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NMU Postgraduate Form 2023/2024 | See How To Apply

Are you interested in studying at Nelson Mandela University for your postgraduate programmes? Perhaps, you must have eagerly sought how/when to get the admission form.

This is to inform you that Nelson Mandela University Postgraduate Admission Form for 2022 is out for application.

The application form is open to all students from any country of origin. Interested students may apply for their various postgraduate programmes and would be admitted if the admission requirements are met by such students.

General Requirements for 2023 Nelson Mandela University Postgraduate Admission

Before one could be admitted into Nelson Mandela University Postgraduate School, certain requirements have to be met.

These requirements are grouped under postgraduate certificate and diploma programmes, master’s programmes and doctoral programmes:

Admission to postgraduate certificate and diploma programmes:

  • An applicant must hold a bachelor’s degree and/or an honours degree or another suitable qualification approved by Senate of an institution.
  • The applicants must possess any other additional qualification(s) relating to the area of competence achieved for the bachelor’s degree  as may be stipulated by the faculty.

Admission to master’s programmes:

  • An applicant must have an honours degree or other qualifications approved by Senate,
  • and any further requirements as may be stipulated by Senate.

Admission to doctoral programmes:

  • the applicant must hold at least an master’s degree or four year professional bachelor’s degree or other qualifications approved by Senate.

How to Apply for Nelson Mandela University Postgraduate (PG) Admission 2023

Prospective students are to access the NMU Postgraduate Admission form via the school official website:

Upon opening the above website, you are expected to make your application payments(where necessary) and ensure a successful submission after completion of the form.

As soon as the application has been accepted and approved, the prospective student shall be notified in writing and may proceed for registration for the qualification.

Deadline of the Application for (NMU) Postgraduate Admission 2023

In order to ensure adequate time for application, processing and planning by the University and yourself, applications for early admission in 2023 should be submitted by…

Places in some qualifications are limited, and it is therefore in your best interest to submit your application form and ALL supporting documentation as soon as possible. 

Late applications may be considered after this date, if there is still space available in the course you wish to apply for, and on academic merit until

Important dates

  • The closing date for application for honours degree programmes is usually the same as for undergraduate programmes – roundabout August 1 of each year – or as indicated by the relevant academic department. Please consult the relevant faculty officer.
  • Closing dates for application and registration of coursework (taught) master’s degree programmes differ from programme to programme and may be followed by interviews and selection processes. Please consult the relevant faculty officer.
  • First-time postgraduate research degrees (master’s and doctoral) are permitted to register throughout the year, although re-registration for continuing students must take place before March 1.

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If there is any question you have to ask us about the NMU Postgraduate admission form, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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