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Best Study Abroad Summer Programs for High School Students

Are you considering a career in music? The engineer? An author? a scientist? High school students can participate in excellent study abroad summer programs where they will be mentored by devoted, skilled professionals in their disciplines.

The top study abroad summer programs for high school students are listed in this post to help students choose courses that will be beneficial for their varied career paths.

It is understandable that many students would want the chance to extend their horizons through a summer study abroad program given that they spend 180 days of the year attending school in the same location (and frequently in the same building).

The opportunity to develop leadership skills while traveling to different countries offers much more than just academic enlightenment. See Best Screenwriting Schools in the US.

There is no simple way to summarize all of the programs that are offered; some are more academically oriented, while others are adventure- or service-focused.

All three components are included in the majority of the projects on this list. Additionally, trips can last from two weeks to two months, and many of them include a component for learning a new language. Many programs also provide stipends or scholarships to families who can prove their need.

You should surely research a sponsor company’s history and procedure for assuring the safety of its participants before choosing a summer study-abroad program because the majority of participants will be minors.

Additionally, “host families” who have undergone stringent background checks typically house students. Once more, you should conduct research before joining a program or paying a down payment.

Many persons who have participated in summer study abroad programs note that the experiences were essential in assisting them in identifying desirable college settings and in crystallizing their professional objectives.

Pushing the limits of your comfort zone may also result in another unexplainable phenomenon: tasks that previously seemed difficult suddenly become thrilling and doable.

Here are our top 10 picks for the best summer study abroad programs for high school students.

  • EF Languages Abroad (Costa Rica)
  • Experiment in International Living (Japan)
  • Greenheart Travel (New Zealand)
  • Putney Student Travel (Morocco)
  • Youth for Understanding (Paraguay)
  • Broadreach (St. Martin & The Leeward Islands)
  • Where There Be Dragons (Bhutan)
  • Projects Abroad (Ghana)
  • Rustic Pathways (France)
  • Academic Programs International (Spain)

EF Languages Abroad (Costa Rica)

High school students frequently choose Costa Rica as their summer study abroad destination.

Attracted by the fascination of “Pura Vida,” EF Languages Abroad gives participants the chance to fully comprehend what the term “pure life” means at Playa Tamarindo, one of the top ecotourism hotspots in the world.

The school is set in a stunning colonial structure next to forests teeming with wildlife. You may go from the classroom to the neighborhood community in about five minutes by walking to the beach. See Best Schools for Film Studies.

Select the course schedule that best suits your language-learning requirements. The option that is most strongly advised calls for a total of 32 40-minute lessons over the course of six weeks. You’ll develop experience in research and communication in addition to your speaking and writing abilities.

Experiment in International Living (Japan)

The Experiment in International Living’s Anime & Manga program, a special initiative created for aspiring artists, pushes participants to improve their illustration and design abilities through engaging seminars taught by specialists in the field.

Classes are offered in Japanese at the animation school, which is located in Tokyo.

Even voice acting and scene-dubbing techniques can be learned in a genuine studio! Color blending, screen-toning, and expertise with programs like Adobe Premiere and Photoshop are among the animation abilities you could gain.

Of course, experiencing Tokyo pop culture would be essential to a successful summer study abroad in Japan.

You’re sure to get a well-rounded experience, from taking part in a gourmet treasure hunt and learning how to use public transit to see famous sites like Shibuya Crossing

Putney Student Travel (Morocco)

The next place on our list is in the fascinating nation of Morocco, which is only a short ferry ride from Spain.

For any high school student interested in volunteerism and cultural preservation, Putney Student Travel organizes a three-week trip. An average group has 14–16 students who are committed to performing up to 50 hours of community service.

You’ll enjoy the tastes and colors of cosmopolitan Marrakesh, see how saffron is produced, and surf the beaches of Essaouira in addition to helping indigenous Amazigh (Berber) populations in their many pursuits.

Projects for doing good in the community change every year. You might help restore old buildings on the one hand, while instructing young students in English, on the other. Additionally, students finish autonomous projects on subjects like the efficiency of national plastic


That covers everything you need to know about this subject, which focuses on Texas’ top summer study abroad programs for high school students.

You can use the comment section to ask us any questions you may have on this subject, and we will do our best to respond.

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