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San Diego State University (SDSU) Acceptance Rate, GPA, and Requirements 2023, 2026

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Do not worry because we are here for you. In this article, we will summarize San Diego State University’s acceptance rate, GPA expectations, requirements, and other admissions-related information.

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Founded as San Diego Normal School, San Diego State University (SDSU) is a public research institution situated in San Diego, California.

As the third-oldest university and southernmost in the 23-member California State University system, San Diego State University houses 23 campuses around California.  

The San Diego State University has a goal to create educational opportunities that are very affordable and accessible. For this reason, the universities in the CSU system are the most affordable and different in California.

Students at the institution learn and earn a degree among the 190 bachelor’s degrees, 91 master’s degrees, and 25 doctoral degrees the university awards. See SDSU Transfer Acceptance Rate.

San Diego State University has over 260,000 alumni worldwide. The university is one of the top producers of U.S. Student Fulbright Scholars in the nation.

San Diego State University has a vision for meeting the academic needs not only of Californians but of those from all works of life.

San Diego State University Acceptance Rate

San Diego State University admissions are more selective with an acceptance rate of 38%. Half the applicants admitted to San Diego State University have an SAT score between 1120 and 1330 or an ACT score of 22 and 29

For this reason, applicants need to work hard in crafting an application that demonstrates their ability to succeed in both their general education courses and in the area of interest they opt for.

San Diego State University Out of State Acceptance Rate

The out of state acceptance rate for enrolled San Diego State University first-year freshmen students was 25% in fall 2021. The information is based on the university’s common data set.

The California State University system has an admission policy that depends on the number of admission slots for a given year.

The out of state acceptance rate shows that California resident students will have a high possibility of being admitted than out of state students.

GPA for San Diego State University

According to the information from San Diego State University, its GPA requirements are on the basis of A-G Requirements, which is a set of course requirements except for the state of California.

Applicants need to have completed a series of college preparatory courses and earned at least a 2.5 GPA for in-state applicants and 3.0 for out-of-state applicants. The average GPA of freshmen on the A-G Requirements is 3.6.

Courses required in the A-G Requirement are courses like a foreign language, laboratory science, and English.

Those who utilize the California State Apply application will be able to record this information within the application and it will calculate if they have reached these requirements.

San Diego State University SAT & ACT Requirements

The submission of SAT and ACT is no longer required for admission to San Diego State University.

Students who wish to submit scores are free to do so but will need to have them sent directly from the testing center to San Diego State University.

Basically, San Diego State University is looking for students who have the foundational education to succeed at the institution. See Texas Christian University Acceptance Rate.

SAT and ACT scores, along with other test scores like AP, IB, and CLEP, aid in determining where students should commence in the San Diego State University general education requirements for writing, math, and more. 

Other Requirements and Admission Tips for San Diego State University

Students will need to accurately fill out their academic record into the Common or Coalition App or send it in separately if using the Cal State Apply, with an application fee of $70 (The application fee can be waived under some criteria).

Applicants will be required to send official transcripts separately to the school, and they are also required to report all their academic work to the application.  

It is very important to note that all the information reported on the application should be the same as the one on the transcript, failure to be so, there is every possibility of the applicants’ admission acceptance being terminated when given admission.

San Diego State University application deadline lies between October 1st and December 15th for the fall semester, by then some applicants may still be completing high school when they go through the application process.

As a result of this, there will be room for confirming and updating academic information,  mainly for high school students who are still completing courses.

Immediately after applicants send in their general application to the school, they will be given access to the applicant portal SDSU WebPortal.

Applicants will receive an admission decision from the school in March via the applicant portal SDSU WebPortal. The admission decision will come in form of either accept, decline or waitlist.

Applicants who anticipate to apply to the honors college will require to have at least a 3.7 GPA and also require to send in a separate application directly to the program by January 17th.

Applicants are recommended to check on the Weber Honors College information page to get more information on the program.


That was all on San Diego State University (SDSU) – acceptance rate, GPA, and requirements. It was written to guide you effectively during your application process. I hope it was useful to you.

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