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Michigan State University Acceptance Rate, GPA, Requirements 2023

Is studying at Michigan State University is your desire, here are the necessary details you will need to know about the school so as to make your admission dream a reality.

Such details include Michigan State University – acceptance rate, GPA, requirements, and more. Fortunately, we will be discussing them meticulously in this article. Let’s get started!


Founded as the Agricultural College of the State of Michigan in 1855, Michigan State University is a public research institution situated in East Lansing, Michigan. 

Michigan State University has over 200 academic programs offered by 17 degree-granting colleges, and since the commencement of the school, it has recorded so many mind-blowing achievements. Some of its achievements include its ability to have nuclear physics and African history programs.

Some of the resources found in the school include everything from the Beal Botanical Garden and the Abrams Planetarium to the National Superconducting Cyclotron Lab and the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams.

Based on ranking, gave Michigan State University an A grade for its excellent academics, athletics, and monetary value.

According to U.S. News & World Report Michigan State University ranks 80th position on its list of National Universities.

Michigan State University also ranks within the top 50 on U.S. News‘s lists for Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs, Learning Communities, and Top Public Schools. See University of Michigan Acceptance Rate.

Michigan State University Acceptance Rate

Michigan State University gets thousands of applications each year, as one of the top schools in Michigan.

In fact, the school received a record number of 44,322 applications from applicants, out of these applicants, 31,522 were given admission, thereby making the acceptance rate of Michigan State University to be 71%.

This shows that out of every ten students who apply to the school, only three will be rejected.

Most of them should feel pretty optimistic. While there are certainly some people who value exclusivity in a college, this high acceptance rate is good news, for a few different reasons.

Obviously, it’s good news because most people who want to study at Michigan State University will get the opportunity to do so.

But it’s also good because more accepted applicants make for a more different student body, which gives everyone a more enriching educational experience.

As shown by these numbers, Michigan State University is an excellent choice for  Michigan students looking for a great college experience.

Michigan State University Out of State Acceptance Rate

Michigan State University does not make its out-of-state acceptance rate numbers public. But it is crucial to know that Michigan State University values students from around the country and the world.

Michigan State University actively recruits learners from beyond the state’s borders to build a diverse student body and provide an enriching experience for everyone.

In 2021, 1,689 American students outside of Michigan enrolled in the school, comprising 18.6 of the entering class. That same year, 424 new students came from outside of the United States.

Like most schools, Michigan State University charges more in tuition for students from outside of Michigan than they do to residents.

However, the tuition fee for out-of-state students is only $51,402 per year, including room and board.

In addition, Michigan State University charges render a range of services to assist out-of-state students become acclimated to their new homes.

The school’s First-Year Experience program takes care to make sure that out-of-state students and their families stay informed.

With a host of other resources available, out-of-state students remain supported and welcomed on campus.

Even without details about the specific percentage of out-of-state students accepted by Michigan State University, the support offered by the school indicates that students from outside of Michigan are always welcome.

Michigan State University GPA

At Michigan State University, there is no minimum GPA requirement. However, the school does expect top-level work from its students.

On average, students who get accepted to Michigan State University have a ranging between 3.5 and 4.0.

To earn that type of grade, one must earn primarily A’s and B’s high school classes.

Moreover, these grades should be from not just your high school classes, but also in AP and IB classes. The more challenging the class, the better your high grades will look on your application.

More importantly, applicants should work to get substantial grades in the classes related to their major.

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Those who want to study literature at Auburn should take AP English courses and work to earn an A in those classes.

Future chemists should take the best science and statistics classes available and secure A grades as much as possible.

While these are unquestionably high expectations, grades aren’t the only thing that matters to Michigan State University.

As you’ll see throughout the rest of this article, there are other qualities that they consider in their admission decisions. These other factors can sometimes make up for lower grades.

Michigan State University SAT & ACT Requirements

To high school juniors and seniors, standardized tests might seem like an ordinary annoyance, just one of those things that you have to do to get through the school year.

However, the SAT and ACT serve an essential role in assessing a high school student’s aptitude. For many students, the ACT and SAT are not necessarily required.

Currently, Michigan State University uses a test-optional policy, Under this policy incoming first-years are not required to take the ACT or the SAT. If they do decide to take the tests, they need not submit their scores.

But in most cases, Michigan State University needs applicants to submit their grades on the SAT or the ACT.

For that reason, many students do submit their scores, even though Michigan State University doesn’t require it.

In 2020, the incoming class at Michigan State University scored between 23-29 on the ACT and between 1110-1280 on the SAT.

However, even those who qualify for a test-optional application might consider submitting their scores.

A high ACT or SAT score will only strengthen an application, giving the student a higher chance of being accepted to Michigan State University.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for Michigan State University

 Michigan State University has a reasonably straightforward application process. Anyone who has academic transcripts from their high school degree can send in an application by filling out an application and paying the $65 fee.

However, a bare-bones application like this is unlikely to make an impression. For the best opportunity of being accepted, applicants should consider including some of the optional materials.

Those optional materials include not only the aforementioned ACT and SAT scores, but also letters of recommendation.

A letter of recommendation is a document written by someone who knows you well and can speak to your abilities as a student.

When applying as an undergraduate, these letters can be written by personal references (family friend, religious leader) or an employer, but at least one should come from a teacher.

Whoever you choose, your letter writers should be not only those who can present you in the best light but also those who admissions counselors respect.

Because they need to be written by someone else, letters of recommendation require some more planning than other application materials. Choose your recommenders at least six months before the application is due for the best chance of a strong letter.

At Michigan State University, early action application is expected to be submitted by November 1st, while the regular application deadline is February 1st of each year.


While letters of recommendation and standardized test scores are optional at MCU, an application essay is not.

An application essay gives admission counselors an opportunity to know applicants who want to study at their school.

Via the essay, potential Student demonstrates their personality and value, helping counselors to see what they can bring to the student body.

At MSU, students are required to write one 250-word essay. Michigan State University provides applicants with seven essay prompts to opt from.

These prompts cover everything from personal identity and challenges that one has overcome to personal growth and a topic of interest.

Moreover, Michigan State University also wants essays of no more than 650 words, which means that every word has to count.


Everything you are expected to know as an applicant at Michigan State University has been disclosed to you in this article. You are free to ask us questions on this article via the comment box if you have any.

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