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If you’re just starting your hunt for a place to study music, these are the most prestigious music degree programmes in Nashville that should be at the top of your list, as they are often regarded as the greatest in the city.

These programs offer world-class education, unique opportunities, cutting-edge music equipment, historical prestige, or some combination of all the above. Endeavor to read this article to the end to get all you need to know about the music schools.

The road to a professional career in music is a long and difficult one, but it absolutely rewards those who are brave and hard-working enough to pursue it. See Best Summer Music Programs for High School Students.

The field of music ranges from classical performance to production engineering to pedagogy to business and more.

The lines between these disciplines have become increasingly blurred over the years, as musicians have had to become more versatile professionally.

Gone are the days when an instrumentalist could just practice, gain performance experience, and expect to be competitive in the industry.

Nowadays, business savvy or production skills are often needed to supplement a performer’s value when booking gigs or recording music.

That’s why it’s important to have a well-rounded music education, which covers all the aspects of a music career on top of performing well.

The following list contains the best music schools in Nashville.

  • Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music
  • Belmont University

Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music

Vanderbilt University provides a balanced education in music and a strong foundation in liberal arts. The school aims to instill a lifelong passion for the performing arts.

Students gain plenty of practical experience, through solo recitals, master classes, and performance opportunities. See Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate.

Nashville is home to hundreds of concert venues, music festivals, and other performing centers to explore. In 2021, the Princeton Review ranked Nashville as the #2 college city.

The undergraduate-only music program means no competition with graduate students, leading to more resources for undergraduates.

In addition, Vanderbilt provides excellent scholarship opportunities. With approximately 220 students in the program, the music program boasts an impressive 4:1 student to faculty ratio.

Vanderbilt specializes in classical music performance. The Nashville Symphony, a top-20 orchestra, is conveniently located and offers inspiration to students. Many members of this prestigious group are on faculty at the School of Music.

Music students at Vanderbilt gain practical experience through internship opportunities. The school-sponsored referral service provides the opportunity to perform in Nashville for a stipend or salary.

Popular employers include recording studios, NPR, the Nashville Symphony, Washington National Opera, and National Music Festival.

After graduation, Vanderbilt Blair alumni go on to make a difference in the music industry.

Belmont University

Belmont University is recognized as an excellent, student-centered Christian university. It offers both the resources of a larger university and the personal instruction of a smaller college.

The School of Music is unmatched in its commitment to innovation, stylistic diversity, and artistic performance.

The Belmont campus is conveniently located next to Music Row and two miles from downtown Nashville. Throughout the area, there are many contemporary music venues for students to gain performance experience.

Music Row is home to many of the nation’s best music businesses, such as performing rights organizations ASCAP and SESAC.

The Belmont University School of Music specializes in contemporary performance, production, and composition, including film and media scoring.

Music, theatre, church music, commercial music, composition, music education, performance, music technology, music theory, and music therapy are the majors available for undergraduates.

At Belmont, students have the opportunity to join a variety of ensembles that show the school’s diversity. The Lila D. Bunch Library holds over 12,000 books, 15,000 scores, and provides access to databases and streaming services.

Whether they are performers or audio engineers, music students will have access to listening and viewing equipment.

Through the International Exchange program, students in the School of Music can study at competitive music schools around the globe.

They have their choice from the University of Manchester, Russian Academy of Music, Scottish Royal Conservatory, and other schools.


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