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JAMB Syllabus for All Subjects 2023/2024 | Download PDF

The following are the JAMB Syllabuses for all the subjects. Go through them and know the areas of concentration for the upcoming JAMB examination.

The syllabuses above are the complete and current JAMB syllabuses for all the subjects. Students are expected to read by following the topics of interest provided in each of the subjects.

If you have any questions about the 2023 JAMB syllabus, kindly let us know in the comment box.

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30 thoughts on “JAMB Syllabus for All Subjects 2023/2024 | Download PDF”

  1. I thought they changed the literature novels we are reading for this year jamb

  2. Hope everyone is well,
    Pls geography syllabus for upcoming jamb is needed

    • Just copy it and paste what you copied to your eBook reader \notes or whatever

  3. Why is the jamb syllabus thesame with the one of last year?

  4. Thanks u alot but I don’t know how to download the jamb syllabus in form of PDF

  5. Are we still going to use the same literature text and novel for this 2021 jamb. Or new text.

  6. Please I need a syllabus for maths, account, economics,commerceand eng


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