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Are you one of those who desire to go to a Carpentry School but you are yet to choose the school that will be convenient for your study?

To assist you in seeing some of the carpentry school options that are available to you, we will be listing out some of the best carpentry schools in the US.

This article analyzed 10 Carpentry schools in the United States to see which one offers the best programs for you. See Best Basketball Summer Programs for High School Students

Carpenters are the creative men and women who carry out craft work by cutting, shaping and installation of building materials during the construction of buildings, ships, timber bridges, and concrete formwork.

Becoming a successful carpenter requires understanding of technical, writing, and social skills. Professional carpenters should be able to interpret techniques, solve problems, use power tools like precision sawing, drilling, hand sanding, choose the right type of wood for specific projects and also make precise calculations.

Carpentry is a career path that focuses more on skill than education, but having a college degree in carpentry may help you earn a higher position in management or as a supervisor, but doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better starting wage as a carpenter.

Here are 10 of the best Carpentry schools in the US.

  • Green River College (Auburn, WA)
  • Washburn Institute of Technology (Topeka, KS)
  • Des Moines Area Community College (Ankeny, IA)
  • Atlantic Technical College (Coconut Creek, FL)
  • Bismarck State College (Bismarck, ND)
  • St. Cloud Technical & Community College (St. Cloud, WI)
  • Fox Valley Technical College (Grand Chute, WI)
  • Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (Lancaster, PA)
  • Ivy Tech Community College (Indianapolis, IN)
  • Williamson College of the Trades (Media, PA)

Green River College (Auburn, WA)

Green River offers one of the most accessible carpentry technology programs, with both day and evening classes.

Regardless of whether a student prefers to enter residential or commercial projects, they will all develop expertise in every major category of carpentry, which takes place in a 5,500-square-foot workshop.

One distinct feature of Green River’s carpentry tech program is that it is also the only institution that has an agreement with the Union Carpenters apprenticeship training program.

Students can earn up to five different training certificates or pursue an AAS. Post-graduate employment is virtually guaranteed, as construction of the brand-new Puget Sound transit system is predicted to take 30 more years. See Best Agriculture Colleges in the US.

Washburn Institute of Technology (Topeka, KS)

Washburn Tech’s building technology and carpentry programs provide students with the knowledge and expertise to complete successful projects in both the commercial and residential realms.

Undergraduates attend half-days-worth of courses to complete their degrees in two semesters, wherein they’ll earn a technical certificate.

Graduates of Washburn tend to earn $28.23/hour as journeyman commercial carpenters and $20.43/hour as journeyman residential carpenters, which exceeds the average Kansas entry-level salaries by $8-$12/hour.

In a course like Introductory Craft Skills, novice carpenters will learn how to use and store tools safely, while in Technical Math I will expose them to the different types of calculations and measurements they’ll be expected to perform in their future jobs.

Des Moines Area Community College (Ankeny, IA)

Des Moines is affordable, Its building trades diploma prepares students for satisfying careers in commercial or residential construction.

One of the program’s greatest assets is the level of one-on-one attention that students receive; they remain with the same teacher throughout the year-long course sequence.

In this time frame, they will work on multiple home construction sites in the Des Moines area, gaining expertise in framing, trim work, and roofing, to name a few critical skills.

Are you looking for an even more in-depth option? DMACC also offers an AAS degree in construction management, which takes five semesters to complete.

This program is geared toward preparation for more supervisory roles. Students will practice evaluating work tasks, preparing financial statements, delegating tasks, and improving leadership skills.


That was all in this article, which laid emphasis on the best carpentry schools in the United States, we believe it was helpful to you. You can share your thoughts with us by using the comment section.

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