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Best Pre-Med Schools in Florida in 2023

Is going to a pre-med school part of your plans but you don’t know how to go about choosing the best school in Florida which offers a pre-med program?

Don’t worry because we are going to make your selection process easier for you by listing out the best Pre-Med Schools in Florida in this article.


Despite the term’s common use, virtually no “pre-med” major exists at any undergraduate school. The best way for an undergraduate to prepare for medical school application starts with majoring in a subject in which they can excel.

A scientific major isn’t mandatory, but majors related to public service read well with medical school admissions boards.

Interest and affinity for a chosen major go a long way toward getting that strong grade point average necessary for the competitive medical school application process.

While the undergraduate programs in this list don’t have “pre-med” majors, they do have some of the best programs in New York for supporting undergraduates planning health careers.

A few have a Pre-Health major, but most have a Pre-Health program or campus center and encourage students to find a major they love.

Pre-Health programs and advisors provide numerous advantages for students on their way to medical careers.

These centers are staffed with faculty and medical professionals, people with vast experience and valuable information.

Each of these programs ensures students enroll in and complete the coursework required for medical school application, as well as engage in the classes and activities that can best demonstrate their mastery of the core competencies medical schools value.

Here are the lists of best Pre-Med Schools in Florida

1. University of Florida

University of Florida gives students access to unique health-related study abroad opportunities that will make them even more compelling to med school admissions officials.

One such program is University of Florida in Cusco, for experiential learning in health professions. This program grants students the chance to improve their Spanish, learn about the country’s healthcare system, work with local health professionals, and experience the cultures of Peru.

The University of Florida in Zanzibar uses theater as an educational tool to uplift local communities. University of Florida students will work with middle school students to create a play based on their life experiences.

In the process, local students will develop English skills and learn about community health issues in their own towns and broader Tanzania. See University of Florida Acceptance Rate.

2. University of Miami

The pre-health advising office at the University of Miami is committed to assisting both undergraduates and post-baccalaureates to nurture their passion for pursuing healthcare and prepare for the rigors of applying to med school.

Furthermore, the school offers over 300 different student organizations, including 11 that are health-related, including Minority Women in Medicine and Medicine, Education, and Development for Low-Income Families Everywhere (MEDLIFE).

The Health Professions Mentoring (HPM) Program is also available to help guide qualified pre-meds through academic and career mentoring. See University of Miami Transfer Acceptance Rate.

3. University of Central Florida

With nearly 72,000 total enrolled students, University of Central Florida is the largest university in the nation.

Therefore, going the pre-med pathway here will immerse you in a vibrant learning environment made up of students and faculty of many different interests and backgrounds.

Some popular majors for pre-med students at University of Central Florida are biology, chemistry, and psychology. See University of Central Florida Acceptance Rate.

Students also have the option of earning a Health Sciences BS. The pre-clinical track for this degree provides foundational knowledge that students will need in order to enter medicine as well as other health careers.

At the University of Central Florida, pre-med advisors can provide students with a letters packet; personal statement editing; interview and test practice; and workshops and webinars featuring visiting health professionals.

4. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University is a large, private research university with at least 13 pre-health student clubs and organizations.

Nova Southeastern University is especially known for connecting students with extensive internship opportunities.

For instance, the Summer in Biomedical Sciences (SIBS) Undergraduate Research Program pays participants a $3,200 stipend to work with faculty researchers over a period of eight weeks.

Neuroscience majors on the pre-med track, have many internship and research opportunities to choose from.

5. University of South Florida

According to U.S. News, University of South Florida is the fastest-rising university in the U.S. If you want to be part of the University of South Florida’s rising prestige while pursuing a pre-med pathway, you will have access to expert advice as well as unique shadowing experiences.

Many of these opportunities enable students to study at different institutions across the country, including the University of Alaska-Anchorage and the University of Colorado.

 In Alaska, pre-med students can learn about rural medicine, while in Colorado, they can learn about emergency and wilderness medicine.

These experiences are integral for the holistic education of pre-med students, especially when it comes to deciding on future specializations.

6. Florida International University

Florida International University is highly involved in increasing access and interest in healthcare professions among people of all education levels.

With programs for K-12, undergraduate, and post-baccalaureate students, the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine is a great place to meet like-minded individuals while exploring various healthcare fields.

One of the unique programs open to Florida International University and non-Florida International University undergraduates is Doctors of Tomorrow, a rigorous 5-day pre-med summer course.

Its goal is to expand learning opportunities for traditionally underrepresented and disadvantaged students applying to med school. Check if Florida International University Online is a Good School.

8. Florida Atlantic University

Florida Atlantic University’s Pre-Health Professions Office provides custom advising and learning opportunities through research, volunteering, and clinical experiences.

Pre-med students have the opportunity to participate in summer research at places like Scripps Research Institute and Max Planck Florida Institute.

As a result of credit hour restrictions and changes brought by the new MCAT exam, Florida Atlantic University recommends that pre-med students choose Biology or Neuroscience as their major.

The university also offers a post-baccalaureate medical pathway program for students who already have a bachelor’s degree.


That was everything on the best Pre-Med Schools in Florida, it was written to make pre-med school selection easier for prospective Medical students. I hope you found it useful.

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