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Best Robotics Summer Programs for High School Students

If you desire to enroll in the best robotics summer programs for high school students but you are yet to identify with the one that will be fit for you, then you are on the right track.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of ten of the best robotics summer programs for high school students in the United States in this article to assist you in selecting the one that will be suitable for you.


There is certainly no shortage of elite summer programs for students interested in learning more about robotics.

Many of these programs seek to pair eager students with experienced faculty and researchers in real-world laboratory contexts where they investigate a research question of their selection.

The ultimate benefit? Emerging from such an experience of skills and knowledge in robotics, engineering, and computer science, while fostering creativity, problem-solving, and collaboration skills and a desire to pursue a career in robotics.

From one-week immersions with a fun, leisurely tone to six-week intensives that resemble a rigorous internship, there is something for budding robotics of all levels of interest and ability. See Best Computer Science Summer Programs for High School Students.

Below is a list of ten of the best robotics summer programs for high school students in the United States.

  • NYU Tandon SPARC
  • Illinois Tech Elevate College Prep Summer Programs
  • Engineering Summer Academy at Penn
  • Education Unlimited Robotics
  • Learn Robotics at MIT
  • iD Tech Robotics Camps for Teens
  • American Robotics Academy
  • Frontiers STEM Summer Program
  • NYU Tandon Machine Learning
  • Northeastern University’s Young Scholars Program

Frontiers STEM Summer Program

Frontiers STEM Summer Program which takes place on the campus of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is open to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

A week in length, the program is in-person and day-only, dedicated to assisting students gain laboratory proficiency and exposure to different STEM technology.

The Robotics Engineering session is just one of at least ten options at Frontiers. Attendees explore the interdisciplinary requirements of designing and operating robots in that concentration.

They will use C programming language to code prototypes and build familiarity with sensors, motors, and basic electrical engineering.

Explore the World with MATLAB is another exciting session that might attract students interested in robotics.

Here, participants gain experience with MATLAB programming by designing graphics to understand data.

In the Electrical and Computer Engineering session, smartphones and autonomous robots are at the center of inquiry. Students cover topics like AI and computer vision, algorithms, and object recognition.

Education Unlimited Robotics

Representing one of the best opportunities to take part in a robotics summer program in the United States, Education Unlimited Robotics is hosted at one of the best STEM colleges in the nation: Stanford University.

It is open to rising 9th to 12th grade students, and they may attend as overnight campers or extended day campers (from 9 AM to 9 PM) over one week.

What will high school students learn at the Robotics Summer camp? They’ll build and program their own team robot from the ground up.

They will control it and play with light and pressure sensors to program it to perform different tasks. Their robots may even be able to drive across complex terrains and engage in robot sports activities!

The efforts start with constructing a chassis – a foundational/skeleton-type structure upon which other pieces – like motors, wheels, and gears – will be added.

Producing a robot vehicle necessitates immersion in electrical circuitry and built power basics. On the final day, each team’s robot will compete against the other bots to test their abilities in various categories.

Learn Robotics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology actually hosts the Learn Robotics initiative, led by National Geographic Explorers.

Through this ten-day endeavor, students in grades 9-12 attend lectures on topics like space exploration and microscopic robots, then participate in stimulating, relevant robotics experiments.

A typical cohort includes roughly 50 students and eight leaders. Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers serve as guest speakers, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus provides access to state-of-the-art facilities and devices like 3D printers, wind tunnels, and “green” roofs.

A stay at Massachusetts Institute of Technology wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Self-Assembly lab, where current robot experiments are being prototyped and tested. See MIT Acceptance Rate.

A final capstone project prompts high school students to utilize robotics principles and hardware to propose a resolution to one of society’s most pressing problems.

For example, Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers explain how they use robots to rebuild disappearing coastline in the country’s coastal areas that are most vulnerable to climate change.


The study of mechanics, electronic circuits, and sensors are also important components of most robotics summer programs.

Students can comprehend how to gather and wire components such as sensors, motors, and microcontrollers or assemble robots using metal, plastic, and even 3D-printed pieces.

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