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Texas Tech University Acceptance Rate 2023

If you are planning to be part of the Texas Tech University undergraduate Community, this article is meant for you.

It might interest you to know that there are important factors you are expected to consider before sending your application to the school.

Such factors include the Texas Tech University acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. I will be discussing everything you need to know about the Texas Tech University acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements in this article. See Temple University Acceptance Rate.

It will serve as a complete guide to you whenever you are ready to start your admission process. Texas Tech University is the flagship institution of the University System of Texas, located in Lubbock, Texas, United States. The prominent Institution was established in 1923.

The public research university is also one of the most populated universities in both the state and outside the state. The institution has more than 40,528 students representing all states and countries.

This academic institution is a member of the Association of American Universities and also has 13 schools and colleges which offer over 200,000 degrees since it started. It has over 150 degree-granting programs.

Texas Tech University has become more selective with admissions in recent decades as it has risen in prestige at the time.

Texas Tech University Acceptance Rate

Texas Tech University is rated “selective” as a result of its admission policy. Texas Tech University admissions is more selective with an acceptance rate of 68%.

GPA for Texas Tech University

The average weighted high school GPA at Texas Tech University is 3.57. Applicants will need nearly straight A’s in all their classes to have a ground to compete with other applicants.

You should also have taken so many AP or IB classes to demonstrate your ability to excel in academic challenges.

SAT Requirements

Half the applicants admitted to Texas Tech University have an SAT score between 1110–1260 or an ACT score of 23 and 28.

However, one quarter of admitted applicants achieved scores above these ranges and one quarter scored below these ranges.

The application deadline is Aug. 24 for fall 2023 and January 11 for spring 2023. The application fee at Texas Tech University is $75.

Admissions officials at Texas Tech University consider a student’s GPA a very important academic factor. A Common App Application is required. See Texas A&M Acceptance Rate.

An applicant’s high school class rank, when available, is considered important and letters of recommendation are considered important for admissions officials at the Texas Tech University.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips

In addition to submitting the Texas Tech University Admission Application, applicants must send a $75 application fee and report all high school information through the Self-Reported Application. All admissions decisions will be based primarily on the information found in these materials.

Students are also encouraged – but not required – to share supplemental documents: a letter of recommendation, a personal statement, and a list of achievements.

Applicants can fill out the Letter of Recommendation Request Form, and an online recommendation form will be shared with the recommender to complete on behalf of the applicant.

Students admitted to Texas Tech University are required to provide their official transcripts to the Office of Admission – typically for validation or scholarship purposes.


All you just read is about the prestigious Texas Tech University. In the article, essential factors that future applicants need to know about the Texas Tech University acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements were discussed to guide you whenever you are set to start your application process.

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