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Best Data Science Summer Programs for High School Students

If you have ever enjoyed mathematics, statistics, or working with data and information during high school, data science could be an excellent career path for you.

Now could be the perfect time to begin learning about data science by enrolling in a data science summer program for high school students.

Here, we have put together the best data science summer program for high school students to help you in choosing the best area of specialization that will be fit for you in your career pathway.


Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study that uses scientific methods, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract insight from data. Degrees in this field allow a diverse range of specializations and occupations.

Enrolling in a data science summer program can help you determine if data science aligns with your career goals and objectives. See Best Summer Programs in Texas for High School Students.

Data science summer program is a series of theoretical and practical workshops on the exciting methods and technologies currently employed by industry, government, and civil society to address the world’s most complex problems.

 Benefits that participants will get from the program include a single day (4-hour) workshops covering theory and application; instruction from professors, researchers, and industry experts;

 networking opportunities with other Summer School participants; certificate of attendance for participation in the summer school.

Here is the list of the best data science summer programs

  • Python Data Science & Machine Learning Program
  • UCLA Computer Science Summer Institute – Introductory Track
  • Code Connects Virtual Summer Camps (Virtual)
  • Wharton Global Youth Program Data Science Academy at The University of Pennsylvania
  • Stanford Pre-College Summer Institutes: Introduction to Data Science (Virtual)
  • The University of Washington AI4ALL at the Paul G. Allen School
  • The University of Chicago Data Science Institute Summer Laboratory
  • Quinnipiac University Computing and Data Sciences for High School Students
  • The Carnegie Mellon University Pre-College AP/EA Data Science Experience
  • Syracuse University Data Visualization and Analysis

Python Data Science & Machine Learning Program

Python Data Science & Machine Learning Program is the best of its kind in the United States. The program encompasses two weeks, with participants dedicating at least six hours daily to learning Python fundamentals prior to transitioning to more advanced coursework.

Using software like Pandas, Sci-Kit, and Matplotlib, scholars will quickly learn how to input, interpret, and visualize data.

Program tuition includes all required hardware and software, connections with experienced professors and industry pros, additional online supplemental activities, and small in-person class environments.

Exciting projects keep participants engaged and curious. One group might work on developing vector maps to measure heat sensitivity, while another may track inflation from the 1800s to the present day.

Code Connects Virtual Summer Camps (Virtual)

Code Connects boasts one of the best reputations for virtual computer science summer camps, being that they’re designed by engineers from successful companies like Microsoft, Google, and Disney, along with faculty from Harvard, Brown, and Stanford.

New camps are announced every February for scholars in grades 6-12 and first-year college students, though many signature experiences carry over from year to year.

Emerging Tech is one of Code Connects’ flagship programs, aiming to cultivate student expertise in AI, web development, cybersecurity, healthcare, and technology. In the span of two weeks, participants learn coding skills that they likely wouldn’t have exposure to in a high school setting.

Week one prioritizes Python and additional related concepts, such as booleans, loops, conditions, and functions.

In week two, participants apply their knowledge toward a final project in a field of interest – previous examples include asymmetric encryptions and pet simulators.

Another camp – AI & Big Data – prompts students to train their computers to build smart machines using machine learning and AI skills.

Learn the secrets of how movie streaming services understand users’ preferences and how self-driving cars can operate safely! Bias mitigation in machine learning is a serious element of this curriculum.

UCLA Computer Science Summer Institute – Introductory Track

If you aren’t ready to take part in a hackathon now, you will be by the conclusion of this three-week in-person data science summer program for students entering grades 8-12 in the spring.

One of the major benefits of participation is the opportunity to earn up to four units of computer science credit at UCLA! No prior experience is required, making this a truly accessible option.

Some of the critical topics of the computer science intro sequence include data types like integers, lists, and strings, as well as control structures and functional decomposition. Participants will use Python as their primary coding language.

Morning and afternoon sessions are typically three hours long and taught by UCLA professors or undergraduate tutors. See UCLA Computer Science Acceptance Rate.

In the beginning, students will learn what programs are made of and common elements across programming languages.

As the curriculum progresses, they will learn about recursive functions and encounter tasks requiring them to sort algorithms. The Hackathon takes place on the last day, and you will have to attend to find out what all the talk is about!


When applying for data science summer programs, you can select between in-person and virtual experiences, many of which advertise scholarships for different demographics. For more enquiries on this topic, you can reach out to us using the comment box.

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