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Best Musical Theater Summer Programs for High School Students

If you are one of those who have passion for music, then, this post is for you. In it, we will be highlighting the best musical summer programs for high school students, so as to guide you in making the right choice of program in your career.


When one looks at some of the world’s most celebrated musical artists, one finds that their passion for music began, more often than not, well before they had the chance to study the music formally.

From a young age, so many students know that they are drawn to music and the music industry. However, at the same time, many high schools won’t offer a robust selection of music classes.

And the school year, as every high schooler knows, can be a hectic time. The amount of time spent on mandatory coursework often diminishes a young music artist’s ability to practice their craft.

This is where a summer program can come in. During the summer, with much more time available to students, one can explore summer music theater education which can aid them in getting to the next level of their journey with music.

Through these programs, students will often have the right amount of time to fully develop their singing and acting techniques and how to collaborate with other performers while also learning from professionals who train seasoned musicians.

Through summer programs, students can take courses designed for beginners to classes designed for experts, with all the time in the world to push one’s mastery to a level few high school students attain.

Because of all these reasons to attend a summer musical theater program and more, students may be wondering where to look to supplement their music education with a summer program. See Best Ivy League Summer Programs for High School Students.

And because of this fact, this list will break down, in no particular order, 10 of the best summer musical theater programs for high school students anywhere in the country.

Depending on a student’s individual needs, any one of these programs would be invaluable in aiding someone on their next step to becoming a master of their craft.

Here is the list of the best musical theater summer program for high school students

  • UNCSA Drama Summer Intensive
  • University of Michigan MPulse Musical Theatre Workshop
  • Emerson Musical Theatre Studio
  • Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama Summer Pre-College
  • AMDA Summer Conservatory
  • Stagedoor Manor
  • Boston Conservatory at Berklee Musical Theater Acting Intensive
  • Rider University Musical Theatre Institute
  • ArtsBridge Summer Musical Theatre
  • Open Jar Institute

UNCSA Drama Summer Intensive

One of the country’s finest art schools, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts has a long record of training actors and directors on the stage and screen.

Some of those distinguished alumni join the school’s experienced faculty to teach the next generation of acting professionals.

With an emphasis on the creative process, the school’s Drama Summer Intensive builds the confidence and abilities of rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Although the school requires no previous experience, it is an intensive program that demands its participants’ full commitment.

Those on the musical theater track take private singing lessons and practice their on-camera techniques. They also collaborate with their peers, doing ensemble work and practicing their group movements.

Emerson Musical Theatre Studio

As part of Boston’s Emerson College, the Musical Theatre Studio gives students both experience in a college program and college credit, all in five weeks.

The Studio serves as a sampler of Emerson’s Musical Theater program, adapting the Emerson BFA track to a smaller scale.

Unlike many other musical theater summer programs, the emphasis on Emerson is not on product, but on process.

Instead of focusing on mounting a production at the end of the program, students learn the fundamentals of performance.

This attention to nuance creates students’ confidence in their abilities, a quality necessary for successful auditions.

Rising seniors have the opportunity to bring their learning immediately into the real world, with the chance to audition directly for Emerson.

University of Michigan MPulse Musical Theatre Workshop

As part of one of the country’s best state schools, the MPulse Musical Theatre Workshop at the University of Michigan brings students to the school’s Ann Arbor campus for a three-week intensive program.

Operated by Department of Musical Theatre chair Brent Wanger, the program brings all of the benefits of the school’s renowned offerings. See the University of Michigan Acceptance Rate.

Taught by faculty members from the U of Michigan Department of Musical Theatre, the program runs the gamut from song interpretation to dance styles to contemporary Broadway trends.

In some cases, graduates will be invited to audition for future acceptance into U of Michigan’s Musical Theatre program.


All the contents in this article emphasized on the best musical summer programs for high school students. You can share your thoughts on this article through the comment box if you find it useful.

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