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Ohio State University Acceptance Rate, GPA, Requirements

Are you a prospective student of Ohio State University who doesn’t know how things are done in the school?

Here are the things that you are expected to know about the school’s acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. We will be disclosing everything about all of these in this article. Let’s get started!


Founded in 1870, Ohio State University is a public research institution in Columbus, Ohio.

Ohio State University has an extensive student life program, with over 1,000 student organizations; intercollegiate, club, and recreational sports programs; student media organizations and publications, fraternities and sororities; and three student governments.

The institution is one of the top 12 United States public research universities and 3rd among all universities in industry-sponsored research (National Science Foundation). See Best Medical Schools in Ohio.

Listed as one of a select few public Ivies universities offering the highest educational quality at affordances in the nation, it is no surprise that Ohio’s academic prestige seems to rise and rise yearly.

Ohio State has one of the largest collections of student organizations in the country—with a staggering 1,400 clubs—and it becomes apparent that Ohio State University has something to offer to aspiring students.

Ohio State University Acceptance Rate

The Ohio State University tends to have an acceptance rate of around 68%. This shows that the opportunity of being admitted to the school rises drastically if one takes the benefit attached to the early application deadline.

Applicants who submit their application by the early action deadline of November 1st have a 79% chance of being admitted.

The deadline for the submission of an application to the Ohio State University for non-early action applications is February 1st. See University of Georgia Acceptance Rate.

Early action applicants will hear back from Ohio State University by early December, and regular decision applicants will hear back in mid-March.  

Around 70% of all Ohio State University students receive a scholarship, The FAFSA deadline is February 15th.

In addition to the scholarships, 17% of students receive federal grants, with the average award from federal aid being about $4,700.

Ohio State University Out-of-State Acceptance Rate

The out-of-state acceptance rate at the Ohio State University is around 53%. Generally, the out-of-state acceptance rate is about 10-20% below the in-state acceptance rate.

Notwithstanding that Ohio State University prefers in-state applicants, out-of-state students still composed roughly 30% of present graduating classes at Ohio State University.

In 2018, the Ohio State University announced a plan to have out-of-state students represent about 35% of each graduating class.

As a result of this, those living outside Ohio who are aspiring to send an application to Ohio State University will have better chances of being admitted in the upcoming years, they will also be entering into an institution community that has made a devoted effort to welcome students from outside the state.

GPA for Ohio State University

Although the Ohio State University has no stated minimum GPA for admissions, the average GPA of an admitted student is 3.7.

Because of the variety of high school grading systems used nationally, the Ohio State University recalculates one’s GPA by only considering the grades students earned in the five core academic areas, which are relevant to their field of study.

Applicants can make themselves more competitive by showing improvement yearly in their high school GPA and by putting particular effort into coursework relevant to one’s hopeful major.

SAT & ACT Requirements for Ohio State University

There is no strict minimum SAT or ACT requirement for Ohio State University.

Nevertheless, for an applicant to be competitive the applicant will typically need an average SAT ranging from 1250-1460. The average ACT ranges from 28-32.

But, applicants are recommended to look through any ACT/SAT requirements for their specific program.

For instance, the College of Nursing requires students to receive an ACT of at least 25, and/or an SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing + Math score of 1200.

The institution has specified on their school website that these given admissions requirements are subject can be changed at any time, and as a result of that, applicants are recommended to check back on the website often regarding whether the specific college which accommodates their intended major has begun requiring a minimum standardized test score.

Based on that, major-specific ACT/SAT requirements only take place once a student has been granted general admission.

Ohio State University would not likely reject an applicant who does not meet their requirements, rather they will only not be admitted into that specific major.

Other Requirements and Admission Tips

Beyond GPA and standardized tests, Ohio State University also has a number of required coursework students must complete prior to applying.

This coursework includes a specified number of units in English, math, natural science, social science, foreign languages, and visual arts.

Importantly, although there is a minimum amount of coursework for these three credits, Ohio State University also made it clear that a student can make themselves more competitive by taking the suggested number of courses instead of the minimum.

Taking the ACT/SAT several times is highly encouraged because looks at the highest composite score for each single SAT/ACT test.

Essays for Ohio State University

The Ohio State University utilizes the Common Application system just like other schools. Applicants are recommended to check on the Common Application website to get up-to-date prompt essay questions for each particular year.

Some of the common application questions that can likely be asked from the year is “Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. What prompted your thinking? What was the outcome?”

Aside from the Common Application essay, no other essay is required of applicants.


This article has meticulously listed and discussed all that prospective students of Ohio State University need to know about its acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. Don’t fail to send in your questions to us through the comment section.

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