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Collège Universite de St. Boniface Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Courses and Requirements

Do you have a plan of acquiring a degree certificate from Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface but you do not know how to do it?

If your response is yes, then this article is certainly meant for you. This article emphasizes on Collège Universite de St.-Boniface acceptance rate, tuition, courses and Requirements. Let’s get started!

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface is a distinguished Academic institute that is situated in Canada.

The school is one of the few universities in Canada that offers academic fields using only French, this University is a nice option, mostly for Francophone students.

Collège Universite de St.-Boniface is also known as the university of st. Boniface, this recognized university was established in 1818, therefore it is among one of the long-standing french-taught academic institutions in the country.

Considering the trend in the education system of Canada where the oldest academic institute likely gives excellent education, Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface takes part in that same school of thought.

It presents outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate study degree programs of study. These study programs are handled by credible, outstanding, and eligible experienced tutors.

In spite of being a private university, this academic institute has a tuition fee that is relatively affordable for both domestic and international students. See King’s University Acceptance Rate.

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface is a university that is located in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This is one of the most recognized academic areas in Canada considering that it accommodates so many educational research facilities.

This academic institution is also permitted and acknowledged by the Department of Education and Training of Manitoba and this Is one of the few quality assurance of the school.

Students learning in the school will more likely bond together and identify with themselves well considering that the school has a small student population.

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface Programs

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface offers quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs of study.

Notwithstanding, Collège Universitaire de St. Boniface’s course of study is not much in quantity therefore this french-taught university offers one of the lowest academic programs among other French academic institutions in Canada.

Nonetheless, most of its programs are among the elites in the country and this development is carried out by the school’s teaching quality.

The disadvantageous aspect is that lectures are taught in French only therefore English students will definitely find it hard to take part in the lecture.

Nevertheless, the language limit is a problem for most English speakers, the school management also organizes additional French study classes.

Collège Universite de St.-Boniface Acceptance Rate

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface has an acceptance rate of 60-70%. This acceptance rate made the school moderately competitive and Selective in giving admission.

So, If you are seeking to study in this school, you are expected to have a good academic profile of which excellent A-Level or O-Level results must be included. This will increase your chances of being admitted into the school notwithstanding the admission policy.

Collège Universite de St.-Boniface Tuition and fees

Admission into Collège Universite de St.-Boniface is very open to all prospective students irrespective of where they come from. Their admission is for both International and domestic students.

Domestic students have a moderate admission policy due to their origin while international scholars need to adhere to the university’s criteria. Furthermore, international students pay high tuition than domestic students.

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface has various services to its students, these services are focused on ensuring that they enjoy the best of campus life while studying to acquire their degree certifications.

Services such as accommodation, scholarships and grants, a modern library, distance learning opportunities, loans, sports and recreation facilities, and lots more are made available to the student by the school.

Universitaire de St. Boniface has moderately affordable tuition for both international and domestic students.

Here are the Collège Universite de St.-Boniface tuition and fee charges;

Undergraduate Tuition and fees 

  •  Tuition for Arts students is    $4,600
  • Tuition for Translation students is  $4,600
  • Tuition for Science students is  $5,300
  • Tuition for Business Administration students is $5,900
  • Tuition For Education students is  $5,000
  • Tuition for Social Works is  $5,600
  • Tuition for École technique et professionnelle (Technical School and Professional)
  • Tuition for Business Administration students  $4,200
  • Tuition for Tourism students is  $4,500
  • Tuition for Multimedia Communications students is $6,200
  • Tuition for Early Childhood Education Students is.   $4,400
  • Tuition for École des sciences infirmières et des études de la santé (School of Nursing and Health Studies) 
  • Tuition For Nursing student is   $6,100
  • Tuition for Health Care Aide students is $3,000
  • Tuition for Practical Nursing students is $6,500

 Here are the complete academic programs offered in Collège Universite de St.-Boniface;

  • Business Administration
  • Health Care Aide
  • Arts (General)
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Early and Middle Years
  • Education – Senior Years
  •  Education – Post-Baccalaureate Education – Post-Baccalaureate in inclusive education (Online)
  • Education – School Administration: Master’s Degree
  • Education – School Administration (Online): Master’s degree
  • Education – Counselling Master’s degree
  • Education – Counselling (Online): Master’s Degree
  • Education – Inclusive Education Master’s Degree
  • Education – Language, Literacy and Curriculum: Master’s Degree
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Arts in Canadian Studies: Master’s degree
  • International Studies (Arts)
  • French – Advanced Major (Arts)
  • French – Honours (Arts)
  • French and Translation – Joint Major (Arts) Tourism Management
  • Health and Community Services Management
  • Information Technology
  • Science (General)
  • Science (Major)
  • Science (Major – Co-operative Program)
  • Nursing Sciences
  • Practical Nursing
  • Translation
  • Translation (Online Program)  
  • Social Work

Collège Universite de St.-Boniface Admission

Collège Universite de St.-Boniface is one of French speaking most sought-after academic institutes in Canada.

In the 80s, Canada didn’t have much of French taught educational establishments at that time and Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface was one of those few available.

Till date, it has continued to offer excellent education – and also made key modifications as centuries transitioned with educational reforms.

Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface General Admission Requirements

The general admission requirements of Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface differs based on where you are from.

Though it is mandatory to meet these minimum requirements to be eligible for admission, it does not give total assurance of getting admission. It is also mandatory that you meet the admission requirements for your selected program.

English Proficiency

Some programs (Health Care Aide Certificate, Early Childhood Education Diploma, Practical Nursing Diploma, Bachelor of Nursing, and Bachelor of Social Work) have admission requirements based on English proficiency.

As a result of this, if you have not passed an equivalent to English 40S or English 42U in a Manitoban secondary school, Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface will need standardized English test results to consider if you are qualify for your selected program.

It is worth noting that Collège Universitaire de St. Boniface only accepts the original document (less than 2 years old) showing the standardized English test results. Photocopied or scanned documents will not be accepted.

Requirement from Manitoba Students:

It is compulsory for applicants from Manitoba to have collected a high school diploma with a minimum of 5 credits at the S, G or U levels in grade 12.

Requirement from Other Canadian Provinces Students

It is mandatory for All applicants to meet the general admission requirements and the requirements specific to their selected program. Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface will accept the following as equivalent to Manitoba Grade 12:

Alberta: A secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level

British Columbia: A secondary school diploma with at least 4 courses at the Grade 12 level

Prince Edward Island: A secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level

New Brunswick: A secondary school diploma with at least 6 courses at the Grade 12 level

Nova Scotia: A secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level

Nunavut: A secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level

Ontario: A secondary school diploma with at least 6 U or M courses at the Grade 12 level

Quebec: A completion of 1st year CEGEP with a minimum average of 65%

Saskatchewan: A secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level

Newfoundland and Labrador: A secondary school diploma with at least 10 courses at the Grade 12 level

Northwest Territories: A secondary school diploma with at least 5 courses at the Grade 12 level

Yukon: A secondary school diploma with at least 4 courses at the Grade 12 level


This article is about Collège Universitaire de St.-Boniface. It laid emphasis on every detail of Collège Universitaire de St. Boniface acceptance rate, tuition, courses, and requirements.

You can send in your thoughts and questions about the school via the comment section, this will enable us to serve you better.

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