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Brown Early Decision Acceptance Rate & Decision Date 2023/2026

Are you planning to study at Brown University under the Early Decision plan? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right track.

Applying to Brown University is not an easy task but having a knowledge of how things are done in the school will guide you well during the process.

As a future applicant in this Institution, it is very important you have information on the Brown Early decision acceptance rate, early admission application deadline, decision date and tips on how to apply under early decision plan. I will be all these factors listed above in this article. Endeavor to read the end.


Brown University is a private institution that was instituted in 1764 with the campus size of 146 acres situated atop College Hill in Providence, Rhode Island.

The ivy league university has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,792 (fall 2020), it is extremely sought-after institution of higher education that utilizes a semester-based academic calendar.

Brown University’s ranking in the 2022 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #14. Its tuition and fees are $62,404. See Brown University Transfer Acceptance Rate.

These figures include both tuition and fees, also referred to as the sticker price. Fees differ by institution and may fund library services, student gym facilities, student centers, technology resources and campus health centers.

Brown University is highly respected worldwide for the extraordinary level of academic excellence the school cultivates and the unprecedented number of career opportunities accompanying an Ivy League university’s degree.

Just like all Ivy Leagues schools, Brown University is known in the whole wide world for the unusual level of academic excellence the school nurture and the unprecedented number of career advancements that go with an Ivy League degree. Check if Brown University is ivy league.

The aspects of the academic establishment that make it worthy of addition in the Ivy League is its extremely low acceptance rate of 8% and its tuition charge of $62,404. Which is more expensive when compared with the national average cost of tuition of $41,281.

According to the 2022 edition of US News and World Report’s annual ranked list of the best colleges in the country, Brown is tied for fourteenth place among all American universities.

Brown University has a student-to-faculty ratio of 6:1, which permits students to have an advantage from a private classroom experience and the tight-knit community environment with small class sizes. 

Brown Early Decision Acceptance Rate

Brown University has an Early Decision Acceptance Rate of 14.58%.

Currently, according to record, the school got 6,146 applications under early decision plan for the first-year class of 2026. Only 896 students were admitted to the school from this applicant pool of 6,146.     

This acceptance rate of 14.58%. is nearly double of the acceptance rate for regular decision students at Brown University.

Therefore, the most current early decision acceptance rate has decreased similar to the past years.  it has fallen about 2.92% over the course of just one admission cycle.

Brown University’s Class of 2027 received 6,770 early-round applications, resulting in the acceptance of 879 students and an early acceptance rate of 13%

Brown Early Decision Decision Date

Applicants who applied to Brown University through their early decision round should expect to hear back from the college concerning their admissions decisions by around mid-December.  

There are three possible decisions that early decision Brown applicants may receive. In addition to acceptance or rejection, applicants may also learn that their application has been deferred.

Accepted decision: it is compulsory you withdraw all applications to other colleges. Your place in Brown’s first-year class is secure, pending satisfactory completion of your senior year.

Deferred decision: This is a final decision on your application, as your documents will be reviewed for the last time within the context of the Regular Decision pool of applicants.

If your application is deferred, that implies that you will not receive a final decision on your application until it is reviewed a second time during the regular decision admissions round.

 Denied decision: If your application is denied admission under Early Decision, you may not re-apply for admission under the Regular Decision round at the same year.

Once the application has been finished and submitted, applicants are going to be given entrance an e to their own Brown Applicant Portal, which is another place to get the admissions decision once it is been released.

Brown Early Decision Deadline

The early decision application deadline to apply to Brown University is November 1st of every year.

Once the school might have received the Common Application, applicants will receive a confirmation email from the Office of College Admission.

Nevertheless, it is necessary that all required documents of the application are submitted to the school before the deadline given above, Brown University has declared that it is allowable if some of the student’s supplemental documents, such as transcripts, test scores, and so on, are not received until a specific period of time.

Does Brown Have Early Decision 2?

No, Brown University does not have early decision 2. Some Colleges decide to offer early decision 2 because it permits them to have extreme yield rates.

The more chances in a first-year class filled through binding early decision plans, the more applicants will approve their offers for admission.

A high yield rate shows that a school is desirable since it recommends that applicants who approve offers for admission are determined to accept and enroll at the university.

However, being the very prestigious Ivy League university that it is, Brown is already highly recognized for its extreme selective admissions process. Notwithstanding, they don’t give room to encourage to offer early decision 2.

Brown Early Decision Deferral Rate

Brown University has a deferral rate of 25 Percent for early decision applicants to the first-year class of 2026.

In this same year, the early decision acceptance rate was the lowest in the institution’s history for 4 years. Furthermore, the early applicant pool was the largest in the university’s history.

How to Apply to Brown for Early Decision

It is required that applicants complete the common application online first and foremost, In order to apply to Brown University under their early decision plan.

In addition to completing the application information, applicants will also need to respond to a set of three Brown University-specific short answer questions like why did you choose Brown?

Your academic interests, an individual who has influenced you or questioned your community. See what Brown is known for.

These responses should be between 200 and 250 words long and can be found on the college’s website. 

It is mandatory for applicants who would like to apply to the eight-year Program in Liberal Medical Education or the five-year Brown | Rhode Island School of Design Dual Degree Program to also fill out special program essays.

Mandatory supplemental materials needed at Brown University for early decision application include:

  • An official high school transcript
  • A school report

Both of them must be submitted to the institution by a school counselor or other school official. Students will also need to request that a school counselor complete Brown’s counselor recommendation on their behalf.

Two teacher evaluations/recommendation letters: It is compulsory for this to be written by teachers who have taught the student in major academic subject areas, such as mathematics, science, English, or a foreign language.

A high school counselor submits their first quarter or trimester grades to the school as soon as they are available.  

Early Decision agreement form: Submission of this form confirms the applicant’s commitment to enrolling at Brown if they receive an offer for admission.

For all first-year applicants during the 2022 to 2023 admission cycle, SAT or ACT scores are not a required component of the Brown application.

The school adopted this policy as a response to the ongoing difficulties for standardized testing set forth by the COVID-16 pandemic.

Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable application fee of $75 due at the time of applying. Alternatively, fee waivers are available for certain categories of applicants who cannot afford the fee.

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