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Yale Medical School Acceptance Rate 2023/2027 | See GPA Requirements

It is important to note that Yale University is a highly competitive school as a result of its high acceptance rate.

This article will focus on the Yale Medical School Acceptance Rate, Tuition, Admission Requirements, and tips for aspiring Students in this article, read on to learn more about it

Given the high competition of Yale University’s admittance rate, an aspiring individual willing to attend this school should have motivating reasons.

Even at that, one of the justifications is the Yale system, which is a great feature of the country’s elite curriculum.

Are you an Aspirant who is comparing medical schools and wants to know about Yale University’s acceptance rate in this present academic year?

Then feel relaxed because you are in the right place where every detail about that will be made known to you. See Stanford University Transfer Acceptance Rate

In this write-up, we will make available to you a comprehensive guide on how to get admitted into this prestigious American School of Medicine.

Is Yale University Medical School Good?

If you are thinking about going to a good medical school and you are not quite sure if this American medical school will be fit for you, we will make known to you why it is a good place to study.

We will also let you know why it is one of the best medical schools of its kind in the United States.

Before we go on, it might interest you to know that this American higher school of academic learning is a world leader in internal medicine, drug and alcohol misuse, as well as geriatrics. Yale University Medical School was established in 1810.

Furthermore, the school is affiliated with a Hospital owned by Yale and is one of the best places a medical student should be. See Yale University Acceptance Rate.

Yale University is differentiated by its smaller student body. Because of this, class sizes remain small, hence it is interactive.

Students also get the chance to bond well with their tutors. Statistics has that the number of medical scholars at Yale School of Medicine is less than 500.

Yale’s view on Medicine lectures frequently attracts prominent members of the medical community. The Yale School of Medicine’s innovative program will appeal to prospective students who are looking for a program that requires independence and self-direction.

Yale University Medical School Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate is normally low in medical schools and Yale University Medical School is not exempted. The Yale University medical school has an acceptance rate of 6.5%.

 In addition, the class of 2023 acceptance rate has been released by Yale University School of Medicine and this still shows that the school acceptance rate is slightly constant yearly.

Notwithstanding that the number of applicants affects the acceptance rate, but Yale University Medical School case is quite different.

Generally, Yale University’s medical school is highly competitive, but that should not be a concern for you at this point, because this guide will help you in every aspect as you plan towards getting admitted into the school.

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Yale University Medical School Admission Requirements

Yale University medical school has some admission requirements that its aspirants are expected to meet.

According to data that was gotten from the accepted students in Yale’s most present incoming class (the 2019 class), the Medical Continuous Assessment Test also known as MCAT was pegged at 12.2

Hence, finally, this tallies the test to 36.6, which is very impressive.

Moreover, another vital requirement of Yale University school of medicine is the Grade Point Average which is 3.81 out of a total of 4.00.

Note this:

Yale University has an acceptance rate of 6.5 percent, which is quite low and understandable, given its high quality of medical education.

Yale University School of Medicine has a Grade Point Average of 3.81 out of a possible 4.0. See Yale University Transfer Acceptance Rate

Yale University School of Medicine has a Medical Assessment Test score average of 12.2. However, the higher it is, the better your chances of admission

Additionally, the MCAT examination is required of all applicants to the Yale School of Medicine’s MD and MD/PhD programs.

AMCAS, known in full as The American Medical College Application Service is the body responsible for the reporting of the test results to the Yale School of Medicine.

Admissions Requirements for Yale Medical School

Are you interested in knowing the admission requirements of Yale University medical school?

The admission standards for Yale University medical school are listed in these categories below:

Admission Requirements for Pre-Medical Students:

The following are the minimum requirements for pre-medical students in this current year (2023):

  • Attendance at an accredited university, or institution of technology for 3 good academic sessions or the equivalent.
  • Also, a number of lab courses and work, must be completed successfully. These include General chemistry which is to be completed in 2 academic semesters.
  • zoology or general biology which is to be completed in 2 academic semesters. Organic Chemistry which is to be completed in an academic semester.
  • General Physics which is to be completed in two academic semesters. Biochemistry which is to be completed in an academic semester.

However, based on semester basis, Acceptable courses in these subjects are normally awarded within 3 to 4 credit semester. See Best Pre-med School in the US.

Also, Pre-medical courses must be taken at a university or college in the United Kingdom, United States, or Canada.

Even at that, the United States Community College courses are acceptable if they include laboratory work and are comparable in content to four-year courses at colleges, universities, or institutes of technology.

MD Program Admission Requirements

For MD programs, medical candidates are to ensure that they provide the following academic documents to the school:

  • Secondary Application to Yale University
  • AMCAS (Application for Military Commissioned Service)
  • Scores on the MCAT
  • Letter of recommendation
  • $95 application fee (this is only applicable if the AMCAS fee is not available).


We believe you have known the necessary things that you need to know about Yale University Medical School acceptance rate coupled with its requirements.

Stay connected by always visiting it. Endeavor to drop your questions in the comment section if you have any.

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