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Best Animation Summer Programs for High School Students

Today, we will be looking at the best animation summer programs for high school students to help high school students who are interested in going into the animation field in college, know what the course is all about, and also know if the field will be okay for them to study. Let’s get started!


For high school students who naturally have interest in animation, attending an animation program can be a great way to use their summer vacation and cultivate that entrepreneurial spirit.

On top of that, college admissions seem to be becoming more and more competitive with each passing year.

In light of this trend, students who plan to continue their education after graduating high school would be wise to make the most of all the free time they will have once school lets out for the summer.

Summer programs are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Spending your precious downtime on any academic pursuit shows that you are dedicated, practical, and willing to buckle down even when you are not required to.

These qualities are precisely the sort of thing that the people who are in charge of making college admissions decisions look for in prospective students. See Best Acting Summer Programs for High School Students.

Furthermore, participating in a summer college program is an excellent way for students to get first-hand knowledge of what campus life is like at the college they choose.

This insight will prove to be extremely valuable when it comes time to choose what schools to apply to, since there is no better way to know whether the academic, social, and residential environment at a given college is right for you than to go and see for yourself.

Here, we will explore some of the best animation summer programs for high school students all across the country.

  • FMC Fundamentals of Cinema 4D Course
  • CSSSA Animation Program
  • Elite Animation Academy Summer Camp
  • UConn Pre-College Summer Animation Studio
  • Gnomon High School Summer Camp
  • CalArts CAPSA Creative Lab in Animation
  • NextGen Bootcamp in Animation Program Name
  • Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College Art Program
  • NYFA 3D Animation Summer Camp
  • Cooper Union Summer Art Intensive

FMC Fundamentals of Cinema 4D Course

Future Media Concepts is a digital media training organization that was established in 1994. It has a lot of online and in-person courses relating to animation.

Future Media Concepts’ course on the fundamentals of cinema 4D is open to people of all ages, offering high school students who take part in the course the opportunity to interact with not just fellow high schoolers but also adults and professionals in the field.

Open to beginners — provided that they have basic knowledge of how to use a computer — this three-day program’s curriculum covers how to use Adobe After Effects, lighting and rendering scenes, and all other aspects of the cinema 4D process.

In addition to teaching students computer animation, the program also aims to provide a deep understanding of the underlying technologies that make animated productions work.

CSSSA Animation Program

The California State Summer School for the Arts is an intensive, one-month educational program for students who are interested in careers in the visual and performing arts.

One of the numerous different programs offered by California State Summer School for the Arts is the Animation Program.

The California State Summer School for the Arts Animation Program is open to students in eighth through twelfth grade, as well as graduating seniors.

Consisting of a mixture of classes, field trips, and visits from guest artists, the program offers students the opportunity to experience a wide variety of aspects of the animation industry.

Courses cover everything from traditional art skills to computer animation, animation history, experimental techniques, and more, all under the mentorship of real professionals in the animation industry. Throughout the program, participants create a total of five original animated projects.

Elite Animation Academy Summer Camp

Established by Disney animators, Elite Animation Academy has more than 50 years of experience with teaching children and teens the art of animation.

The program runs from 10AM to 3PM Monday through Friday and it is offered for 10 weeks throughout the summer.

The program’s curriculum differs each week, but it always consists of four distinct areas of the animation field.

Some of the topics taught at Elite Animation Academy’s summer camps include 2D animation, 3D animation, anime/manga, traditional animation, and character design.

The unique structure of Elite’s summer camps allows students to learn a variety of different animation skills, offering an in-depth introduction to the craft.

The cost of attending Elite Animation Academy’s summer camp program is $475 per week, with an additional $25 fee for supplies.


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