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7 Cheapest Law Schools in California (Tuition, Acceptance Rate, Bar Passage Rate )

Are you considering going into law as a career but you don’t have much finance to back yourself up? We are glad to inform you that there are cheap law schools where you can study under your budget, without owing anything to anyone. This sounds attractive, right?

In this post, we will be discussing the 7 Cheapest Law Schools in California and important things you need to consider before applying to these schools. Let’s get started!

One of the top tourist, educational, and life-supporting destinations is California. Moreover, it is among the most costly states to live in. See the best law schools in San Diego

The universities and colleges in the Golden State—including those that specialize in legal education—perform exceptionally well when compared to those in other states.

For students who desire to practice law in their future jobs, the majority of law schools in California offer a top-notch education. The most notable lawyers are professors and educators because they provide in-depth training, expert knowledge, and practical experience.

The Golden State’s high level of living draws many luminaries and brilliant brains, raising the cost of living and tuition.

However, there are still several excellent options for those who want to study on a budget. And that is the reason this post is being written.

We caution you to keep reading to find out more about the fees and to educate yourself on other terms like admittance and bar test pass rates. See the best law schools in California.

Factors To Consider Before Going To Cheap Law School In California

Acceptance Rate

The acceptance percentage will probably be low for a reputable, well-known school. So that lecturers can devote their whole attention to them and their education, such colleges typically accept fewer pupils.

However, it also means that there is intense competition among students, who are all vying for the chance to attend prestigious colleges and universities in California.

On the other hand, institutions with a greater acceptance rate are truly simpler to get into. But it’s not that easy.

In comparison to some other, larger colleges, it also means that there are fewer applicants each year. See Best Cosmetology School Online.


It’s challenging to locate an affordable law school in California. It’s no secret that California has some of the strictest criteria for students, particularly at colleges with separate tuition rates for students from California and other states.

The decision to apply or not is heavily influenced by lower tuition. Even the most affordable legal schools, nevertheless, rarely charge tuition below $50,000.

It’s reassuring to know that part-time degrees are substantially less expensive and can cost up to $40,000 for the most expensive schools.

Another thing you should take into account while applying for a scholarship is the fact that lodging and meals are also being charged separately.

Bar Passage Rate

This number represents the proportion of students who pass the state bar test on their first try. This test is significant because it enables recent law school graduates to use their education and expertise to advance American legal doctrine.

Most reputable legal schools work to keep this number above 90%, and in some cases, even 80%. Lower-ranking schools typically also have a lower bar passage rate, though.

If a school receives a rating of more than 50%, it is still decent because it signifies that future students have a greater than 50% chance of not having to retake the bar exam.

Here are the 7 Cheapest Law Schools in California

  • University Of San Diego – School Of Law
  • Golden Gate University School Of Law
  • University Of San Francisco Law School
  • Western State College Of Law At Westcliff University
  • Loyola Marymount University Law School
  • Santa Clara University Law School
  • Southwestern Law School

University Of San Diego – School Of Law

The tuition at the University of San Diego might not be the lowest. It costs $58,821 for tuition. It’s important to note that tuition is the same for in-state and out-of-state students, which gives those who wish to attempt living in the Golden State some peace of mind.

However, the University of San Diego is one of California’s most prestigious colleges and universities.

Its admittance rate of 35.4% is lower than that of comparable law schools in the US. But that simply goes to demonstrate how many people are interested in coming here to study. See University Of San Diego Acceptance Rate.

Alternatively, part-time students may enroll at the University of San Diego School of Law, in which case tuition is $43,581.

The institution’s bar passage rate is 76.1%.

Golden Gate University School Of Law

The law school of Golden Gate University features dedicated staff and instructors who are excellent at imparting knowledge of other legal subjects, including intellectual property law, tax law, and environmental law. Only 47.6% of bars travel through it.

This essentially means that only 47% of graduates from this university pass the bar test on their first try, which is not flattering to the institution and does not inspire students to consider attending there as their first wish.

Although there is a phenomenal 61% acceptance rate and a $52,880 tuition charge, you may still be confident that getting a seat at this institution will be simple.

University Of San Francisco Law School

The faculty and staff of the University of San Francisco Law School are prepared to help students become lifelong advocates in the fields of healthcare law, intellectual property law, and other legal areas.

Despite its U.S. News ranking of 147–192 among the top law schools, it nonetheless offers the education you need to work as a lawyer, attorney, or other member of the legal profession.

Its acceptance rate is a respectable 55.5%, and its tuition cost of $52,190 is less than that of other law schools in California. The organization has several student stipends and scholarship programs.

51.8% of students pass the bar at the school. See University Of San Francisco Acceptance Rate.


That’s all on the 7 Cheapest Law Schools in California (Tuition, Acceptance Rate, Bar Passage Rate ). Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this post with us via the comment section.

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