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University of Michigan (UMich) Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

If you have the desire to study at the University of Michigan on transfer, then you are on the right page. Becoming a student at this Institution demands applicants to have knowledge of how certain things are done in the school.

Some of the things applicants are required to are the University of Michigan (UMich) Transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. I will be breaking down these things in this article to guide you on the application process.


Established in 1817, The University of Michigan is a public coeducational institution located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

As one of the earliest American research universities, University of Michigan has an enrollment of about 31,329 undergraduate students and 16,578 graduate students.

Students at the public research institute learn under the nineteen colleges found in the school and they also earn a degree in undergraduate program, graduate program and postdoctoral levels in some 250 disciplines

University of Michigan is a major research center because of its commitment to research programs and so many breakthroughs have accompanied some of its research.

As a result of that, University of Michigan has been continuously ranked among the top universities in the U.S. by college and university rankings and it also ranked 2nd among American universities in research expenditures.

According to The 2021 U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges report ranking, Michigan was ranked 3rd among public universities in the United States.

Since the inception of the institution, it has graduated prestigious people from all walks of life. Some of the school’s notable alumni include; 41 United States governors, 42 U.S. Cabinet Secretaries, and 26 living billionaires.  

University of Michigan Transfer Acceptance Rate

The transfer acceptance rate at the University of Michigan is 41.5%. According to the record from the school, Among 4,942 transfer Applicants who applied to the University of Michigan, 2,051 applicants were admitted, and 1,407 enrolled.

In comparison with the overall University of Michigan acceptance rate which is 26%, one can easily know that in terms of percentage, transfer students may be at a high benefit of being admitted compared to students who apply out of high school.

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Application Requirements & GPA for University of Michigan.

According to the University of Michigan Office of Admissions, The minimum GPA for transfer students is a 2.0. But for you to become a competitive transfer applicant, you should be able to boosts an average GPA of 3.0 or higher.

It is important to note that transfer students must send their application to a specific college and major and they should also note that once they gain admission to their designated major, they will not be permitted to change majors at the institution without getting permission from the dean.

University of Michigan requires transfer applicants to submit a high school transcript and a common application.

A letter of recommendation is optional, and it enables applicants to distinguish themselves from other competitors.

Applicants are also recommended to check out the specific requirements that a particular college they are applying to requires.

As there are over 14 colleges that transfer students can send their applications and these colleges have different admission requirements standards for admitting students.

University of Michigan Transfer Deadline

Those anticipating to transfer to University of Michigan in the fall semester should submit all required application materials by February 1st.

University of Michigan accepts transfers for the spring semester, and those applicants are expected to submit their application materials on the same application deadline with the fall semester applicants.

Those who applied in winter semester, should submit all the required application materials by October 1st.

Applicants who applied to The School of Music, Theatre & Dance, should submit all the required application materials by December 1st.

For fall transfers, it is recommended they complete their financial aid application prior to December 15th, though the final deadline is March 31st.

Those hoping to receive some form of financial aid when they enroll in the fall semester, are recommended to complete their financial aid application before December 15th, though the final deadline is March 31st.

What is the Decision Date for University of Michigan Transfers?

Students applying to transfer to University of Michigan in the fall semester will receive an admission decision by May 1st.

Any transfers hoping to begin their studies in the spring semester will get an email notification from the school by the end of April.

Those who applied for the winter semester will hear back concerning their admissions decision before the end of November.

Who does University of Michigan consider for transfer

One who has attended any institution of higher education on any basis for any period of time following graduation from high school.

One who sends in an application to the institution as a transfer applicant submits official transcripts from all of the colleges that you have attended.


All you just read is about what transfer Applicants are required to know about the University of Michigan (UMich) transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements.

Having knowledge of all the content of this article will help applicants to know the right steps to take during their application process. Was it useful?

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