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NYU Law School Acceptance Rate and Ranking

Are you a prospective law student who wants to study at New York University law school? Then this article is for you.

In this article, we will be looking at New York University law school acceptance rate, ranking, and how to get into the school. We suggest you should read it to the end.


Founded in 1835, New York University School of Law is the law school of New York University, which is situated in Greenwich Village in Lower Manhattan, New York City.  

As the oldest law school in New York City and the oldest surviving law school in New York State, New York University School of Law offers J.D., LL.M., and J.S.D. degrees in law.

Since the inception of the school, New York University School of Law has published ten student-edited law journals and also publishes three faculty-edited law journals:

New York University School of Law offers several fellowships to students admitted to the LLM Program

Some of New York University School of Law alumni include judges at the International Court of Justice, so many Nobel laureates, prominent United States lawyers like David Boies, and leading human rights practitioners like Amal Alamuddin Clooney.

Read on to retrieve more vital information about the New York University School of Law…

New York University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate into New York University School of Law is 34%, as of the close of the 2021 admission cycle.

Throughout the most recent application window, New York University School of Law received 5,716 applications for the class of 2021. But only 1,892 students were offered admission.

New York University School of Law Ranking

We have all heard of New York University law school, but no one judges the quality of a school by its popularity.

Instead, one judges a school’s value by the quality of its teachers, the successes of its alumni, the research it inspires, and similar metrics.

Even by looking at those qualities, New York University Law stands over and above nearly every law school in the world.

The standard in university rankings in U.S. News & World Report. This highly respected outlet is renowned for its thorough research, its comprehensive criteria, and its compelling range of institutions.

According to these findings, U.S. News puts New York University Law in sixth place on its list of the best law schools, tied with the Carey School of Law at the University of Pennsylvania and above the programs at the University of Virginia and the University of California at Berkeley.

The magazine gives the school even higher marks for specific elements, placing it in third place for business/corporate law and constitutional law, and giving it the number one position for tax law, criminal law, and international law.

New York University Law does just as well when we move past the United States and into the world. See UCLA Law School Acceptance Rate.

According to, the school is the eighth-best law school globally, coming in just above the University of California at Berkeley and the National University of Singapore.

As these rankings demonstrate, very few schools in the entire world can outdo New York University Law in providing a first-class legal education.

How to get into the New York University law school

Because the law school provides students with first-class training in law and rhetoric, New York University Law demands the best of its students.

And while the school does have a relatively high acceptance rate, that rate consists only of students who meet its very high admission standards.

In other words, those 1,892 who are accepted into New York University Law have to have the best grades and application materials.

Based on the school’s statistics, the average undergraduate grade of the incoming class is 3.7 on an unweighted grade scale.

To earn that grade, students must earn As in nearly all of their classes, especially those about history, philosophy, English, and other skills they’ll need in their future careers.

As explained on New York University Law’s admissions website, they look at these scores to determine a student’s likely success in the program.

For that reason, the school also requires that applicants provide their scores on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). See Law School Requirements.

The LSAT consists of five sections, each of which tests students on their logical reasoning, verbal abilities, reading comprehension, and more.

On average, New York University students score a 170 on the LSAT, with the lowest number of accepted members at 166 and the highest at 172.

The school also requires students to submit letters of recommendation and an application essay, all of which can greatly increase the chances of acceptance.


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