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Airtel Night Plan | See Data Code

How do I do Airtel night plan? This question has been asked by many Airtel subscribers and we have decided to provide a detailed answer to all the questions users ask about the Airtel data plans.

Before we continue, let’s know what the Airtel night plan is. What is Airtel Night plan? Airtel night plan allows its subscribers to enjoy low tariff internet during midnight. Airtel launched the Airtel night plan for subscribers on Airtel Smart Trybe.

How Long Does Airtel Night Plan Last

The Airtel night plan is valid from Midnight (12 AM) to 5:00 AM the following morning, meaning it is valid for 5 Hours.

If your data is not exhausted before 5 AM, the remaining data will be lost because users are not allowed to roll over the airtel night plan. You can check Airtel cheap data plan here.

Airtel Night Plan Code

The code to buy Airtel night browsing plan is *312# for users already on Smart Trybe.

The ₦25 Airtel Night Plan that gives 500MB now comes with just 250MB similar to MTN which gives the same 500MB @ N50.

Now, this is unfair! Anyways, looking at the brighter side, Airtel 250MB is now ₦25 might have been reduced but you can now activate it more than once in a single night.

How To Subscribe for Airtel Night Plan

Airtel Night plan is available for subscribers who are on Smart Trybe Tariff plan only. To subscribe for the plan, dial *312#

With the sum of ₦25, you can get 250 MB to use for just one night from 12 AM. to 5 AM. Since you can do the subscription up to 4 times per night, you can get 1GB for ₦100

How To Migrate To Smart Trybe

If you are not on Airtel smart trybe, you can migrate to smart trybe tariff plan by dialing *312# and pressing 1 to accept the migration.

Airtel Unlimited Night Plan 2022

You can get an unlimited Airtel night plan with the night plan code. This is because the current Airtel night plan can be renewed multiple times in a night.

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