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Best Drama Schools in the UK | Top 10

Are you a prospective student interested in attending drama school in the UK who would also like to learn some important details about the top theater school in the nation? Then you can feel confident using this page.

Before submitting your application for admission to any drama school, you should familiarize yourself with the following crucial details regarding the finest drama school in the UK.

When it comes to English-language drama students, William Shakespeare is the beginning and the end of the stage.

The Bard’s works are proudly performed by everyone, from schoolchildren in Florida to accomplished actors in Australia. See Best Doctorate in Music Programs in the US.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that many drama students would wish to learn their trade in the UK, the country that gave birth to Western theater.

In the UK, there are hundreds of drama programs available, which is fortunate for them. Thespians have a wide range of options when choosing their educational path, from prestigious colleges in big cities like London and Edinburgh to more specialized and smaller programs in rural institutions.

Below we have the top ten drama schools in the UK. Any of the schools on our list has everything an actor could possibly need to hone their trade.  Finding the perfect location for your professional path will be made easier if you carefully examine this list.

List of the Best Drama Schools in the UK

  • University of Central Lancashire (Preston, England)
  • Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, England)
  • University of Essex (Essex, England)
  • Lancaster University (Lancaster, Lancashire, England)
  • Manchester Metropolitan University (Manchester, England)
  • Birmingham City University (Birmingham, England)
  • Conservatoire for Dance and Drama (London, England)
  • University of Glasgow (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • University of Sussex (Brighton, England)

University of Central Lancashire (Preston, England)

The University of Central Lancashire assists its students at every stage of their education. In addition to the instruction offered by the University of Central Lancashire’s excellent staff, the institution also provides events like the annual cJam Performance.

In addition to networking possibilities, which allow theater and performance majors to connect with professionals in the field, this event also gives participants the chance to perform in front of an audience.

The University of Central Lancashire has a number of performing spaces on campus that range in size. This features two black box theater rooms, one measuring 185 square meters and the other measuring 160 square meters. The institution also gives pupils the tools they need to completely express themselves on stage.

Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, England)

The Guildhall School of Music and Drama has served as London’s top drama school since 1881. Some of the biggest personalities in British theater and film have attended the institution, including Sir James Galway, Sir Bryn Terfel, Ewan McGregor, and Daniel Craig.

A BA Honors in Acting from Guildhall can be obtained in just three years for individuals who wish to follow in the footsteps of illustrious actors.

The program comprises performances at the Milton Court facility, which has a studio theater with 128 seats and a proscenium arch theater with 223 seats.

The school also features a number of labs and workshop areas where students can further develop their abilities and perform.

Guildhall has a fantastic production for theater fans who want to stay in the background.

University of Essex (Essex, England)

Theater is viewed by students at the University of Essex as a “true marriage of intellect and emotion.” The drama program at U Essex pulls out the best in its actors by utilizing the minds and hearts of its pupils.

The manner the University has reacted to recent lockdown restrictions demonstrates this focus. Since there are less opportunities for live performances, the drama program has not only used tools like Zoom but also rethought what theater may be.

Teachers and students have preserved performance in a trying time by tossing the script. See University of Essex Africa Scholarship.

University of Essex has tools and instructors for those interested in conducting academic study in theater. The institution offers opportunities to study theater and film, which have been covered in three monographs.


After reading the information in the aforementioned article, we hope you now have a better understanding of what it takes to get accepted into the top theater schools in the UK. For my knowledge about this subject, please get in touch with us in the comment area.

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