a limited average class size of 29 students. Furthermore the school offers master and diploma programs.

This academic establishment was awarded the Ashoka Changemaker Campus designation in 2017, this enabled the institution to join 44 universities that are leading higher education in the area of social innovation and changemaking.

Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate :

This distinguished Institution has an Acceptance rate of 80%, which is reasonably okay for applicants because with this high acceptance rate, applicant have high probability of being admitted into the Institution once they meet the school’s requirements.

Mount Royal College Tuition

Mount Royal College has various charges for both tuition and student service fees. The tuition and fees paid is dependent on the type of program an individual is studying, and credit unit of the program.

It is necessary to note that Mount Royal Colleg is one of the schools in Canada that charges students tuition fee in addition with its equivalent mandatory fees and their tuition and fees are the same notwithstanding if the student is a domestic student or international student.

Furthermore, it is necessary to know that the institution has two academic calendar which falls under fall and winter.  

Fall charges are typically received in September while that of winter are left till January. The information written below is a breakdown of the tuition fee for this academic Institution;

 The tuition that is generally accepted for Students in this academic establishment is $7,500. See ivy league schools in Canada.

Fees for Books and Supplies: it is mandatory by the school’s authority to pay charges for books and supplies fee is charged at a given rate of $1500 without considering if you are an on-campus or off-campus.

  • Residence fee: Every Student is expected to pay a residence fee which ranges from  $6,110 to $8,656 including International students.
  • Clothing expenditures is not mandatory. Hence the evaluated score for each student is $1,100
  • Entertainment Fee: charges for entertainment is $600
  • The only set of students charged per course are the ones on occupational program.
  • Others are charged based on credit and the data are given below:
  • ¼ number of courses containing 1 or less credits is charged with $316.62.
  • Half of the number of courses containing 1.5 credits is charged with $446.94
  • A course parading between the range of 2 to 5 credits charges $707.59
  • 2 courses with around 6 to 7 worth of credits is charged $1,228.89
  • 3 courses containing around 8 to 10 credits is charged $2,245.47
  • 4 courses having a total credit between 11 to 14 is charged with $2,766.77
  • 5 courses parading a total of 15 complete credits is charged with $3,288.07

Academic Programs/Courses offered in the institution:

Here is the list of courses offered in this prominent Institution;

  • Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology
  • Bachelor of Arts English
  • Bachelor of Arts – History
  • Bachelor of Arts – Policy Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts – Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Sociology
  • Bachelor of Arts – Criminal Justice
  • Bachelor of Business Administration-Accounting
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – General Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – International Business
  • Bachelor of Business Administration – Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business Administration –  Supply Chain Management
  • Bachelor of Child Studies: Child and Youth Care Counsellor,
  • Bachelor of Child Studies: Early Learning and Child Care
  • Bachelor of Communication – Broadcast Media Studies    Fall
  • Bachelor of Communication – Information Design
  • Bachelor of Communication – Journalism and Digital Media
  • Bachelor of Communication – Public Relations
  • Bachelor of Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Education – Elementary
  • Bachelor of Health and Physical Education:
  • Athletic Therapy
  • Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership
  • Physical Literacy
  • Sport and Recreation Management  
  • Bachelor of Interior Design  
  • Bachelor of Midwifery      
  • Bachelor of Nursing   
  • Bachelor of Science:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Environmental Science
  • General Science
  • Geology
  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Aviation  
  • Social Work      
  • Advanced Studies in Critical Care Nursing – Post Diploma Certificate
  • Athletic Therapy – Post Bachelor’s Certificate  
  • Bridge to Canadian Nursing – Certificate of Achievement
  • Business Administration – Advanced Accounting – Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • Business Administration – Human Resources – Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • Business Administration – Marketing – Post Bachelor’s Certificate
  • International Pathway Program (applicants from outside of Canada/US)
  • English Language Program (EAL, LEAP)
  • Occupational Diplomas and Certificates
  • Program  
  • Embalmer Certificate – Credit-free
  • Funeral Director Certificate – Credit-free
  • Funeral Service Diploma – Credit-free
  • Massage Therapy Diploma – Credit-free
  • Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma – Credit-free
  • Mount Royal College: Requirements

The admission requirements for studying various courses in this university is the same. Here is its general admission requirement:

“English Language Arts 30-1 – minimum grade 65%

Social Studies 30-1 or Aboriginal Studies – minimum grade 60%”

Admission Requirements

Mount Royal has a general admission policy that applies to most undergraduate (credit) programs. Each program also has specific admission requirements.

Please ensure you are familiar with both the general and specific admission requirements for the program(s) you select.

In addition, all applicants must demonstrate English Language Proficiency for the purpose of admission if their first language (learned and understood) is not English.

Admission Required forms

  • Application for Admission
  • Self-reported Grades Form – for students who are in Grade 12 in high school
  • Self-reported Courses Form – for students who are upgrading courses at MRU, other post-secondary institutions, distance delivery, and/or through distance education
  • Tuition Deposit Form
  • Fall Semester 2022
  • Winter Semester 2022
  • Spring Semester 2022
  • Release of Information Form
  • Declaration of Indigenous Status


This post listed and discussed essential information about Mount Royal College Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses & Requirements. I hope it was helpful. Please send in your thoughts and questions via the comment section.

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