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How To Transfer (Share) Data on Airtel Line in 2023

Do you want to share or gift data to a friend using your Airtel number? If your answer is yes, read to get everything you need to know about Airtel data transfer.

How do I transfer data from my Airtel line to another Airtel number? Before we show you how to share data on Airtel, let’s show you the Airtel data transfer code.

Airtel Data Transfer Code

The code for transferring data on the Airtel network is *141#. You can subscribe for Airtel Night Plan here for cheap browsing.

How To Transfer Data To Another Number

Follow the steps below to gift data using your Airtel line:

  • Dial *141#
  • Select the Gifting and Sharing option
  • Select Data Me2U
  • Choose Send Me2U from the existing allowance
  • Enter Recipient Number
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter PIN
  • Complete the process.

You will receive a response to confirm the transaction.

How To Reset/Change Airtel Data Transfer PIN

  1. Dial *141#
  2. Choose option 6 which is Data and Sharing
  3. Choose Change PIN and follow the instructions provided.


Note: You cannot transfer data from Airtel to MTN, Glo, or 9mobile. You can only transfer from Airtel to Airtel.

If you have any questions about how to share data/MB with your friends on the Airtel line, kindly let us know in the comment section.

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