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WAEC GCE Mathematics Questions and Answers for 2023/2024 (Theory and Objectives)

WAEC GCE Mathematics questions and answers 2023.Β Welcome to 2023 WAEC Mathematics Questions and Answers. You will findΒ WAEC GCEΒ Mathematics Objective Answers, WAEC Mathematics Essay 2023, WAEC GCE 2023 Mathematics, and the tips you need to pass your WAEC GCE Mathematics examination with ease.

WAEC GCE Mathematics Essay and Objectives Questions and Answers (Expo)

The 2023 WAEC GCE Mathematics expo will be posted on this page during the WAEC GCE Mathematics examination. Keep checking and refreshing this page for the answers.

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Note: The answers below are the 2020 Nov/Dec answers.


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These questions below are for practice.

1. Simplify:​​ βˆš108 108 β€‹β€‹ +√125125​​ Β­-​​ βˆš75.75.

(a) √33​​ +​​ 5√555​​ β€‹β€‹

 (b).​​ 6√36√3​​ -​​ 5√555​​

 (c)​​ 6√36√3​​ +​​ βˆš22​​ 

(d).​​ 6√36√3​​ -​​ βˆš22​​ 

2. Evaluate:​​ (64^1/2+ 125^1/3)64^1/2+ 125^1/3

(a). 121

(b). 144

(c) 169

(d). 196

3. Given that​​ y​​ varies inversely as the square of​​ x.​​ if​​ x=3 when​​ y=100, find the equation connecting ​​ x​​ and​​ y

(a) yx2=300

(b).​​ yx2=900

(c)​​ yx2=100x9100x9​​ 

(d) y = 900x2 β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹ 

4. Find the value of​​ x for which 32four​​ = 22 base x

(a). three

(b) five

(c) Six

(d) seven

5. Simplify:​​ 2 whole number1/4 x 3 whole number1/2 Γ·4 whole number3/8

(a).​​ 5/9 

 β€‹β€‹ (b)​​ 1 whole number1/5​​ 

(c)​​ 1 whole number 1/4​​ 

(d)​​ 1 whole number 4/5

6. There are 250 boys and 150 girls in a school. If 60% of the boys and 40% of the girls play football. What percentage of the school play football?

(a). 40.0%

(b) 42.2%

(c) 50.0%

(d) 52.5%

7. If log10​​ (6 xβˆ’4) x-4)​​ β€“ log10​​ 2=1, solve for​​ xx

(a). 2

(b) 3

(c) 4

(d) 5

8. If F =​​ 9C/5+ 32, find C when F = 98.6

(a) 30

(b) 37

(c) 39

(d) 41

9. If​​ y Γ·β€‹β€‹ 2 x β€‹β€‹ = 4 and​​ yβˆ’3x=βˆ’1, β€‹β€‹ find the value of (x+y)

(a) 3

(b) 2

(c) 1

(d) -1

10. If​​ x:y:z=2:3:4,​​ Evaluate​​ 9x+3y/6zβˆ’2y

(a)1 whole number1/2​​ 

(b)​​ 2

(c)​​ β€‹β€‹ 2 whole number1/2​​ 

(d)​​ 3

11. Simplify:​​ 2βˆ’18m^2/1+3m

(a) 2(1+3m)

(b) 2(2+3m2)

(c) 2(1-3m)

(d) 2(1-3m2)

12. A curve is such that when​​  y = 0,​​ x​​ = -2 or​​ x=3. Find the equation for the curve.

(a).​​ y=  x^2-5 x -6

(b).​​ y= x^2+5xβˆ’6 

 (c)​​ y= x2+xβˆ’6  

 (d)​​ y=x^2-  x-6

13. The volume of a cylindrical tank, 10m high is 385m3. Find the diameter of the tank. Take​​ Ο€=22/7

(a). 14 m  

(b). 10 m  

(c). 7 m

 β€‹β€‹ (d). 5 m 

14. The surface of a sphere is​​ 7927cm27927cm2. Find correct to the nearest whole number, its volume. Take​​ β€‹β€‹ [Ο€=22/7]

(a)113 cm^3  

 β€‹β€‹ (b)​​ 131cm^3 

(c)​​ 311cm^3

 (d)​​ 414cm^3

15. A piece of thread of length 21.4cm is used to form a sector of a circle of radius 4.2cm on a piece of cloth. Calculate, correct to the nearest degree, the angle of the sector.​​ Take​​ Ο€=22/7

(a) 1700​​ 

(b) 1770​​ 

(c) 1820​​ 

(d) 1920​​


waec mathematics

In the diagram which of the following ratios is​​ equal to​​ βˆ£PN∣ / ∣PQ∣

(a) ∣PN∣/ ∣PRβˆ£β€‹β€‹

 (b).​​ βˆ£PM∣/∣PQ∣

​​ (c)β€‹β€‹βˆ£PM∣/∣PR∣

​​ (d)​​ βˆ£PR/ ∣PQ∣


waec mathematics past questions and answers

In the diagram​​ PS​​ and​​ RS​​ are tangents to the circle centre O,​​ <PSR​​ = 700,​​ <POR​​ = m and​​ <PQR​​ = n. Find (m+n).

(a) 1100​​ 

(b) 1350​​ 

(c) 1650​​

 (d) 2250

​​ 18.

may/june waec mathematics

Find the value of t in the diagram

(a) 630​​ 

(b) 1170​​

 (c) 1260​​

 (d) 2340​​ 

​​ 19.

waec maths question and answers

In the diagram,​​ PR​​ is a tangent to the circle at Q, QT//RS,​​ <SQR = 350​​ and​​ <RSQ = 500. Find the value of​​ <QST.

(a) 400​​

 (b) 650​​ 

(c) 85​​ 

(d) 950​​ 

20. The angles of a polygon are​​ x, 2 x , 2 x,  (x-300), (x-200) and (x-100). Find the value of​​ x.

(a) 450​​ 

(b) 840​​ 

(c) 850​​ 

(d) 950

21. If​​ M​​ β€‹β€‹ and​​ N​​ are the points (-3, 8) and (5, -7) respectively, find​​ |MN|.

(a) 8 units

(b) 11 units

(c) 15 units

(d) 17 units​​ 

22. The equation of the line through the points (4, 2) and (-8, -2) is​​ 3y​​ = p  x​​ +​​ q, where​​ pp​ and​​ q​​ are constants. Find the value of​​ p.

(a) 1

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 9

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23. The angle of elevation of the top of a tree from a point 27 m​​ away and on the same horizontal ground as the foot of the tree is 300. Find the height of the tree.

(a) 27 m β€‹β€‹

 (b) 13.5√3 m​​

 (c)​​ 13.5√2 m 

(d)​​ 9√3 m

24. If tan​​ x=4/3, 00​​ < x<900, find the value of sin​​ x​​ – cos x .

(a) 1/10​​

 (b)​​ 1/5​​ 

(c)​​ 5/12​​ 

(d)​​ 1 whole number 2 /5

25. Given that​​ Y​​ is 20​​ m​​ on a bearing of 3000​​ from​​ X, how far south of​​ Y​​ is​​ X?

(a) 10 m β€‹β€‹

 (b) 15 m 

​​ (c) 25 m β€‹β€‹

 (d) 30 m 

26. The mean of 1,3,5,7 and​​ x​​ is 4. Find the value of​​ .x.

(a) 2

(b) 4

(c) 6

(d) 8

27. Find the median of 2,1,0,3,1,14,0,1 and 2.

(a) 0.0

(b) 0.5

(c) 1.0


Number of goals​​ 1234567
Number of teams​​ 3166423

The table shows the distributions of goals scored by​​ 25 teams in a football competition. Use it to answer questions 28 and 29.

28. Calculate the probability that a team​​ selected at random scored at most 3 goals.

(a) 3/25​​

 (b)​​ 1/5​​ 

(c)​​ 6/25​​

 (d)​​ 2/5 

29. Find the probability that a team selected at random scored either 4 or 7 goals.

(a) 9/25 β€‹β€‹

 (b)​​ 11/25 β€‹β€‹ 

(c)​​ 3/5 β€‹β€‹

 (d)​​ 18/25

In the diagram, WXYZ, is a rectangle with dimension 8cm by 6cm,​​ P,​​ Q,​​ R​​ and S are the midpoints of the sides of the rectangle as shown. Use this information to answer questions​​ 30​​ and​​ 31.

Waec mathematics questions and answers

30. What type of quadrilateral is the shaded region?


(b)​​ Prism

(c) Rectangle

(d) Rhombus

31. Calculate the area of the part of the rectangle that is​​ not shaded.​​ 

(a) 25​​ cm^2​​ 

(b) 24 cm^2 β€‹β€‹

 (c) 16 cm^2 β€‹β€‹ 

(d)​​ 12 cm^2 

32. The​​ total surface area of a hemisphere is 75Ο€cm^2. Find its radius

(a) 5.0 cm β€‹β€‹ 

(b) 7.0​​ cm​​ 

(c) 8.5​​ cm​​ 

(d)​​ 12.0 cm 

33. Find the values of​​ x​​ for which​​ xβˆ’5/x(xβˆ’1)​​ is​​ 

(a) 0 or 5

(b) -5 or 5

(c) -1 or 5

(d) 0 or 1

34. Solve the equation 2x2​​ – x-6=0.

(a) x=βˆ’3/2​​ or 2

(b)​​ x=βˆ’2 or 3/2​​ 

(c)​​ x=βˆ’3 or 2 

(d)​​ x=3 orβˆ’2

35. Factorize completely the expression (x+2)2​​ β€“ (2 x+1)2

(a) (3  x+2)(1- xx)​​ 

(b) (3  x+2)(1-  x)​​

 (c) (3 x+2)2​​ 

(d) 3( x+1)(1- x)

36. Find the nth​​ term of the sequence 2 x 3, 4 x 6

(a) 2n​​ x 3(n + 1)

(b) 2n​​ x 3n

(c) 2n​​ x 3n β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹ 

(d) 2n​​ x 3n-1

37. If 3x​​ = 4 (mod 5), find the least value of​​ xx


(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

38. The solution of​​ x​​ + 2​​ β‰₯​​ 2 x β€‹β€‹ + 1 is illustrated on the number line as

39. If​​ p​​ and​​ q​​ are two statements, under what condition would​​ p​​ β€“​​ q​​ be​​ false?

(a) If​​ p​​ is true and​​ q​​ is true

(b) If​​ p​​ is true and​​ q​​ is false

(c) If​​ p​​ is false and​​ q​​ is false

(d) If​​ p​​ is false and​​ q​​ is true​​ 


waec mathematics questions and answers

The diagram shows a trapezium inscribed in a​​ semi-circle. If O is mid-point of WZ and​​ |WX| =​​ |XY|​​ =​​ |YZ|, calculate the value of​​ m.m.

(a) 900​​ (b) 600​​ (c) 450​​ (d) 300​​ 

 β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹  β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹ 

41. Find the interquartile range of 1,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,12,14,16

(a) 6

(b) 7

(c) 8

(d) 9​​ 

42. Donations during the launching of a church project were sent in sealed envelopes. The table shows​​ the distribution of the amount of money in the envelopes.

No. of envelopes4720945312
Number of teams​​ 50002000100070050010050210

How much was the total donation?

(a) N26,792.00

(b)​​ N26,972.00

(c)​​ N62,792.00

(d)​​ N62,972.00


WAEC GCE solution

 β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ In the diagram, PQ is a straight line, (m+n)=1100, (n+r) = 1300​​ and (m+r)= 1200, find the ratio of m:n:r.

(a) 2:3:4

(b) 3:4:5

(c) 4:5:6

(d) 5:6:7

44. If​​ x: y = 14 : 38 and​​ y: z = 13​​ : 49, find​​ x: z 

(a) 2:3

(b) 3:4

(c) 3:8

(d) 1:2

45. Find the mean deviation of 20, 30, 25, 40, 35, 50, 45, 40, 20 and 45.

(a) 8

(b) 9

(c) 10

(d) 10

46. M and N are two subsets of the universal set (U). if n(U)=48, n(M)=20, n(N)=30 and n(MUN)=40, find n(MՈN)’.

(a) 18

(b) 20

(c) 30


47. Express 0.612 in the form​​ x/y, where​​ x​​ and​​ y​​ are integers and​​ yβ‰ 0.


​​ (b)​​ 68/111​​

 (c)​​ 61/100​​ 

(d)​​ 21/33

 β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹ β€‹β€‹β€‹β€‹ 

waec mathematics

In the diagram, PQ//RS. Find​​ xx​​ in terms of​​ y​​ and​​ z.

(a)x=2400​​ +  y- z β€‹β€‹ 

(b)​​ x=1800​​ + y- z β€‹β€‹

 (c)​​ x=3600​​ +  y- z​​ 

(d)​​ x=3600– y- z 

49. The diagonals of a rhombus WXYZ intersect at M. if​​ |MW|= 5 cm​​ |MX|= 5cm, calculate its perimeter.

(a) 42 cm  

(b)​​ 48cm​​ 

(c) 52​​ cm​​ 

(d)​​ 60​​ cm

50. The graphs of​​ y=  x2​​ and​​ y=  x​​ intersect at which of these points?

(a) (0,0), (1,1)

(b) 0,0), (0,1)

(c) (1,0)(0,0)

(d)​​ (0,0)(0,0)​​ 

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