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Cornell University Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

Welcome to this page. I will be discussing in this article all the basic things transfer applicants who desire to transfer to Cornell need to know about Cornell University transfer acceptance rate, GPA, and Requirements.

This is to enable them to know the right path to take whenever they are set to begin the application process.

Before now, people used to think that sending applications to college and being admitted as well, is an easy process as they always see in a movie. See Cornell University Early Decision Acceptance Rate.

But recently, most individuals have come to realize that the application procedures involved in applying to colleges, in reality, are quite different from that of the ones seen in movies.

So many students leave their current schools to transfer to Cornell University for many reasons such as a change in academic interest, completion of a two-year degree program, or as a result of change of heart about their previous institution.

Irrespective of what the reasons are, transfers are a fairly common part of college life. And if transferring from your present school to a new one is your desire, you might as well apply to one of the best universities in the world like Cornell University.

Founded in 1865, Cornell University is a large private research institution with mainly undergraduate programs enrollments. See what Cornell University is known for.

The school has been in existence for about 157 years ago and right from its inception, Cornell University welcomes transfer students to a degree beyond comparison in the Ivy League.

Recently, the school has transferred students enrollment between 500 to 600 each in both the fall and spring semesters, thereby making campus life enjoyable and remarkable in the school.

Cornell University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Cornell University has an average transfer acceptance rate of 17% for the Fall Semester. In comparison, though this given figure of transfer acceptance rate looks low but it is higher than the school’s standard acceptance rate which is 11%.

When looked at that way, it becomes so obvious that transfer students actually have a better chance of being admitted to Cornell University than those entering as Freshmen.

This higher percentage demonstrates that Cornell University values students who bring experience and education to their campus student body.

That information should encourage anyone who wants to transfer to continue their studies at Cornell University.

Furthermore, it is not only compulsory for all transfer students to have a proven history of academic excellence but how they opt to show that at the institution is very important.

Application Requirements & GPA for Cornell University Transfers

Cornell University does not any specific minimum GPA requirements.

The school has a wide range of requirements the school utilizes to select the right students to be admitted into their programs.

Transfer students need to ensure that they fill out the transfer version of the Common Application.  

Pay the sum of $80 as application fee or waiver. They are expected to complete and submit Cornell College Questions and Writing Supplement, an Academic Evaluation, College Report, and a Mid-term Report.

Other required items that will need to be sent to the school differently include transcripts. To get this, transfer applicants need to reach out to their high school and college to send transcripts directly to the university.

SAT or ACT scores are appreciated but not required at Cornell University.

Cornell University Transfer Deadline

Cornell University requires that transfer students complete all of their application materials by March 15th for fall semester and October 15th for spring semester each year.

Those who want the best opportunity to get admitted should not wait until the end of February to get started.

Instead, the most successful transfer students get started on the process early to ensure that they can devote enough time to finish the applications to their satisfaction.

The application deadline for Fall applicants is March 15; for Spring applicants, the deadline to apply is October 15.

These deadlines are for both application and financial aid.

Students are required to get their FAFSA filled out and submitted by these deadlines so that the financial aid office can inform them as soon as possible how much aid they are qualified for.

What is the Decision Date for Cornell University Transfers?

Cornell University sends letters of acceptance to transfer students who make it between May and June for fall semester, and by November for the spring semester each year.

Once the acceptance letters are out, students will need to give an answer about whether they will attend by July 1st for Fall and at the beginning of January for Spring.


That was all on Cornell University Transfer Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements. You can ask your questions concerning this article.

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