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How Much is Barber School? (7 Barber School Programs Tuition and Fees)

If you are considering a career in barbering, Choosing a barbering school and also knowing the cost is the first step to becoming a barber.

That is why we have decided to bring to you 7 barber school programs and how much going to these Barbering schools will cost you.

There are numerous program opportunities for aspiring barbers in the US’s over 400 universities that offer the barber vocational program.

The barber shops business, which is estimated to generate 4.5 billion dollars in revenue in 2023, is predicted to expand annually by IBISWorld. See Colleges With the Happiest Students.

Another reason for you to study is to be a barber. As you can see, there are lots of barber programs available, and there are lots of job opportunities to look forward to!

According to College Tuition Compare, the average tuition for the career program at Barber Schools is $14,003; the average cost of books and supplies is $1,685 (for the academic year 2021–2022).

Be ready for an average program length of 10.7 months and 1,220 contact hours (credit hours) at the Barbers School.

7 Barber School Programs Tuition And Fees

Because tuition and fees vary depending on the school and state, it is preferable to have a clear understanding of the specific accredited programs (tuition and fees) at recognized barber schools in order to have a correct response to the question “

Here is a list of the programs offered by the Barber School, together with information on tuition and fees.

1. American Barber And Beauty Barber Academy

Professional barbers and cosmetologists can enroll in a top-notch barbering school at the American Barber Beauty Academy (ABBA), which is based in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Students in the barbering program at ABBA have the chance to study from the best (award-winning barbers and barbershop owners) while receiving a top-notch education.

Here is the 2022 tuition and fee schedule if you’re interested in joining the ABBA barbering community:

  • for tuition and fees: $18,690
  • 960 dollars were spent on the kit and books.
  • The ABBA application costs $50.
  • You will also require:, according to information from College Tuition Compare.
  • $18,606 is the cost of lodging.
  • Other living expenses came to $6,195.

Moreover, American Barber and Beauty Academy is nationally certified and provides financial aid through scholarships.

2. American Academy Of Cosmetology

An extensive education in barbering is offered by the American Academy of Cosmetology in Orange Park, Florida, and includes practical instruction as well as the possibility of employment in top salons before graduation.

After graduating, this barber school’s 1,200 clock hours make it possible to get licensed by test. Therefore, after completing Barber School courses, whether you want to enroll full-time, part-time, during the day, or at night, you can sit for the Florida State Board Exam to earn your professional barbering license.

American Academy of Cosmetology tuition and fees for the 2022 academic session is $16,150, $1,850 for kits and books.

  • Room and board cost $19,260.
  • Other living expenses: $9,420
  • Financial help is available at this additional Barber School.

3. Advanced Barber College And Hair Design

Two courses—a barber course and a manicurist course—are offered by the recognized Advanced Barber College and Hair Design.

If you attend for at least 30 hours each week, the barbering course will take you 1000 hours to complete, or about 9 months.

The Texas licensure exam, which consists of both theoretical and practical exams, is offered by this barber school in Weslaco, Texas.

Here are some additional costs associated with Barber College Courses in 2023:

  • Tuition of $8,230
  • For tools, $740
  • $235 is required at enrollment for registration; it is not refundable.
  • Smocks, a t-shirt, and an ID tag cost $70.
  • For books, $235

Financial help is available at this Texas Veterans Commission-approved and Council on Occupational Education-certified barber school.

4. The American College of Barbering

In Louisville and Northern Kentucky, respectively, are two different campuses of the American College of Barbering.

In its 1500-hour long barber curriculum, the American College of Barbering has since 2008 concentrated on the fine arts of shaving, hair cutting, permanent waving, hair coloring, and much more.

The average cost of attendance at the American College of Barbering is listed below by College Tuition Compare:

  • Tuition and expenses amount to $15,750.
  • Supply and book costs total $2,050.
  • Accommodations cost $18,238.
  • Additional living costs amount to $11,963

Additional financial aid is provided by this barber school through: HEERF Grant Veterans’ GI Bill Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) UPS Learn and Earn

5. Central Oklahoma College

The Oklahoma State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering basic curriculum requirements are met by Central Oklahoma College’s barbering program, which is located in Oklahoma City.

The students at this barber school are prepared for a licensed entry-level position. Be ready to: in order to learn all barbering phases both inside and outside of the classroom:

  • Set aside $19,270 for tuition and fees.
  • attend a 75-hour course.
  • Invest 12 months of your time in this.

You can use a credit card, a loan, a check, or a combination of them to pay for your tuition. Remember to make your payment arrangements by the completion date you and the Business Office agreed upon.

The tuition charge includes the cost of the books and supplies. Financial assistance may be available from:

Federal Pell Grants (a financial aid program to assist undergrads in paying for their school)

Federal Stafford Direct Loans, including those for parents of dependent students and those that are both subsidized and unsubsidized.

Veterans and active duty personnel in the military (who may be eligible for VA benefits)

6. Spa Tech Institute

Spa Tech Institute, a private barber school in Westbrook, Maine, offers an 800-hour, capstone curriculum that will get you ready to work as a barber or hair stylist in that state.

Depending on your schedule, the barbering program lasts 8 months. To apply, you must pay the following fees:

  • Cost of tuition & fees: $10,000
  • For supplies and books, $2,297

You should schedule a meeting with admissions to understand more about the idea, subjects, and curriculum of the barbering program, suggests Spa Tech Institute. Opportunities are available at this barber school for:

  • Alternative Finance Scholarships at the local and national levels
  • Increasing credit score using S. News’s best student loan refinancing
  • merit-based awards.

7. Tricoci University Of Beauty Culture

The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, which is based in Rockford, Illinois, provides a top-notch barbering curriculum with a duration of 1,500 hours and an average completion period of 13 months.

There are 15 separate campuses of this barber school, which was founded by well-known Italian-born hairstylist Mario Tricoci, primarily in Illinois. Those who wish to apply to Tricoci University should budget for the following costs:

  • For tuition and fees, the budget is $19907.
  • For books and supplies, $2,670
  • $9825 for lodging and meals
  • Other living expenses amount to $9,413

If you believe you cannot afford it, don’t worry! This barber school has a policy on affordability to assist students in getting financial aid in several forms:

  • Non-refundable federal grants, such as the Pell grant
  • refundable money for federal loans
  • Veterans’ education benefits
  • scholarships available

Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the easiest approach to applying for federal funding.


Be ready to spend between $3000 and $20,000 on education if you want to work as a professional barber and offer hair and skin services.

You should also budget between $100 and $150 for the cost of the barber licensure exam. Knowing how much money you’ll need for living expenses, books, and supplies is crucial in addition to the estimated budget for licensing examinations, tuition, and fees.

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