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Best Science Summer Programs & Camps for High School Students

Are you a high school student who is science-oriented and planning to become a future scientist? This article is meant for you.

Here, we have gathered the list of the best summer programs and camps for high school students. Keep on reading to retrieve the information it carries.


It is easy to find STEM summer programs, but finding challenging summer programs committed exclusively to science can be a more difficult quest!

Summer science programs permit science-motivated students across the country to come together and build friendships while sharpening their science-related critical thinking, and reasoning skills and also making a research question of their selection. See Best Math Summer Programs for High School Students

In the following list, we provide the best science summer programs and camps for high school students in the United States. The list is a mix of in-person, hybrid, and online programs from all corners of the nation.

Here is the list!

  • Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida
  • Clemson Summer Scholars Program
  • Research in the Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago
  • Research Apprenticeship in Biological Studies at Cornell
  • Anson L. Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech
  • The Summer Science Program
  • NIH Summer Internship Program in Biomedical Research
  • Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program
  • Emory University Pre-College Program
  • Research Science Institute at MIT

Student Science Training Program at the University of Florida

Student Science Training Program situated at the University of Florida is a 6 weeks program that is open to rising high school seniors within the age of 16 years old.

The University of Florida’s Student Science Training Program is an excellent option for high school students interested in discovering if a career in STEM is suitable for them.

This rigorous, quick-moving program engages students in at least 30 hours per week of research alongside a faculty mentor. See University of Florida Acceptance Rate.

Participants also attend workshops geared to help them develop leadership, organization, and interpersonal skills in a professional setting.

The three key pieces of the Student Science Training Program are lab research, a science-focused lecture series, and participation in a University of Florida Honors Program seminar.

Throughout the Student Science Training Program, participants engage in small group discussions with advisors and peers, submit weekly lab reports, draft a scientific research paper, present a research poster based on their findings, and deliver two oral presentations.

Students receive constant feedback from counselors and instructors. On the weekends, students might embark on service learning opportunities, field excursions, and other social events.

Research in the Biological Sciences at the University of Chicago

Research in the Biological Sciences is a 4 weeks summer program open to rising high school juniors and seniors.

In this summer program, students get a real taste of life as a researcher. They use a project-based learning approach to study lab techniques and apply molecular biology practices in a lab setting.

In addition to laboratory work, students attend lectures and even give presentations to their peers and faculty mentors.

Those who complete the program should emerge with the confidence to go for a career in a laboratory setting. See the University of Chicago Transfer Acceptance Rate.

Research in the Biological Sciences focuses exclusively on molecular and cellular biology – what’s going on inside the body at a microscopic level.

Students will examine how different proteins interact to cause specific immune responses or how various immune cells can identify foreign substances.

Research in the Biological Sciences is considered the most rigorous of all the pre-college programs offered in biology at the University of Chicago.

Applicants should have earned their high school biology credit and provide evidence of outstanding performance in high school math, chemistry, and biology – ideally at the honors or advanced level.

It is worthy to note that students who have already taken part in a substantial amount of laboratory work outside of their high school classes might find the Research in the Biological Sciences experience redundant and would be best suited to apply to other programs.

The Summer Science Program

The Summer Science Program is a program that lasts for a period of 7.5 weeks and rising high school juniors and seniors who have completed the prerequisites are eligible to enroll in it.

The Summer Science Program is one of the nation’s longest-running residential pre-college programs. It accepts 36 participants and organizes them into teams of three students and seven faculty before they take on a live research project.

At the Summer Science Program, students “do science” each day! They attend class and laboratory sessions six days per week, as well as guest lectures, field trips, and special events.

Each small group is responsible for gathering and examining data related to their research questions and hypotheses, as well as sharing their findings.

What’s particularly unique about this nonprofit program is that it grants voting status to participants for life upon completion.

This means that they join over 2,500 alumni and faculty members in steering and fulfilling the Summer Science Program’s mission.

Donations from alumni ultimately enable the Summer Science Program to guarantee need-blind admissions and financial aid packages to every admitted applicant.

Needless to say, the application process is competitive – not quite 10 percent of applicants are accepted into the school, and those who are can show unique performance in science and math.

Specific prerequisites must also be met, depending on the program. Typically, they include successfully completing classes like calculus, physics, biology, and chemistry.


All you came across in this article was written on the best summer programs and camps for high school students, it was written to assist you in making the right choice of program.

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