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Yale Law School Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Today, we will be looking at the prestigious Yale law school, with emphasis on its acceptance rate, ranking, and how to get into the school in this article. Let’s get started!


Since its founding in 1810, Yale University has been one of the best country’s institutions of higher learning in the world.

The school has earned special praise for its contributions in specific subjects, with schools that lead the world in art, medicine, business, and other fields.

The United States School of Law was established in 1824, making it the oldest law school in the United States.

In its over 198 years of existence, Yale University Law School has been associated with Nobel Prize laureates and judges who have served on every level of court in the country.

The school has over 70 full-time faculty members, and most of its roughly 200 doctrinal courses have fewer than 25 students.

J.D. students learn about so many sub-fields of law, such as constitutional or environmental law, and can further their studies through research opportunities and the chance to serve as teaching assistants.

Furthermore, Yale University law school has several other graduate law programs, including the Master of Laws (LL.M.).

Alumni of this program are the only ones qualified to continue on to the school’s Doctor of the Science of Law (J.S.D.) program. See What You Can Do With a Law Degree.

Yale University Law School Acceptance Rate

Yale University law school is one of the most selective law schools to get into, Yale Law School, has an acceptance rate of just 5.62%.

For the class of 2025, 4,202 applicants sent their application to Yale University law school, out of the applicants only 236 received admission offers from the school. See Yale University Acceptance Rate.

Yale Law School Ranking

Yale Law School has ranked among the best of its kind in not only the United States but also the world.

In the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings of Law & Legal Studies schools for 2021, Yale placed fourth, best only by Harvard University, the University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge.

QS, a company that provides services to the higher-education world, based the ranking on the schools’ academic and employer reputations as well as the impact of their research.

According to U.S. News & World Report’s 2022 rankings, Yale is the best law school in the nation. It also ranked within the top 10 of several sub-categories, including tying for first in Constitutional Law and tying for 3rd in International Law.

Yale also came in 4th for Contracts/Commercial Law and tied for 4th in both Criminal Law and Clinical Training. Yale has numerous legal clinics where students can gain experience over all three years of study.

The Princeton Review also included the program in its list of the nation’s best law schools, and Yale also earned top marks in two other areas.

The publication ranked it second on its list of best law schools for obtaining federal clerkships, and Yale came in as 1st on the list of toughest law schools to get into.

How to get admitted into Yale University Law School

Applying to Yale Law involves several components, including essays, exam scores, and letters of recommendation.

Yale’s application window runs from October into February, but students who apply earlier in the cycle do not get an advantage.

To submit their application, candidates must register for the Law School Credential Assembly Service (CAS) with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC), through which applicants will submit their paperwork electronically.

These documents include GRE and/or LSAT scores (including the LSAT-Flex and the GRE General Test at Home) and a CAS report.

Applicants must include transcripts for all schools they have attended, including for undergraduate and graduate studies.

Applicants must include at least two letters of recommendation from professors who can share insight into their academic abilities.

Yale also will accept letters from others, such as employers or coaches, but it prefers they come from faculty members.

Furthermore, it is mandatory for applicants to write a personal statement showing the law school what they would offer to its community and a 250-word essay about an issue or other idea that interests them.

The university says it considers each application seriously and encourages people from all backgrounds to apply.

Its Admissions Committee takes into consideration the application documents as well as candidates’ experience, honors they have received, and activities they have participated in, among other factors.


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