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Best Cosmetology Schools in the U.S.

Is going to a cosmetology school your ambition and do you find it difficult to identify the best cosmetology school in Us to apply for? Worry not because we get you back.

In this article, we will list some of the best cosmetology schools in the US. Feel relaxed as you digest this article. Before we move on let’s answer these few questions for more clarification.

What is cosmetology?

Cosmetology is the study and application of beauty treatments. Cosmetology school trains students to work on hair, skin, and nail applications.

Who is a cosmetologist?

A cosmetologist is trained and certified to perform treatments on hair and nails and typically chooses to create a career that focuses on one avenue.

The beauty industry is one of the flourishing businesses with lots of orientation prospects. Beauty care products and other cosmetics are in demand as a result of new era of fashion.

Nevertheless, this cannot be possible without the help of Cosmetology Schools. These schools offer great education quality to scholars whose life ambition is to become a cosmology professional. See Best Pre-Med Schools in Virginia

Notwithstanding, it is important to note that the difference between one cosmology school and the other is quality. This is when these educational establishments are rated based on which is best and not.

Here are the best cosmology schools in the United States.

1. Aveda Institute

Aveda Institute is located in West Chester, Oklahoma and the school was established in 1977. It is the number one best cosmetology school in the United States.

The statement which serves as a force that drives the school is “exceptional greatness is directly related to the quality of our environment as a whole.”

To pursue this mandate, the school has been involved in intensified research to create natural skincare and beauty products.

2. Paul Mitchell School

Paul Mitchell is not only an amazing name in the world of hair products, but along with John Paul DeJoria, they are the organizers of John Paul Mitchell Systems. 

Also, No matter how the doors are opened from place to place, cosmetology education should cover a wide range of topics from hairstyles, face treatments and nail polishes, pedicures and cosmetics. 

In general, in 1980 Paul Mitchell’s organization was considered one of the leading beauty organizations engaged in a ‘free creative experiment’. 

3. Regional Beauty School

Regional Beauty school is located in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Regional Beauty School is among the top-three best cosmology schools in the United States. The School was established in 1934 at Wilkes-Barre PA, this long-standing beauty establishment has over 100 schools.

Also, the school covers a wide range of coursework; doing so with high quality.

4. Turn Point Academy Beauty School

Turn point Academy Beauty school is located at Chicago, Illinois .

The late Leo Passage was a renowned beauty and cosmetic teacher with more than 100 dignitaries worldwide and honored his name. She founded the beauty training organization Pivot Point International in 1962.

Presently, under the supervision of her son, Robert Passage, the program has ’13 Research Fields, consisting of 106 theory theories and 68 subjects. 

There are six study modules in education: Fundamentals of Beauty, Sculpture, Hair Design, Color, Shape and Salonsuki and Meta.

5. Sassoon Academy

Earning itself a spot among the best cosmology schools in the United States Sassoon Academy is a classic beauty institution.

One good thing about the academy is that students with zero knowledge on cosmology can also pick a form, apply, get admitted, receive an education, and become a professional.

Furthermore, the total credit hours for the program is 1600 and this includes rigorous coursework. But it is important to note that you will be needed to have complete study beauty materials; which is not part of the tuition charges.

This will be used in conjunction to train you in becoming a cosmology professional hence can be worth the while, isn’t it?

6. Tricoci University

The school is Driven by its well-being and is internationally recognized, Mario Tricoci reversed his desire to train more cosmetic professionals in 2004 until the founding of Tricoci University. 

Presently licensed by the National Commission for the Approval of Works in the Arts and Sciences, Tricoci University offers a 1500-hour cosmetics program.

It usually takes a year of study to complete if you work full-time,  or 20 months to complete if you think it requires little passion and commitment.

Moreover, all students are given an Apple iPad as part of their study package, which they can take care of. 

Course topics include the practical application of chemicals, hair treatment, hairstyles, haircuts, store management, beauty and nail technology.

7. Ogle School

Location: Dallas, Texas

Ogle School remains one of the best chance cosmology schools in the United States. Located in Dallas, Texas the prominent educational establishment was founded in 1973.

It is one of the few beauty schools in the country to have a habit of retrieving students and also providing educational support.

Moreover, classes are customized and divided into morning and evening sections for flexibility sake.

8. Xenon International College

Location: Omaha, New York

When the founding industry Xenon partnered with Peels Salon Services with the aim of providing quality products and learning about the new era of beauty professionals, Xenon International College was established. 

Currently, with three main areas, this fast-growing institution offers the knowledge of perfection and execution that is essential to the field of cosmetology.

The program is divided into six topic modules and a work center into four levels in each section: discover, try,  create and imagine.

Also, Course features include the architectural technique of sculpture, hair structure, color,  shape, and success of the salon. 

The required Cosmetology Basic Guidelines guide is essential for the Cosmetology Preliminary Training Pack. 

A large number of teachers are also practicing professionals, which brings direct insight into the learning space and encourages active learning techniques.

9. Hollywood Beauty Institute.

This school is spread across 3 distinct areas in Orlando, Florida. 

This great cosmology educational establishment offers education on many beauty sections including health management and cosmetics, nail polish, and shaving.

Moreover, the number of classes you will be demanded to take in order to complete the program (the General Cultural Beauty Program) will be 1,200.

It is worthy to note that, if you are signing for full-time study this will take you approximately ten (10) months to finish the program. you can also opt for the part-time study which takes around seventeen (17) months.

One exciting thing about this cosmology school is that classes are customized and flexible. In extension, due to the high number of Spanish people in the States, students can also opt to study in Spanish as well as take the 700-hours of management courses.

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cosmetology is a lucrative career but you need to know the schools offering the course to study the profession.

Fortunately, we have listed the schools in this article for you and we believe you find this article helpful. Do not hesitate to ask your question in the comment section, we will be there to answer it.

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