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Southern Methodist University (SMU) Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements

If you aim to study at Southern Methodist University, this is a go to guide for gaining admission into the institution.

This guide contains everything you need to know about Southern Methodist University acceptance, exact GPA, its admissions requirements, and test scores you should aim for when applying to Southern Methodist University.

Alumni of Southern Methodist University (SMU) can be found changing the landscape in their various academic disciplines.

Some of the alumni of Southern Methodist University (SMU) include the present chair of the National Endowment for the Arts, to James Cronin the Nobel prize-winning physicist, to Laura Bush who was the former first lady, Southern Methodist University (SMU) alumni are shaping the society in every aspect of life.

Southern Methodist University (SMU) was ranked #5 as the Christian university in the country, by Niche. See BA/MD and BS/MD Programs.

The institute’s Business and Law departments continuously produce over 500 wealthy executives, with Southern Methodist University’s home city, Dallas, accommodating 41 wealthy 1,000 companies.

Southern Methodist University Acceptance Rate

 Southern Methodist University has an acceptance rate of 53%.

According to applicants who entered the institution in fall 2020, 14,010 applicants applied, while 7,379 (52.7%) were admitted and 1,531 matriculated (20.7%) with a year retention rate (entering Fall 2019) which was 92%, for the class of 2024.

Notwithstanding, the acceptance rate used to change based on if one is an early decision or late decision applicant.

It is important to note that Early decision applicants to Southern Methodist University definitely have an extreme likelihood of gaining admission into the academic institute, with the early decision acceptance rate that is around 55–65%.

Early applications are due on November 1st.

Southern Methodist University financial aid

By considering the financial aid record at Southern Methodist University, you will notice that approximately 71% of all undergraduate scholars receive financial aid from the school.

And the average amount given out for undergraduate financial aid is $34,000, but unfortunately, only 21% of Southern Methodist University (SMU) students end up taking out federal student loans, this information is according to UnivStats.

GPA for Southern Methodist University (SMU)

It has been clearly stated by Southern Methodist University (SMU) that they have no standard minimum GPA, though it is one of their factors for admission consideration.

They recommend that a competitive applicant will have to achieve a GPA in the top quarter of their high school class and should have completed rigorous coursework.

Moreover, it is necessary for one to maintain a minimum 3.3 to be able to have a good opportunity if admitted.

SAT & ACT Requirements for Southern Methodist University (SMU)

It might interest you to know that Southern Methodist University (SMU) does not have any specific minimum SAT or ACT requirements.

But one can easily ascertain the range of their minimum SAT or ACT requirement based on their admissions statistics, which might be considered competitive for hopeful applicants.

The average SAT for the recently admitted students was 1,343 while the average ACT was 30.6. The middle 50% SAT range for enrolled students was 630-710 for Evidence-Based Reading & Writing, 620-740 for math, while the ACT Composite range was 29–33.

Though these numbers are very competitive, Southern Methodist University (SMU) does superscore ACT scores, increasing their average successful ACT score.

They just look at the highest score from each individual ACT category and copy that into a new total score.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips

Southern Methodist University requires applicants to complete a standard array of high school coursework in advance to admission.

Applicants are required to maintain a competitive GPA and standardized test scores. When thinking seriously about how best to make yourself competitive for Southern Methodist University, an easy place to begin is by;

Submitting the Southern Methodist University application before November 1st so that you can be considered as an early applicant. Early applicants tend to have a higher admission rate of 10%.

Other factors include;

An application essay: two essays of 250 words each is important for admission at the institution.

The first of the two supplemental essays asks students to answer, “Why Southern Methodist University ?” In this essay, students can explain their motivation for applying in the school.

The second essay asks students to disclose how they will contribute to the diversity of the Southern Methodist University student body.

This essay represents a chance for students to discuss their unique experiences, beliefs, backgrounds, or otherwise.

A recommendation letter is considered very crucial according to the school. It is technically optional for the general application but is highly encouraged for scholarship consideration.

Is Southern Methodist University Right for You?

So many applicants may wonder if Southern Methodist University is the right school for them.

But here are some of the reasons Southern Methodist University should be considered right for you.

In making this decision, Southern Methodist University offers students numerous unbelievable affordances, which are vital to keep in mind as students work hard to pick the school that is just right for them.

For one thing, students who have interest to study or pursue public service will be in good hands at Southern Methodist University.

The influence of the Bush family on the school has made it so that Southern Methodist University is a hub for students interested in getting involved in a government office.

The school represents the largest student body in 2020, the institution also granted over 3,827 degrees, including 315 doctorates, 1,659 master’s and 1,853 bachelor’s degrees and offers over 32 doctoral and over 120 masters programs from eight schools in its 2020 academic year.

According to a recent Ph.D. candidate at Southern Methodist University, in Texas a degree from Southern Methodist University is akin in value to a degree from Harvard.

The list of Southern Methodist University alumni who hold government office—both within the US and within other governments—is extensive.

Dallas culture goes well beyond the thrilling Cowboys games, as the city is home to dozens of theaters, the Annette Strauss Artist’s square, and the Sammons Center for the Arts.

And, as listed above, Southern Methodist University has a reputation for being one of the finest colleges in the entire south. For these reasons and more, SMU is likely to make any student feel incredibly proud to call themself a Mustang.


Everything about Southern Methodist University acceptance, exact GPA, its admissions requirements, test scores you should target when applying to Southern Methodist University and the best steps to take in order to assist your application stand out from the application of other applicants has been discussed in this article.

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