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High School Graduation Cords And Stoles Meaning

Hi guys! Welcome to this page. Today, we are discussing High School Graduation Cords And Stoles Meaning.

This article is for new students who are yet to understand the meaning of high school graduation cords and what each color of cords represents.

What is Graduation Cord?

Graduation cords are neck-draping, rope-like decorations that dangle the graduate’s gown’s two tassels down. The Association of College Honor Societies has codified a number of different graduation cord colors.

Additionally, some colleges have their own color-specific graduation honor cord customs. See Free Online Master’s Degrees: 5 Different Options.

Here are the different colors of Graduation cords and their meanings


This hue contrasts so effectively with a black gown which is why it is one of the most widely used choices for graduation cords.

Additionally, it denotes a number of honors. For instance, the Beta Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, and the Spanish National Honor Society all wear gold cords.

It is an academic discipline-neutral hue that is widely known. Gold is a representation of wealth, love, understanding, and wisdom.


Graduates with degrees in oratory, veterinary science, and other medical sciences are identified by their silver graduation cords.

It is occasionally used in the departments of physics, business management, and agriculture. Elegant, gentle, hopeful, and sensitive are all attributes associated with the color silver.

Royal Blue

The eye-catching blue color denotes almost any discipline. However, leadership, volunteerism, and other social sciences are where you most frequently see it.

Additionally using royal blue cords are Phi Kappa Pi, Alpha Kappa Mu, ASGA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, and FFA. The hue represents excellence, dependability, and sophistication.

Navy Blue

Navy blue is an additional hue for graduation cords. With a black cap and gown, this vintage blue cord looks stunning. Most importantly, it frequently features graduates of philosophy.

It is used by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers when coupled with a silver cord. In addition, the color has been utilized by the British Navy since 1748.

Since then, numerous navies all around the world have adopted it. Navy blue is a representation of wisdom, loyalty, and intelligence.

Sky Blue

Graduates in education are designated by this light blue color. Additionally, Eagle Scout recipients dress in sky blue cords for their graduation ceremony.

Sky blue is used by many fraternities and sororities, notably Phi Beta Kappa and Gamma Phi Delta. The color represents intelligence and sincerity.


Red graduation Honor cords display degrees in a variety of fields, including journalism, music, public health, and conservation.

Additionally, the rich cardinal red denotes social affiliations. The Spanish National Honor Society, ASGA, Gamma Sigma Alpha, and Alpha Beta Kappa are a few of these. Red cords stand for bravery, tenacity, and strength.


HOSA, Kappa Delta Pi, and the Science National Honor Society are just a few honors societies that employ purple. Additionally, dental and legal students are required to wear this regal hue as their school color.

Graduates in urban planning and architecture can also use the color. Aspiration, imagination, and commitment are all represented by the color purple.

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a popular color for students who have received awards for their volunteer work in the community and graduates of medical schools.

Additionally, emerald green has been used into the color schemes of many Greek organizations’ cords. Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Lambda Alpha, and Phi Sigma, for illustration, all use emerald color. The hue represents wellness, rebirth, and expansion.


Graduates with degrees in theology and forestry are typically recognized with maroon graduation honor cords. They also denote participation in honors organizations like Omega Chi Epsilon, Delta Epsilon Sigma, and Alpha Sigma Lambda.

The official colors of numerous universities, including Texas A&M, Boston College, and the University of Chicago, are maroon. The hue can stand for self-assurance, ardor, and strength.


Orange cords are frequently worn by Tau Beta Pi members and engineering graduates during commencement.

Orange is a representation of individualism and the artistic spirit. Bright orange cords for graduation are also used by several homeschooling programs. See Harvard University Acceptance Rate.


This distinctive shade leaves a lasting impact on graduation day and is frequently worn by graduates in public administration and the performing arts.

Additionally, sororities like Zeta Tau Alpha and Alpha Kappa Delta can be seen attending commencement wearing turquoise cords. Turquoise stands for vitality, calm, and harmony.

Forest Green

The meaning of the graduation cords varies according to your university to represent long-standing customs and symbolism. For instance, silver cords are frequently worn in place of forest green to show off graduates in medicine.

Additionally, the Biology and General Sciences departments favor the color forest green. The hue represents renewal, growth, and hope.


Graduates in the humanities and arts are frequently recognized with this classy, clean colour. White cords are also worn by the French National Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Mu, and Sigma Theta Tau. White represents innocence, spirituality, and opportunity.


The traditional black graduation cord is worn by graduates of business administration, accounting, and business education. In the absence of color, black represents dominance, prestige, and power.


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