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University of Wisconsin Out-of-State Acceptance Rate 2023/2027

If you are a non-Wisconsin resident looking for a fantastic college to attend, then the University of Wisconsin could be an excellent fit for you.

We will be discussing the University of Wisconsin Out-of-State Acceptance Rate, University of Wisconsin Out-of-State Tuition, University of Wisconsin Requirements and tips for Out-of-State Students in this article, read on to learn more about it.


Established in 1848, the is a well-revered public college with an urban campus spanning 936 acres of historic Madison, Wisconsin.

According to the 2023 edition of US News and World Report’s annual list of the best colleges in the United States, the University of Wisconsin ranks #38 in the country.

University of Wisconsin has a total undergraduate enrollment of 37,235 students, with an additional 12,651 students enrolled in graduate programs.

With 136 undergraduate major programs the school has a wide range of options for degree tracks for students to choose from. University of Wisconsin is also home to over 148 master’s degree programs, and 120 doctoral programs.

At the University of Wisconsin, students have the opportunity to participate in more than 126+ athletic teams, 59 Greek life organizations, or one of the many other clubs and extracurriculars offered at the school

University of Wisconsin Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

The out-of-state acceptance rate at the University of Wisconsin is 54%.

According to the university, the acceptance rate for all students — the acceptance rate for students who are residents of Wisconsin that same year was 73%

This means that in-state students are nearly 20% more likely to be offered admission.

The national average acceptance rate for all four-year colleges in the United States is 68%. Thus, it can be said that the College of University of Wisconsin is a moderately selective institution.

One reason for the considerable difference in acceptance rates for in- and out-of-state students at University of Wisconsin is that it is a public school. See UC San Diego (UCSD) Out-of-State Acceptance Rate.

The majority of public colleges openly prefer in-state students in the admissions process, with some schools even implementing quotas for the number of in-state students they admit each year.

Secondly, the reason for the difference between acceptance rates for in-state and out-of-state students is that the school is openly committed to admitting a 2/3 majority of Wisconsin applicants.

With the school striving to admit a large percentage of in-state students, there are simply fewer seats available for out-of-state students.

That being said, non Wisconsin residents who are interested in attending the University of Wisconsin can rest assured that that their odds of being offered admission to the school are higher than 53.8%.

Demonstrated academic ability is also one of the most critical factors in determining an individual student’s likelihood of being admitted to the school. See UC Santa Barbara Out-of-State Acceptance Rate.

University of Wisconsin Out-of-State Tuition

As of the 2023-24 academic year, the cost of tuition for one year of study at the University of Wisconsin as an out-of-state undergraduate student is $39,428

Taking all estimated additional fees and other expenses — such as educational materials, travel, and room and board — into account, the total cost of attending the school comes to a grand total of $57,728.

For in-state students, on the other hand, the school is far less expensive. Annual tuition to the school is just $10,798. Adding on living expenses and fees, the total cost of attendance is $28,498. 

Although financial aid is available, in-state students also have an advantage in this regard.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, 46.1% of first-year students at the University of Wisconsin received grant aid to cover some or all of their tuition expenses.

Some factors that influence a student’s eligibility for financial aid include their family’s financial circumstances and the level of available government funding.

University of Wisconsin Requirements and Tips for Out-of-State Students

Regardless of the state of residence, all students interested in applying to the University of Wisconsin must fill out an application either through the Common Application online or the University of Wisconsin System.

The Common Application includes a personal essay prompt.

The personal essay is an excellent opportunity for out-of-state students to show the admissions team who they are as an individual, shedding light on why they are an excellent fit for the school.

With the essay being one of the more essential aspects of the application, out-of-state students should ensure that their writing is logically organized, powerfully written, and free of grammatical errors in order to really impress University of Wisconsin admissions officials.

Although the school is currently test-optional, students are permitted to submit their standardized test scores for consideration.

This is an excellent idea for anyone with solid ACT or SAT scores, as this data will reflect positively upon your academic ability.

In addition to completing the Common Application, students are also required to submit a secondary school report, including an up-to-date high school transcript and a letter of recommendation written by a school counselor.

After receiving their first semester grades, applicants also need to submit a midyear school report form so that the admissions department can ensure that their academic performance does not decline significantly while reviewing applications. 


That was all on the University of Wisconsin Out-of-State Acceptance Rate. You can ask us any question related to this article, using the comment section.

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