LASU Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 | Departmental Cut Off Points

LASU Cut Off Mark. Bekeking team will show you LASU cut off mark for Law, Medical Laboratory Science, Medicine and Surgery, Nursing, Political Science, Biochemistry, and Cutoff marks for all courses.

Lasu cut off mark

You will also learn how to calculate LASU Cut off mark and everything you need to know about LASU Post Utme cut off mark 2020

LASU Cut off Points are determined and agreed upon by the management of the Lagos State University (LASU) based on the annual performance of aspirants.

If the aspirants scored high in the UTME, the cut off marks will be high but if the performance is low, the cut off marks will not be high.

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LASU Cut Off Mark 2020.

The general cut-off mark released by the management of the Lagos State University (LASU) for the 2020/2021 academic session admission exercise is 180.

Only the candidates who made the Lagos State University their first or second choice in their application for admission, who scored 180 and above in the UTME Examination are eligible for the post UTME screening exercise.

The Lagos State University does not really have a specific cut off mark for courses.

However, candidates who have scored a minimum of one 180 in JAMB examination are eligible to apply for admission into any of their chosen courses.

Always check for LASU latest news on Post Utme registration and admission.

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LASU Departmental Cut-off Marks

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1.ARTS–  Arabic190
–  Christian Religious Studies190
–  Islamic Religious Studies190
–  History & International Studies190
–  Music190
–  Theatre Arts–  Portuguese / English190
2.EDUCATION Arabic Education– 
CRS Education
–  Islamic Studies
–  English Education
  French Education
– History Education
–  Yoruba Education
– Biology Education
 Mathematics Education
–  Physics Education
–  Physical & Health Education
–  Health Education
–  Computer Science Education
– Educational Technology
–  Business -EducationAccounting Education
Educational Mgmnt
–  Geography Education
–  Economics Education–  Political Science Education
3LAW– Law190
– Public Administration190
– Marketing190
– Banking & Finance190
– Management Technology190
– Industrial Relations and Personnel Management190
– Insurance190
6.SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION– Mass Communication190
7.SCIENCE– Biochemistry190
– Botany190
– Chemistry190
– Fisheries & Aquatic Biology– Mathematics190
– Microbiology190
– Physics190
– Zoology190
– Computer Science190
8.COLLEGE OF MEDICINE– Medicine & Surgery190
– Physiology190
– Dentistry190
– Nursing190
9.SOCIAL SCIENCES– Geography & Planning190
– Psychology190
– Economics190
– Political Science190
– Sociology190
10.SCHOOL OF TRANSPORT– Transport190
11.ENGINEERING– Mechanical Engineering190
– Electronics & Computer Engineering190
– Chemical and Polymer Engineering190

LASU Nature of Admission Screening

Lagos State University holds her admission screening exercises within a week or a couple of weeks and it usually comes in two phases.

Students who applied to study in the school are to proceed for the pre-screening exercise when once it is being announced.

Documents required for the pre-screening exercise are SSCE result and JAMB registration print out.

It is pertinent that a candidate arrives early and locate his/her screening venue as soon as possible. Candidates will be screened on the JAMB scores and their SSCE results.

The second phase of the screening comes after the release of admission lists. Candidates who have merited the admission will be invited for another screening exercise.

Items to Bring for the Screening

  1. Original copies of their educational qualifications (Statements of Results/Certificates).
    N/B: Cases of awaiting results will NOT be accepted.
  2. Birth Certification/Age Declaration.
  3. A letter of good conduct from your Village Head or a responsible member of your
    community/or civil servant not below Grade Level 10 or equivalent in the private sector.
  4. Certificate of Local Government of origin; and this notification of admission status

If you have any question about LASU Cut off Mark, kindly drop your question in the comment box and we shall attend to you as soon as possible.

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        1. The date is yet to be announced by the school management. Keep checking this page to know when the LASU Post Utme Form is out.

  1. I took lasu as my first and second choice.economics as first while education economics as second. I scored 212 in jamb and my O’level result goes this way: econ:B3, maths:c5, gov:B3, Eng:c6, biology: c5, acc:D7, geo:7.are my eligible to secure admission?

      1. I choose LASU as first and second,both choices are civil law,my jamb score is 201 and my O’level results are Marketing C6, Government B3,IRK C6, literature C6, Civic education C5, English C5,Yoruba B2, Mathematics B2 and economic F9
        Please do I stand a chance of getting admission???

  2. i score 202 in jamb and my waec result goes this way physic b3,
    chemistry b3, biology c5, maths b3,
    agric c6, english c5, civic b3, geo c6, data processing c4 and lasu is my first choice can I get admission into department of nursing?

      1. Does lasu do post utme or screening?
        And will I get admitted to the school if I do change of institution, choosing lasu as my first choice?

        1. Hi, l scored 252 and two sitting on o level of eng c5, math b3, Geography b3, Physics c6, Chemistry c6 Economics c6. Can I get admission to study computer science if l change to lasu as 1st choice

  3. My son scored 181 in this 2020 last jamb.. please can he study political science..Wt this subject combination? English.Maths.Government CRS.. I need an answer

    1. Yes, he can but his chances are slim. The subject combination for Political Science in LASU includes:
      1. Use of English
      2. Mathematics
      3.Government or History plus one (1) other Social Science/Arts subject.

  4. I scored 184 in jamb 2020 am applying for economics in lasu and my o’level are maths B3 English C5 economics B3 govt B3 commerce C5 Civic C5 lit English C6
    Please sir just want to to know if I will be admitted to lasu

        1. 243 in JAMB
          English C
          Govt C
          Lit C
          CRK B
          Course Mass comm
          I am from south south
          What are my chances

  5. Please sir I did maths government English and economics in my jamb and my o’levels are maths English economics
    Government Civic I.R.S
    Lit-english commerce
    Book keeping
    Please what course can I change to????

      1. But sir,I checked online lasu departmental cutoffs marks are 190 and am still doubting…. because I have 184
        Pls I need to be sure before apply for lasu maybe is 180

        1. The general cutoff mark is 180. Any candidate who scored 180 and above is eligible to apply for LASU Post Utme Form but that does not mean you will be offered your course of choice. What determines your fate of admission is your aggregate cutoff mark which is a function of your Departmental cutoff point.

  6. I score 191 , can I study business administration in Lasu.. My jamb combination is maths, English, government and economics

      1. Sir i scored 231 in my jamb nd i want to study law my o level i had , math b3 ,english c4, lit c6, crs b2, govt b3 am i good to go is my admission grantee

  7. can i study marketing with 185 jamb score or how do i change my course from marketing to a low competitive course in lasu

  8. excuse me sir, I scored 193 in jamb and I am confused of the school suitable for me to study computer science or cyber security

    1. Your score is low but you can go for a less competitive state university or Polytechnic that offers Computer Science.

  9. Sir i got 208 performing art and my aggregate is 61% am i good to go
    My jamb subject combination is : eng lit govern and economic

  10. Please sir I scored 179 and lasu is my first and second choice and am going for business administration

      1. My daughter scored 212 in jamb,and she wants to study accounting. LASU is her second choice. Is she eligible to apply?

          1. Please
            I score
            182 in jamb
            And I chose lasu as my first choice
            Please do I stand a chance of studying a course like biochemistry

  11. Sir I scored 213 in jamb
    What is the chance of gaining admission if I want to study elect/elect engineering?

          1. Good evening sir, based on your advice I’ve done change of institutions for my son that scored 238 in Jamb and now his first and second choice is LASU for Law.
            What is his chance now. He has his required results but his using awaiting results because of the waec he still believed his waec will be better than GCE.

    1. The form will be out soon but no date has been fixed by the school management. Keep checking this page to know when the LASU screening form is out.

  12. Good evening sir , pls I need help concerning my jamb score(189) for political science in lasu, and my subjects combination are maths,english , government and economics , pls am i good to go ? Pls i need answer urgent .

  13. Thanks sir , meaning i still have chance for admission in lasu right ?, or do you have any advice for me sir ?

  14. I scored 203 in jamb and I want to study political science will I be admitted for the course, thou I haven’t chose lasu in jamb application, so will the change of institution do it

  15. my brother score 160 in jamb and he wants to study computer science.
    his weac result is:

  16. Good evening sir, my Son want to study Law Lasu is his 2nd choice he scored 238 in Jamb. His 1st choice is private university but he said he prefer Lasu. What do i do? Is he stand a chance?

  17. Hi. I had a jamb score of 255. Then I calculated my aggregate score to be 65. will I stand a chance to get admitted for nursing?. Thank you.

  18. My son score 238 in Jamb his 2nd choice is Lasu he has all his required results. His choice of course is Law did he has a chance to be admitted.

  19. Good evening sir, based on your advice yesterday. We have done change of institutions to 1st choice LASU and 2nd choice LASU Law my son Jamb result is 238 do we stand a chance now.
    Thank you.

    1. My daughter scored 212 in jamb,and she wants to study accounting. LASU is her second choice. Is she eligible to apply?or Does she have any Chance to be admitted

  20. Sir,I scored 199 in jamb and my o level result goes like this, English b3,mathsb2, biology b3, chemistry b3, physics b2,Civic a1, economics b3,data processing c6.i made lasu my second possible is it for me to study nursing?

  21. I scored 196 in jamb will lasu accept me as an indigene?
    And here are my o/level result
    Phy B3,Che B3,Math B3,Eng C5,Bio C4,Book keeping B3,Agric C4,Econs C6
    Please Do I stand a chance to study nursing?

  22. I scored 178 in jamb and my department is accounting,I choose lasu as my first and second ssce result is commerce c6, financial acct c6,data processing A1, economic c6, government b3,civic b3,eng c4,mathb2, biology c4.
    Should go d admission form or what should I do

  23. I scored 204 in jamb and my department is nursing with an aggregate of 59.5
    please what my chance of being given admission this year and also am not an indigene of Lagos🙏

  24. evening sir, I had 185 in jamb and I want to apply for linguistic and language in lasu. I also want to use awaiting result (neco)do I stand a chance of getting admission sir

  25. I choose lasu as my first choice and I want to study law.
    I scored 212 and my o’level are:
    Pls do I stand a chance?

  26. I scored 198 and i want to study medicine nd surgery although i chose Lasu as my second choice pls will i be admitted?
    What if i rechoose Lasu as my 1st choice,will i be admitted?

  27. Please, my daughter scored 197 in jamb,Lasu is her first choice and wishes to study law and she is currently writing waec,what is her chances

  28. I scored 225 in my utme.My ssce grades are as follow;maths-c6,english-c4,biology-c4,chemistry-c6,physics-c6.
    I made lasu my second choice to study nursing. Do I have a chance of getting admission?

  29. I score 180 in jamb which course is sure to be admitted,I wrote mathematics,physics, chemistry and use of English in jamb.i want to change my institutions to lasu as first choice

  30. Hi my names are olabisi olamide abisola I scored 205 in jamb and my o level results are maths:b3, eng;c5, biology c5 ;physics c4; futhermaths b3 mcivic b3 marketing c4…. Can I study nursing in lasu

  31. Hello, I score 162 in jamb and lasu is my second choice and I want to study business administration. Do I have chace to to get admission.

  32. I scored 196 in jamb and want to study medicine and surgery or nursing
    My ‘o’ level results are maths b3, eng b3,civic b2, physics c6,chemistry c6, biology c4, geography c5, data processing c5, do I stand a chance

  33. Sir is the change of course and change of university out
    Because I chose lasu as my second choice and I scored 190 in my jamb
    And I want to study nursing..
    Pls do I stand a chance if I do a change of university and put lasu as my first choice

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