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How to Delete Facebook Group in 5 Steps

Are you looking for a way to delete Group on Facebook? This post will show you how to delete Facebook Group.

Deleting a Facebook group is very simple and does not require much time to be spent as you will discover below.

How Do I Delete a Facebook Group?

Before we move to the business of deleting a Facebook group, let me quickly tell you what is involved.

You do not have the option to restore a deleted Facebook group. It is a permanent action that cannot be reversed.

The only person who can delete a Facebook group is the group admin. That’s to say, you must be admin of that group you want to delete before you can delete it.

Let’s get working.

Steps to Delete a Facebook Group on Mobile Phone

Follow the steps below to get it done:

  1. Log in to your Facebook account through your Facebook app

2. Click on the main menu

delete facebook group

3. From your news feed, click Groups

facebook group

4. Select the group you want to delete

select your group

5. Click on the icon that looks like v

delete facebook group

6. Tap Group Info

group info

7. Click Members


8. Click on each member and select Remove member

click on a member

9. Do this to all the member on the group and make sure you don’t remove yourself.

select remove member

10. Once you have removed everyone else from the group, you can leave the group

11. Click Leave Group

leave group

11. A message will pop up asking if you would like to give up your admin privileges.

12. Click Leave Group

That’s it

Delete a Facebook group on the Desktop


  1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to the group you want to delete

2. Click on Members at the left side of the screen

Delete facebook group

3. Select each of the members on the list and click on the gear icon

4. Choose Delete member and remove them simultaneously

5. After Removing all the members, remove yourself

6. Click Leave Group.

I hope this post is helpful. if so please share it with other social media users and do come back for more articles. Thanks.

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