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Harvard University Acceptance Rate 2023

If you are planning to study at a prestigious University like Harvard, here is the information you need concerning the school’s acceptance rate in order to make your admission process an easy one. Let’s move on!

The 2023 graduating class’s acceptance rate to Harvard is 4.50 percent. Only roughly 1,950 of the 43,330 applicants who submitted applications to the institution were accepted into the class. The institution is among the universities with the highest levels of competition worldwide.

A school’s acceptance rate is a good indicator of how competitive it is as well as how well-liked it is. It’s critical to realize that these figures reflect the admissions process at Harvard University rather than dictating it.

The holistic admissions procedure at Harvard University takes test scores and other quantifications into account. See Free Online Master’s Degrees: 5 Different Options.

They also give important consideration to things like your compatibility with Harvard University. These qualitative traits are significantly more challenging to quantify. In light of this, let’s proceed.

Harvard Early Action Acceptance Rate

When applying to Harvard University, there is an early action procedure. Harvard received 9,553 applications for the Fall 2023 early action admissions cycle, and 722 of those applicants were accepted.

Early action candidates had a lower acceptance percentage than those who applied via regular decision. The table below shows the acceptance rate for Early Action from the class of 2025 to 2027.

Class YearApplicantsAdmitteesAcceptance Rate

Source: Harvard University Early Action Admissions Statistics

Harvard University Regular Decision Acceptance Rate

It’s quite competitive to make decisions at Harvard University. In spite of receiving 47,384 applications, Harvard only admitted 1,220 candidates to the class of 2026, resulting in a normal decision acceptance percentage of 2.6%.

Since the Fall 2020 application period, Harvard has received more applications every year. Every year, Harvard University’s acceptance rate falls, making entrance increasingly difficult. See Free Online HVAC Certification For Beginners.

Harvard Regular Decision Acceptance Statistics, Class Of 2024 To 2027

Class YearApplicantsAdmitteesAcceptance Rate (%)

Harvard Acceptance Statistics And Demographics

The student body of Harvard University is comparatively varied, and the racial makeup of those admitted students has remained fairly constant throughout time.

The percentage of African American or Black students has recently climbed by almost 10%. Through their college essays, students who are accepted frequently reveal their background and distinctive experiences.

Harvard Student Statistics, Class Of 2025 To 2027

Class Year202520262027
African American or Black14.4%13.9%23.4%
Native American/Hawaiian1.7%3.7%1.3%


The acceptance rate of Harvard University is the subject of the entire article.

The purpose of writing it was to serve as a manual for potential students applying to the school. If you have any questions about this topic, make an effort to ask them via the comment box.

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