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Best Writing Summer Programs for High School Students

If writing is something you enjoy doing and you would like to go into a writing career, enrolling in a writing summer program will help to improve your writing skills and also help you to become part of a writing community where constructive feedback and encouragement can assist you to be the best writer you can be.

In this post, we have compiled the best writing summer programs for high school students like you. Try to read the article to the end for more enlightenment.


If writing is at the forefront of your mind, you’ve likely seen different writing television shows and dramas portraying the ins and outs of working for top-tier writers.

Now that you are in high school, you are curious to know how to become among the best writers! Enrolling in a summer writing design program for high school students is an excellent way to discover yourself.

Whether you are interested in expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative writing, attending a summer writing program will likely expose you to different realms of the writing industry. See Best Summer Programs in California for High School Students

Furthermore, many summer programs invite guest speakers from top-tier writers to spill the details on what it is really like to become a good writer.

One of the most significant advantages of attending a writing summer program is the likelihood that you will leave with a complete portfolio, which you can then submit to institutions during college admissions.

The program leaders may additionally serve as valuable contacts for letters of recommendation. Finally, many of these programs even offer up to four hours of transferable college credit!

Now that we’ve caught your attention, let’s spotlight 10 of the best writing summer programs for high school students in the United States.

From coast to coast and top to bottom, the opportunities on this list are guaranteed to inspire you to take the next step in pursuing a collegiate path in writing!

Here is the list of the 10 best writing summer programs for high school students

  • Susquehanna’s Writers’ Workshop
  • Princeton Summer Journalism Program
  • UF’s Summer Media Institute
  • Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference
  • Georgetown’s Creative Writing Academy
  • Wharton Center’s Young Playwrights Festival
  • Iowa Young Writers’ Studio
  • LMU’s Pre-College Beginning Screenwriting
  • Lewis and Clark Fir Acres Writing Workshop
  • BYU’s Young Authors Academy

Princeton Summer Journalism Program

Princeton’s reputation reaches far and wide, making its Journalism Program the envy of Summer Programs.

It is no wonder that students are shocked to find out that the program is free. Even better, the program is free for those who wouldn’t traditionally be able to afford a summer program, let alone an ivy league program.

Princeton University offers students from under-resourced backgrounds a full-ride opportunity to attend their 10-day Summer Journalism Program. See Princeton University Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Students whose families meet the income requirements and who are in good academic standing at their high school are qualified to go through the application process.

The program’s aim to develop more chances in newsrooms for those who would not usually be able to afford the training includes helping students understand the college application process.

After a student leaves the program, they will be assigned a Princeton University’s counselor that will help them through all parts of the college application process no matter where they choose to attend.

This opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of situation. Students who meet the criteria will thank themselves for investing the time and effort to attend this life-changing program.

Susquehanna’s Writers’ Workshop

Susquehanna University is recognized for its dedication to being a green campus, an affordable private university, and producing students who excel.

In the last nine years alone, the school has had 12 Fulbright winners and, more recently, has been awarded the STARS Silver accolade for its environmental efforts.

The university is also recognized for its Writers’ Workshop. Students who attend the week-long workshop will work with talented faculty like Hasanthika Sirisena, who has won the Juniper Literary Prize for her fiction.

Students will also be able to work with Monica Prince, whose “choreopoems” are studied around the US.

The Writers’ Workshop permits students to immerse themselves in their writing craft to produce works they can take with them.

Nevertheless, before students leave with their work, they will get the opportunity to showcase their hard work in two different ways.

Students will be able to perform their pieces for their friends and family at the end of the workshop and then publish their compositions in the Susquehanna’s Writers’ Workshop Anthology.

Talented faculty, an environmentally friendly campus, and talented peers – these are the makings of a great summer writing program experience.

Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference

The University of The South, as Sewanee is called, is one of the more picturesque locations on the list.

Situated on 13,000 acres that the university calls the Domain, students who live at and attend the university have the beauty of Tennessee right outside their door.

This is an integral part of student life, as high schoolers will discover when they come to participate in the Sewanee’s Young Writers’ Conference.

Moreover to writing, reading, discussing, and meeting guest authors, part of the experience is also getting to experience the beauty of the Domain.

Students who are taking a break from coursework can be found hiking the surrounding trails or going for a swim in nearby Fiery Gizzard.

One exceptional feature of this program is a reading list students will need to finish before coming.

A good writer is a reader, so students who are accepted will get to read the books of that summer’s guest authors.

Being a writer means finding a workspace that inspires and reduces distractions. Students will discover that Sewanee offers both.


This is the end of this article where vital information was analyzed on the best writing summer programs for high school students. Did you find it interesting, if yes, you can do well to share your thoughts on the topic with us via the comment box

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