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Do you aspire to study acting in Canada but you are yet to know the best acting schools in Canada? Then, we are here for you.

Today we will be looking at the best acting schools in Canada to help you identify the acting school that will be best for your acting career. Stay tuned!

Students looking to embark on a career as a professional actor should consider enrolling in an acting school where they can study the performing arts alongside experienced professors and other young actors.

Thankfully, many schools in Canada offer degree programs in professional acting for the aspiring performer. See Williams College Acceptance Rate.

But how do prospective students sort through the wide variety of options when it comes to choosing an acting school?

If hopeful students are looking to pursue a career in theater, screen, or voice-over acting, the following list of renowned colleges and universities can jumpstart any acting career. 

The education available to students through these acting schools will not only help them become better actors, but will give them opportunities to build relationships with other aspiring actors, as well as network with those who have experience working in the field of acting and performing arts.

Many great actors start their careers by enrolling in acting school. By following their lead, students can have the opportunity to learn from outstanding teachers, all while honing their skills as accomplished actors.

Because acting schools build upon the natural talent of their students, budding actors need to pay careful attention to the differences between acting programs, what they offer and require, and how they will shape students into professional actors.

Here are 10 of the best acting schools in Canada!

  • Langara College Studio 58 (Vancouver, BC)
  • Canadian College of Performing Arts (Victoria, BC)
  • Simon Fraser University School for the Contemporary Arts (Vancouver, BC)
  • Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, BC)
  • National Theatre School of Canada (Montreal, QC)
  • University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC)
  • Humber College (Toronto, ON)
  • University of Toronto Joint Program with Sheridan College (Mississauga, ON)
  • University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)
  • Toronto Metropolitan University (Toronto, ON)

Toronto Metropolitan University (Toronto, ON)

Toronto Metropolitan University is a public research college located in the Garden District of Toronto, Ontario. The university offers a four-year Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program in acting.

Offered by the School of Performance, the Acting BFA is an intensive, conservatory-style program that allows students to participate in experiential learning activities such as studio and public theater performances.

Through a blend of rigorous academic coursework and practical training, the acting BFA program helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the acting career, both from the perspective of artists and as future working professionals.

During each semester of the program, students are trained in movement, voice, creative development, and many other subjects across all areas related to acting.

Langara College Studio 58 (Vancouver, BC)

Beginning in 1965 as a theater course at the King Edward Campus of Vancouver Community College, then moving to Langara College in 1970, Studio 58 is a prestigious acting school named for the room number of the college’s theater space.

The school offers aspiring professionals in the entertainment industry two options for degree programs.

The acting program is a full-time, three-year program intended for those who want to pursue careers as professional actors on television, film, or in theater.

The production program is also a full-time course with a three-year duration, but it is aimed at those who are seeking careers behind the scenes doing technical work.

Each year, Studio 58 hires several professional designers and directors to assist in creating and producing four full-length productions and two indie-style shows to be put on at the school’s theater.

Students at the school get the opportunity to perform or otherwise participate in these productions, which are open to the public and regularly attended and reviewed by Vancouver media representatives.

Canadian College of Performing Arts (Victoria, BC)

Founded in 1998, the Canadian College of Performing Arts is an acting school that takes a unique approach to post-secondary performing arts education. The College offers three different intensive, conservatory-style programs for aspiring performers.

Located in Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, the College is advantageously poised to serve as a nexus at which aspiring performers can forge valuable networking connections with actual industry professionals and experts.

Intended to provide students an alternative to other university programs that focus heavily on academics, the College of Performing Arts emphasizes the importance of skill-based training for the purpose of honing technical ability to make students well-rounded and prepared to enter the professional world.

The College’s courses are taught by faculty and guests who are highly-acclaimed industry professionals.


That was all on the best acting schools in Canada, you can reach out through the comment box for more information.

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