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Best Business Summer Programs for High School Students

Are you a business-minded high school student who wants to do great in the area of business in the nearest future? Enrolling in a business summer program won’t be a bad idea as it will shape and build your passion coupled with other benefits it has.

We’ve gathered the list of the best business summer programs for high school students in this article to assist on how to go about choosing the right program. Let’s take the bull by its horn!


Business may be a lonely craft, but it is certainly not something that is learned in isolation.

The best way to improve a business is for you to become part of a business community where constructive feedback and encouragement can help you be the best business guru you can be.

Thankfully, many institutions and universities offer the opportunity to be part of a business community through their summer programs. See Best Animation Summer Programs for High School Students

Many summer programs not only have students work with gifted university faculty, but they also bring students face to face with some of their favorite business icons.

The following list of programs is among the best for a number of different reasons. Some are the best value, and others are because of the unique program focus they offer. But each brings a unique take on training young people in the craft of business.

Regardless of why they are the best, each of these business summer programs offers students a wide range of experience, opportunities, and support in becoming a business guru in the future.

Here is the list of the best business summer programs for high school students

  • Harvard Pre-College Program
  • Summer Pre-College Studies Program at Cornell
  • ENDEVVR at Georgia Tech
  • Edge Summer College Program at the University of Delaware
  • Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute at Stanford
  • Syracuse University Summer College
  • The Anson L. Clark Scholars Program at Texas Tech University
  • Camino al Futuro at George Washington University
  • Business is Global: Summer Language Program at Indiana University
  • Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

Harvard Pre-College Program

Harvard University is well recognized worldwide as one of the best colleges in the world, so it is no surprise that this elite college offers a unique rigorous pre-college program for high-achieving high school students. 

The Harvard Pre-College Program is offered only on campus, giving students a chance to get a taste of what it is like to attend an Ivy League university. Participants can opt from among over 100 different two-week long, non-credit courses, studying in small classes of around only 15 students.

Concentrating on the importance and value of learning for learning’s sake, students do not get letter grades.

Instead, at the end of the program, they will receive a written evaluation from the course instructor, as well as a “grade” of AR or NM, meaning “requirements met” or “requirements not met.” See Harvard MBA Acceptance Rate.

Course offerings include intellectual property law for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Summer Pre-College Studies Program at Cornell

Cornell’s Summer Pre-College Studies programs offer over 50 different three or six-week-long university courses for students looking to get a head start on studying business at a college level.

Students can earn between three to eight college credits depending on the specific course chosen.

During the school’s intensive summer residential programs, participants receive instruction from Cornell’s expert faculty, gain insight into the college admissions process, and enjoy all the social opportunities that campus life at this Ivy League university entails. 

Students can select from different business courses, including an introduction to business management, macroeconomic theory, and marketing.

For students who are interested in interdisciplinary studies, there is also a course called social entrepreneurs, innovators, and problem-solvers, which focuses on the intersection of business and social justice.

ENDEVVR at Georgia Tech

The ENDEVVR program at Georgia Tech is a four-week, intensive program open for high schoolers interested in entrepreneurship. The program is generally held at the University of Pennsylvania, although in recent years have been held online.

During this program, participants have the exceptional opportunity to learn not only critical business skills, but also to start actual companies under the mentorship of experts in the field. 

Over only the first two weeks of the program, participants will collaborate with their teammates to develop their ideas into real products.

They then have the opportunity to connect with actual customers, clients, and investors, giving them invaluable hands-on experience working in the entrepreneurial mentality.

Participants also receive personalized counseling and guidance from the program’s mentors, who are real business professionals with years of experience in this field.


At this point, we believe that the aim of this article has been achieved by giving you access to the best business summer program for high school students and also helping you to identify the program that is right for you. For more enquiries you can let us know by using the comment section.

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