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Study Tips-Study tips For Students

This post will show you some study tips that will help you to excel in your academics. Relax and read to the end.

  1. Read and re-read what you have learned. Do not only skim and scan. Sit down and do a thorough studying. People tend to forget up to 80% of what they read in just one day. Reading a course 2 to 4 times is very important for deep and lasting impression.
  2. For maximum comprehension, you need not hurry over a text. Be patient while studying, don’t be in a hurry while reading.
  3. Assess yourself by asking relevant questions on the topic you have read. Make reference to past question papers to know how the questions look like and what to expect during exam. Digest and answer the questions satisfactorily.
  4. Form a study group with friends and try to lecture them on the topic you have studied. it helps your subconscious mind internalize the subject matter. Try to share information, it helps a lot.
  5. The study group will help you discover some mistakes you might have been making and they will correct you.
  6. After each lecture or study group class, go back and study more.
  7. When reading, focus on one course or subject at time for effective understanding.
  8. Form a timetable for reading. If you are to read Mathematics today, face it and leave other courses except during exam time.
  9. Note, we are unique beings. There is a special time we all like reading, Some like reading during the day while some at midnight, Understand yours and follow it effectively.
  10. While studying, employ the PQ3R method. It is important to study technique. PQ3R- Preview, Question, Read, Recall, Review.

I can categorically tell you that if you follow all the study tips outlined above, passing your exams will be very easy for you.

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