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Vanderbilt Acceptance Rate 2023/2026, 2027 Class Admission Stats & Profile

If you are looking for a good college to study, choosing Vanderbilt University won’t be a bad choice because of its standard of education.

Here, We’ll examine the Vanderbilt University acceptance rate for the class of 2023/2026 admission statistics & profile and its admission requirements to help you in the admissions process.

Vanderbilt University is a top-flight private option for residents of Nashville, Tennessee, United States. See University Of Pittsburgh Acceptance Rate.

However, standout programs in the disciplines of History, Economics, and communication studies have led students from around the globe to target Vanderbilt University. Admittance into one of these programs involves an even more impressive academic profile.

With the admissions landscape at Vanderbilt University changing in recent decades, it’s important for applicants to have an up-to-date understanding of what they are up against.

Vanderbilt University Acceptance Rate For 2023/2026

Vanderbilt University admitted 1,600 of the 46, 000 applicants who sought admission into the Class of 2027. This means that the Vanderbilt University acceptance rate is 5.6%.

 The Regular Decision rate was only 4.2%. See Vanderbilt Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Vanderbilt acceptance rates over the last few years, were as follows:

Class of 2026: 6%

2025: 8%

2024: 9%

Regular Decision Class of 2026 Admitted Student  Statistics and Profile

  • Number of citizenships represented: 49
  • Number of U.S. States represented: 48
  • Percent of students who received one or more significant honors or held major leadership positions: 100 percent
  • Percent of students in the top ten percent of their graduating class:  94 percent
  • SAT Middle 50 percent Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 740-780
  • SAT Middle 50% Math: 770-800
  • ACT Middle 50%:  34-36 based on high schools that provide rank

Vanderbilt University Early Decision Acceptance Rate – Class of 2026

Any applicant who views Vanderbilt University as their top choice should definitely consider applying via binding early decision.

This school offers an ED1 and ED2 option. The Vanderbilt Early Decision acceptance rate was 15.7% for the Class of 2027. See Vanderbilt Early Decision Acceptance Rate.

The university has not yet released any data on ED1 vs. ED2 for this cycle. However, the ED 1 acceptance rate for the Class of 2026 was 24.1%, a much higher figure than the ED2 acceptance rate of 10.3%.

Vanderbilt University Admission Requirements

There is no compulsory requirement of ACT and SAT score for students seeking admission to the undergraduate programs at Vanderbilt University but definitely increases the chances of admission in this highly selective university.

Among those who enrolled in the Class of 2027, the average weighted GPA range was 3.86. ACT Composite scores of 34-36 and an SAT range of 1520-1580. Check if Vanderbilt is an Ivy League School.

  • English proficiency requirements are a must to get admission.
  • Application Portal: Common Application/QuestBridge/Coalition Application
  • Applicants are required to pay an application fee of 50 USD ( INR)
  • Applicants must submit an official High School Transcripts
  • English language proficiency:


  • Letter of Recommendation from the Counselor is required
  • 2 Academic Letters of Recommendation are required

How Does Vanderbilt University Rates Applicants?

Vanderbilt receives tens of thousands of applications to fill a first-year class of approximately 1,600 students. Every application at Vandy is reviewed by at least two readers.

Typically these are admissions officers assigned to your geographic area, but sometimes other officers weigh in on students outside of their traditional territory. See what Vanderbilt is known for.

The process is genuinely holistic with readers “looking for students who have performed well within the context of their high school’s most challenging academic programs.

They evaluate activities outside the classroom in terms of depth of involvement, roles and responsibilities, and leadership. They also evaluate applicants’ writing through the application essay and short answer.”

Seven factors are rated as being “very important” to the Vanderbilt admissions process: rigor of secondary school record, class rank, GPA, standardized test scores (test-optional for now), essays, extracurricular activities, and character/personal qualities.

Application components deemed “important” are recommendation letters and talent/ability. “Considered” items include the admissions interview (more on this in a moment), first-generation status, alumni status, geographical residence, state residency, racial/ethnic status, and volunteer work.

It definitely helps if you are recruited as an athlete to join one of Vanderbilt University’s 14 Division I sports teams.


That was all on Vanderbilt University acceptance rate for the class of 2023/2026 admission statistics & profile and its admission requirements. If you have any questions on this topic, you can do well to send them to us using the comment section.

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