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Best Summer Programs in Florida for High School Students

Do you want to enroll in the best summer program but you are considering if Florida will be the best state to do that?

Well, it may interest you to know that when it comes to enthralling high school summer programs, Florida has it covered!

In this post, we will be focusing on the best summer programs in Florida for high school students, to help you in choosing the program that will match your future career.


Students don’t necessarily have to reside in this State to apply to some of these hands-on program offerings in fields like journalism, musical theater, STEM, and marine science. Some of the programs are even free for attendees!

In addition to concentrating on a specific niche, the majority of Florida’s top high school summer programs also feature a college preparatory component, emphasizing the importance of soft skills like time management, long-range planning, teamwork, and conflict resolution.

The programs included in this list also tend to feature a culminating project or competition. See Best Summer Programs in Arizona for High School Students.

Student participants across Florida put on a full-length theatrical production, design a sophisticated business plan, organize a marine science-focused summer camp for youth, and use cutting-edge technology to bring an original idea for a video game to life.

When we say these programs are hands-on, we mean it! We have compiled a list of the ten best summer programs for high school students in Florida.

We searched offerings advertised by the state’s best public and private colleges, as well as programs highly recommended by alumni and recent student participants.

Continue reading to find a summer program that aligns best with your passions and career plans.

Here are 10 of the best summer programs in Florida!

  • University of Florida Summer Media Institute
  • University of South Florida: Pre-College Classes
  • New York Film Academy
  • University of South Florida: Pre-College Creative Writing
  • iD Tech Camps
  • University of Miami Summer Scholars Program
  • Upward Bound Program
  • Florida State University Young Scholars Program
  • Student Science Training Program
  • University of Florida Humanities and the Sunshine State

University of Florida Summer Media Institute

The University of Florida is home to the largest and most comprehensive journalism department in the nation, and high school students have the opportunity to work within this prestigious atmosphere via the UF’s Summer Media Institute.

Students can select one of eight coursework programs, each having to do with a different aspect of journalism and mass communications.

Specializations range from anchoring and on-air performance to photojournalism.

Instructors for the Summer Media Institute include CNN journalists, sports commentators who covered the FIFA world cup, communications directors for companies as large as Mcdonald’s, and award-winning non-fiction authors.

Even those not interested in a career in journalism or communications will learn how to communicate effectively with the best in the business.

For those whose journalism is their passion, it will be rare for a high schooler to be in the same room as many seasoned professionals outside the UF Summer Media Institute.

New York Film Academy

But if your ambitions lie more on the screen than on the page, then the New York Film Academy has you covered with a truly one-of-a-kind film and acting academy in South Beach, Miami.

Students can enroll in the New York Film Academy’s acting intensive program or their filmmaking intensive program.

For filmmaking students, they will gain access to state-of-the-art equipment with which to shoot and edit their projects.

On the other hand, actors will work with filmmakers to shoot scenes on location under the supervision of acting coaches.

Students get to keep the products of their summer intensive, whether that be a short film, scenes, scripts, or otherwise.

For actors and filmmakers alike, students have the chance to create what may be the first item in their professional portfolio.

The chance to add items to one’s acting/filmmaking portfolio utilizing equipment that costs thousands of dollars, and to create this work under the supervision of filmmaking experts, represents a unique chance to get a leg-up early on in the competitive world of filmmaking.

University of South Florida: Pre-College Classes

The University of South Florida does not only offer Creative Writing pre-college classes, however but five different academic specializations through their pre-college program.

And all of these programs have just as much to offer as the University of South Florida’s pre-college creative writing program.

Their course in digital media allows students hands-on experience producing film and visual content. See University of Central Florida Acceptance Rate.

Their full-court program is an introduction to various legal careers, with a mock trial serving as the program’s capstone. In the mock trial, students get the chance to take on the role of lawyers, judges, criminologists, and more.

And they have competitive programs in STEM and the medical professions entitled “The Next Physician and Health Care Professional” and “The Next Scientist and Engineer.”


We are glad that you read to this point and we believe that at this point that you have been able to identify the exact program that is fit for your career pursuit. For more enquiries, you can reach us via the comment box.

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