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Best Language Summer Programs for High School Students

Are you debating on the Best Language Summer Programs for High School Students to enroll for your summer program?

You might be interested to know that there are many fascinating high school language summer programs covered.

In order to assist you in selecting the program that will best suit your future career, we will be concentrating on the best language summer programs for high school students in this post.

Learning a second language will enhance so many facets of one’s life. See Best Music Production and Audio Engineering Schools.

It improves memory and cognitive flexibility, helps with employment, makes a student more appealing to college admissions officers, and provides opportunities for life-altering cultural exchanges more accessible.

However, learning a new language is both exciting and challenging, as any student of a foreign language will attest. Depending on the language one wishes to learn, mastery can be attained in around two years of serious study.

However, there are several factors that can make this process go more quickly. The opportunity to immerse oneself in the language they are studying is one of the most tried-and-true methods for advancing a language learner from an intermediate speaker to a fluent one.

And fortunately for high school students, there are numerous excellent programs created to help non-native speakers of a language become fluent speakers.

Throughout the academic year, many students will enroll in language classes, but according to language experts, maintaining a consistent study program that includes weekly active study is probably the most crucial element in moving from intermediate proficiency to fluency.

As a result, students who want to acquire a second language and experience the depth of a different culture will probably be looking forward to their summers as a chance to not only keep up with their language studies but also to utilize those free months to do some exploring along the road.

Here is the top List of the Best Language Summer Programs for High School Students

  • Indiana Summer Language Workshop (Bloomington, IN)
  • Travel for Teens (Multiple Locations)
  • AFS Study Abroad (Multiple Locations)
  • Greenheart Travel (Multiple Locations)
  • EF Summer Abroad (Multiple Locations)
  • University of Chicago Summer Language Institute (Chicago, IL)
  • The National Security Language Initiative for Youth (Multiple Locations)
  • Middlebury Language Schools (Middlebury, VT)
  • Concordia Language Villages (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Columbia Edge (New York City, NY)

Indiana Summer Language Workshop (Bloomington, IN)

The possibility to study a new language and receive a distinguished honor is represented by acceptance into this program.

Both at Indiana University and abroad during a study abroad program, these workshops are available. The fact that these classes, whether domestic or study abroad, count toward a semester’s worth of college credit is significant.

Therefore, this program is a fantastic chance to study a language abroad and give yourself a boost when applying to colleges.

Through its summer seminars, Indiana offers three main areas of curriculum. See Indiana Acceptance Rate.

Firstly, they provide immersion workshops, which are local classes where participants promise to solely use the study language for the period of the program. Indiana offers workshops on domestic immersion in Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.

Secondly, they provide summer courses online in more than 23 different languages.

Thirdly, they currently provide Chinese and Hungarian language learners with summer study abroad programs.

Teen Travel (Multiple Destinations)

Each summer, Travel for Teens provides about 7 study abroad language programs.

Depending on the host institution’s location and the language being taught, these programs’ components change.

Some programs, like their program in Costa Rica, emphasize performing volunteer work while learning a language.

Others, like their China program, will place a greater emphasis on learning the language while also covering important facets of Chinese history and touring sites with historical significance.

The duration of the programs varies from less than a week to slightly under a month.

Spain, China, France, and other countries are the program’s primary hosts.

AFS Study Abroad (Multiple Locations)

Every year, AFS provides around seven different summer language programs. AFS generally serves a global audience, including campuses in places like Kenya, Scandinavia, and Japan.

This initiative has been running for more than 70 years and includes partners in more than 45 countries.

AFS places a special emphasis on social impact, so in addition to language instruction, students will learn about and engage in volunteer work related to concerns unique to their host nation and region.

AFS’s social impact curriculum complies with the highest standards of education about how to examine social problems and how to try to minimize them because it was created at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Social Impact Strategy.

Students graduate from this program with both strong language skills and the ability to think critically about the world.


All of it was regarding the top Language Summer Programs for High School Students. Did you find it useful? You can use the comment section to submit your response.

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