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Princeton University Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements 2023

If you are planning on applying to Princeton University as a transfer student, here are the factors you are expected to consider before sending your application to the school.

Such factors include Princeton University transfer acceptance rate, GPA, application deadline, decision date and requirements.

We will be disclosing details on these factors in this article, we recommend you read the article to the end to retrieve the necessary details from it.


Founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746, Princeton University is one of the distinguished institutions of higher learning in the whole world.

Gaining admission into Princeton University is very difficult. Each year, thousands of prospective students send in their application to the school just like other ivy league universities but only a very small number of applicants receive an acceptance letter.

For those who desire to switch over to Princeton University from their present school need to give Princeton a unique reason for them to admit them into their school as a transfer student.

Princeton University’s Transfer Program search for an insignificant group of unique well-prepared students from a range of backgrounds, and they specifically motivate applications from students from lower-income backgrounds, community college students, and United States military veterans.

Their transfer admission program employs an extremely individualized holistic review of each applicant’s accomplishments, talents, and ability to contribute to learning at Princeton, with the anticipation that accepted students are set to thrive in their various and rigorous learning environments.

Transfer students, like first-year students, will be able to enroll in the fall term only.

Princeton University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Princeton University gave admission to only 16 students out of 1,349 transfer applicants who applied to the school in 2021, thereby making the institution transfer acceptance rate to sit at 1.2%.

This acceptable rate at the institution is very low, just like other ivy league universities. But among all the ivy league schools only Princeton University has the lowest acceptance rates. Princeton gives admission to only 3.98% of prospective students.

Nevertheless, Princeton encourages transfer applications from members of the military, Community college students or low-income students to apply to the school.

Application Requirements & GPA for Princeton Transfers

Princeton University has no minimum GPA requirement for its transfer applications.

However, that might sound like good news, though it is important to keep everything in perspective. That Princeton University does not have a minimum GPA does not imply that they will give every applicant admission.  

 However, with the institution’s insignificant transfer acceptance rate, it will be safe to believe that applicants need to have an almost perfect grade to be admitted to the school.

According to the information gotten from the school’s website, Princeton employs a “highly individualized holistic review of each applicant’s achievements, talents and potential to contribute to learning at the school.”

Princeton University requires a completed Coalition Application from transfer students or the Coalition Application which provides the transfer application committee with all of the information they need to make an informed decision.

They also need transfers to submit transfer supplements. Applicants are expected to give an explanation of their rationale for switching over to Princeton University from their recent school.

Transfer applicants are required to pay an application fee, or apply for an application fee waiver if it is available.

Transfer students are required to submit a transcript not only from their present institution but also from their high school and any other higher educational institution they might have been to.

Transfer applicants will need a mid-term report from their present institution to illustrate their most current grades.

They are also required to submit a letter of recommendation. One of these letters should come from a college professor or teaching assistant in one of the core subjects, like English or math.

These materials should speak not only to a student’s academic potential but also to the personal qualities they will bring to the school. They should indicate the applicant’s passions and desires from the Princeton experience.

Those who wish to submit their ACT or SAT scores, should make a plan to send them to Princeton University while filling out their application. Such transfer applicants should send their SAT or ACT scores to Princeton by March 31st.

Notwithstanding, Princeton University does not require standardized test scores.

Princeton University Transfer Deadline

If you are planning on applying to transfer to Princeton University, you need to have your materials submitted by March 1st of each year.

It is a prerequisite for all transfer applicants to submit all the necessary credentials that are required by the school by the given date.  

Transfer applicants have an additional two months to complete their applications.

With that additional time, transfer prospective students can put in some additional work to make sure that they build the best possible application.

Those transfers who would like to apply for financial aid are required to complete all paperwork for scholarships and grants and submit them by March 9th.


That was all about Princeton University transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. I hope it was useful to you.

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