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Best PhD Scholarships to Consider in 2022

Looking for Ph.D. scholarships but having trouble finding them? Congratulations, your search is over. We have done the daunting part of research for you and gathered all the information you must know to find financial aid for your education.

It won’t be wrong to say that scholarships are one of many pieces of a puzzle that makes a solid groundwork for supporting students in pursuing and completing their degree.

Instead of working part-time jobs, they can devote more time and energy to their studies and reduce the financial burden associated with college education costs.

Even though it may seem challenging to find a Ph.D. scholarship for international students, there are numerous of them offered and you will definitely find one, too. The majority of university funding for PhDs is associated with research and teaching.

However, we will not go into that; finding a school that meets your interests, degree, and financial requirements is more relevant at the moment. 

A Quick Reminder

Since most of these scholarships have their own apps, make sure that you have a reliable internet connection to download and access them frequently. You do not have to go for an expensive one.

There are several affordable providers, such as Spectrum, that have amazing speeds. The best part is that with this provider you do not have to worry about data limits as it comes with zero data caps. 

Below are some of the best PhD scholarships for you to choose from in 2022.

 Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 

Who hasn’t heard about this one? Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan are one of the largest scholarship schemes in the world. Since the program’s inception, over 27,500 students have benefited from it. 

If you are planning to apply for this scholarship, you must know a few things. Firstly, your name will be included among some excellent companies with this award.

You are more likely to be awarded this scholarship, if your application has strong relevance to development. Secondly, for married couples, this scholarship is a blessing in disguise.

Commonwealth covers all expenses, including those of your partner and children. Do consider applying if you are eligible for this program. 

Melbourne Research Scholarships 

You might be interested in this scholarship if you’re looking for an Australian scholarship. Students achieving high academic achievement can apply for the Melbourne Research Scholarship (MRS) at the University of Melbourne.

There are a variety of benefits available to international students, such as fortnightly living allowances, maternity and sick leaves, relocation allowances, fee remissions and international student health coverage. Fee remissions are also applicable for international students only.

Fulbright PhD Scholarships

These are government-paid programs that enable you to conduct research abroad. It would be like doing your thesis in Italy as your senior year project!

To obtain your Fulbright scholarship, you do not have to take dozens of courses you are not interested in.

Essentially, it is a research project, which you have specifically designed yourself, and want to learn more about. If you study something you are passionate about, you will enjoy it all the more – while saving some money too.

KAAD Germany Research Fellowship Programme

The KAAD scholarship is open to Catholics and Christian denomination members living in developing countries. You can skip this section if you belong to any other religion.

This scholarship is available for outstanding students with prior professional experience who wish to pursue a master’s or PhD program in Germany (or to conduct research there).

KAAD scholarships cover visas, return flights, tuition, living expenses, and accommodation.

Although KAAD scholarship applicants can apply for any course, however, courses related to development are prioritized usually.

In order to be eligible for this scholarship, you will need to take a German language-training course. KAAD will cover all the costs of this course as well. So, what are you waiting for? Apply today!

Clarendon Scholarships by the University of Oxford 

You can reach the pinnacle of glory in life if you win this outstanding scholarship that is fully funded. Both masters and doctoral students can apply for the Clarendon Scholarships.

Each year more than 150 new scholarships are opened to students worldwide as a part of its graduate scholarship program.

All degree-bearing subjects are considered for graduate scholarships based on academic excellence and potential. Moreover, the scholarships cover the full living and tuition cost.

Wrapping Up

Student scholarships play a substantial role in improving college affordability and availability, as well as ensuring successful completion of college degrees.

For our economy and society to thrive, students must earn their degrees despite hardships and delays. That is definitely possible with scholarships.  

If you have questions and suggestions related to Ph.D. scholarships, please let us know by commenting below. 

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