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Best 7 Drawing Software For Comic

Comic creation has been a century-old tradition that has entertained both adults and children alike. People who were good at arts and good storytellers were able to create comics in sketchbooks.

Today with the world moving towards digitization, we are able to access our most-loved comics on the internet.

There are many ideas we believe could be turned into comic books. However, a challenging discipline combines a variety of art styles into one.

This is where the most effective comic creator software can help to transform your thoughts and drawings into the kind of layouts that scream from the screen and want attention.

We are not saying that you will become a Bill Finger, but we can assure you that with the help of the correct software you can do something really different. Whether you are a novice or a professional artist, we have something for everyone.

For your convenience, we have created a list of the 7 best drawing software that you can download and use to give life to your work.

A reliable internet connection like AT&T Internet is necessary to ensure a seamless download process.

In the case that you do not have a dependable net connection, checking out AT&T Internet plans may very well be the right way to go.

With that sorted, keep digging to learn more about top comic-drawing software!

Adobe Fresco

Fresco is a drawing and painting application that is part of the Adobe Family built for touch and stylus devices that help artists express their creativity whenever inspiration comes to them.

The live brushes are distinctive and can be used to achieve an organic oil or watercolor look to your artwork.

If you use any of the other Adobe family products, this will be the go-to app for your phone or tablet.

It is possible to have Adobe Fresco and Photoshop work together to mix images as well as retouch art, include text, and design using layers.

2. Comic Creator

Comic Creator Studio is an excellent choice if you’re trying to get your children or grandchildren interested in comic books.

It mostly uses pre-designed characters and backgrounds, so there’s no need to fret about creating your own characters.

This makes it simple to use, and children will enjoy moving and dropping artwork into all of the backgrounds designed by experts. Modifying text and thought bubbles are easy, and so is dropping words in them.

There are over 600 props you can incorporate into your designs and an abundance of backgrounds to create the setting. There are also expansion packs, such as superheroes, for more variety in comics.

3 Manga Maker Comic Po

This program is specifically designed for Manga enthusiasts who are passionate about Manga Comics and cartoons and would like to be expert creators.

It lets you refer to pre-designed characters and scenes and make use of them or create your own. It’s cheap and simple to use.

It allows layer design, which means you can alter various areas of your drawing without redrawing the entire. The cost is about $50.

There’s not a huge variety of characters and scenes in the default version of this program as it’s only compatible with computers; therefore, unluckily Mac users are not supported.

Because there aren’t any drawing tools available, making a lot of variety or distinctive styles for your cartoons is hard.

4. Paintstorm 

Paintstorm is outstanding software. It’s a cross-platform application that works with Linux, Windows, Mac, and iPad.

It offers a simple user experience that helps make the design process straightforward and easy. It provides you with a collection of incredible brushes, featuring over 50 different settings that you can alter and modify to get the most precise conclusions.

The goal of creating this software is to bring back the traditional painting experience within the digital world. There are also a variety of options for angles and textures, spacing jitter, and much more.

5. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is among the top options for professionals in the field of illustration game designers, web designers, and others who appreciate vector or raster designs.

Affinity Designer was awarded the Apple Design Award in 2015. It’s software that can be used for creating concept art logos, print project icons, UI design mock-ups, and much more.

The price for non-subscription is exorbitant, considering the extensive and mature feature set it provides. It also integrates seamlessly with Affinity Photo, further expanding the types of workflows you can do within the Affinity environment.

6. Comic Draw

Comic Draw is perfect for professionals as well as beginner artists. You’ll be happy to quickly locate the brushes and ink color, as well as other tools.

The software lets you experience the pleasure of drawing and making comics, similar to the earlier days when people did it with sketchbooks.

This is due to the fact that this program is specifically designed specifically for iPad or Samsung notepad users. You can draw however, you’d like using the graphical pen, and with the editing of layers, you can alter the drawing.

6. Pixton

Pixton makes use of all pre-made assets, and there are many to choose from. However, there are only young-looking comics. Perfect for the intended readers.

It is possible to customize the characters to an astonishing degree and change them around to create poses.

You can also change arms, legs, and heads for lively scenes. The software also includes fonts, meaning it’s not necessary to download them from your computer.

The software is typically put to use by children’s comic creators, educators as well as children, as well as families who want to entertain themselves.

Several versions of this software are available to suit different purposes, and they offer the option of a trial version that allows you to try the program.


The various software mentioned above will assist you in making comics and cartoons of any design. The list has free and priced software that can assist you in becoming an expert at comic book creation.

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