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How to Change Name on Facebook (6 Simplified Steps)

Welcome to this post which will talk about how to change your Name on Facebook.

The following will be discussed in this post:

  1. How to change Username on the Facebook app
  2. How to change Name on Facebook Page
  3. Facebook name standards

Changing name on Facebook is what many Facebook users do regularly for one reason or the other.

How to Change Name on Facebook App

Follow the steps below to change your username on Facebook:

1. Log in to your Facebook account via your Facebook app

2. Click on the main menu (the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the screen)

delete facebook group

3. Scroll down and click Settings and Privacy

privacy and settings

4. Click Settings


5. Click on Personal Information under Account Settings

personal information

6. Select Name under General

change name on facebook

7. Enter your First, Middle and Last Name in the spaces provided ( you can enter only two names and forget about the middle name)

change name

8. Click Review Changes and select the order you would like your names to appear.

9. Enter your password to save the settings

10. Click Save Changes

That’s how to change Name on the Facebook app.

How to Change Name on Facebook Using Desktop

  1. Log in to your Facebook account through on your browser

2. Click the icon that looks like an inverted v at the top right corner of the screen

change name

3. Scroll down and click Settings

select settings

4. Click Edit at the right-hand side of the page along name column under General Account settings

edit name

5. Enter the name you want and follow steps 8 to 10 above.

Facebook Name standards

Recall that you’ll need to abide by Facebook’s name standards.

The standards require that you can’t include symbols, numbers, unusual capitalization, repeated characters, or punctuation in your name.

You also can’t use characters from multiple languages, titles of any kind (for example professional or religious ones), words or phrases in place of a name, or offensive/suggestive words or phrases.

What names are allowed on Facebook?

In addition to the above guidelines, Facebook has some more advice. The name on your profile should be the one that your friends call you in everyday life.

That way, it’ll be easier to find and connect with people, which is the whole point of Facebook.

It should also match the one on an ID or document from Facebook’s ID list – this includes your birth certificate, driver’s licence, passport and marriage certificate.

However, they don’t have to match exactly. You can use your nickname/shortened name as a first or middle name if it’s a variation of your actual name (Bob instead of Robert, or Tom instead of Thomas, for example).

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