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Best Music Schools in Chicago | Top 10

Are you planning to study in one of the best music schools in Chicago but you don’t have knowledge of the best music school in the State? Then, don’t worry because we get your back.

We will be highlighting and discussing the best music schools in Chicago. Let’s take the bull the horn!

Formal musical training at the college level can mean conducting an orchestra under the eye of a visiting master. See Best Music Schools In Florida.

Or it can mean practicing DJ technique with state-of-the-art equipment in a soundproof space or in a student-run venue.

It might mean directing a student-written light opera. Every program represents a different experience, from faculty, to course offerings, to location.

Chicago’s history and particular style mean that it’s inevitably a place for music schools to flourish. Some of these institutions remain synonymous with the development of Western classical music; others provide a perfect place to meet the right bass player and drummer for a budding singer’s blues project.

Not every music school student needs the same degree program, and among these schools, students can study for a MPhil/PhD, or for a week at a workshop intensive.

In between, various BMus concentrations in everything from Composition for Film to Harp Performance to Electronic Dance Music can be found.

For students interested in artist management, festival planning, or even making their own record label, music schools can also provide the training, context, and professional connections to build a career.

Chicago’s location makes it the perfect place to see, practice, and market music.

 Here are 10 of the best music colleges in Chicago

  • Saint Xavier University
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Illinois at Chicago School of Theatre and Music
  • Columbia College Chicago
  • Chicago College of the Performing Arts at Roosevelt University
  • DePaul University School of Music
  • Northwestern University Bienen School of Music

Northwestern University Bienen School of Music

With so many programs schools already listed, the Bienen School of Music at Northwestern Music needs to be extra special to top them all. And as this brief description will show, Bienen is a truly remarkable school.

The distinction begins with the school’s facilities, including a main music school building with classrooms, teaching labs and studios, practice rooms, rehearsal rooms for chorus and opera, a black box theater, and a recital hall with 400 seats.

This design gives the Hall outstanding acoustics, which is why the Chicago Tribune called it the “most impressive new Chicago concert facility.”

Bienen’s real claim to fame is its unparalleled faculty. Students learn from some of the most respected performers, composers, and educators in the industry. That includes composers-in-residence who win the school’s Michael Ludwig Nemmers Prize.

DePaul University School of Music

There are many things that DePaul University’s School of Music could point to as evidence of their program’s quality.

One of those is the department’s faculty, which consists of 110 professional musicians. Teachers at DePaul spend their time not only mentoring the next generation of great musicians, but also working as performers, recording artists, composers, and conductors.

Another point of pride for DePaul is the Holtschneider Performance Center, a 185,000 square foot building devoted to music education, practice, and performance.

The $98 million building features the newly redesigned Jarvis Opera Hall and a historically notable chapel, complete with a restored steeple.

The most striking evidence of DePaul’s success can be seen in the work of its students. Graduates from the music program go on to work with orchestras and ensembles across the world.

They become teachers in universities and public schools. They do technical work, producing records and recording sound for film, television, and more.

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Theatre and Music

University of Illinois at Chicago School of Theatre and Music emphasizes the experience students bring to their studies. The personalized approach invites students to apply the passion they developed over their lives to their musical studies.

University of Illinois at Chicago School offers four degrees in music, including bachelor of arts degrees in music or music business and bachelor of music degrees in performance or jazz studies.

No matter which track they choose, students take two years of music theory and aural skills, five semesters of music history and literature, and several courses in analysis and ethnomusicology.

One of the best learning opportunities for UIC students is the Bella Voce vocal ensemble, a professional group currently in residence at the school.

UIC students have unprecedented access to Bella Voce, including the opportunity to attend all of their rehearsals and sometimes even perform with the group.


That was all about the best music schools in Chicago. Was it helpful to you? You can drop your response in the comment section.

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