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What is Harvard Known For? | Is Harvard a Good School

Do you desire to know about one of the world-class universities in the world called Harvard University? Do you really care to know what Harvard is known for?

If yes, then this article is for you. Today, we will be discussing the majors offered in the school, what made the school a good one and why you should make the school your school of choice. Read on to know more about this prestigious university.


Older than even the United States itself, Harvard University is one of the most respected institutions in the country.

Like its fellow members of the Ivy League, Harvard has a reputation for academic excellence and first-class research.

Members of the faculty and graduates include winners of every known honor, including 161 Nobel laureates and 64 Field Media.

Many of the best-known names in various fields have graduated from Harvard. Founder of Microsoft and philanthropist Bill Gates, Formal first lady of the United States States Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg all graduated from Yale, as have Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama. 

From its founding as Harvard College in 1636, Harvard university has become a home for innovation and forward-thinking.

One of the most important developments in the school is the  Harvard medical school. Harvard Medical School education prepares students to excel in the rapidly changing landscape of modern medicine.

This can be achieved through a curriculum grounded in the study of leading biomedical science and clinical experience, a rich diversity of degree program choices, and a history of innovation that continues to set the standard. 

Away from this, Harvard has established groundbreaking English and comparative literature programs.

While these attributes have their value, they are just a few of the things for which Harvard is best known.

What Majors & Academics Are Harvard Known For?

 Earning the rankings described above requires first-class academics, which Harvard has in spades. Every single program offered by the school features the best in faculty and research, ensuring complete preparation for the students who graduate.

But certain programs stand out, even among this proud company. The Harvard School of Divinity is recognized as the world’s best program for studying theology.

Combining religious inquiry with practical application, the school’s divinity degree trains students to put their studies within the context of other religions.

This approach has been spearheaded by faculty members such as Dean David N. Hempton, the author of several books on religious history. Graduates leave prepared to face the challenges of religion around the world.

Harvard’s Medical School program is regularly recognized as among the best in the world aside humanity.

It earns this designation thanks to outstanding faculty, including Associate Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience who has published his findings in top journals, including The American Journal of Primatology and National Neuroscience.

A respected ranking outlet called U.S. News & World Report not only lists Harvard University as the top medical school overall, but several of its programs also take the number two spot in their respective categories, including internal medicine, pediatrics, and anesthesiology

Is Harvard a Good School?

One of the most respected members of the vaunted Ivy League, Harvard is unquestionably a good school.

But it is more than a matter of reputation; Harvard university is a good school because its faculty and students consistently do excellent work.

Evidence of Harvard’s quality can be found in the ranking awarded by the trusted outlet U.S. News & World Report.

According to U.S. News, only two schools in the United States are better than Harvard. All others fall below, including such revered institutions as Yale, the University of Chicago, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Harvard University stands out even more on the site’s specialized lists. The university falls among the top five in subjects such as writing in the disciplines, undergraduate research, and first-year experiences. Most importantly, U.S. News ranks Harvard as the best value in higher education.

Another ranking site, gives equally high marks. Thanks to the university’s excellent academic rigor, highly diverse student body, and overall value, the school earns an A+ grade.

Likewise, Niche’s unique lists give Harvard top marks in a variety of categories, putting it as the number one school in the country for studying Medical program

Yet, with such a stellar reputation comes great competition. An elite school, Harvard has a very low acceptance rate of 4%.

Why Harvard?

For some, the reasons to study at Harvard are so numerous that they can’t even be listed. Not only is Harvard one of the oldest and most respected schools in the nation, part of the world-famous Ivy League, but it’s a regular fixture in popular culture.

It is not hard to find a movie or tv show in which a smart character proves their intelligence by going to Harvard.

As we have seen throughout this article, the school backs up its reputation with its storied alumni, its numerous research breakthroughs, and its continued commitment to the best in academics.

That description might bring to mind stuffy classrooms with erudite professors, but Harvard is so much more than just a place for the greatest minds to come together.

In fact, the school’s numerous traditions and active club life point to a lively campus, a place where students get to have fun.

And with a championship athletic program, there are plenty of ways for Harvard students to have fun while they learn.

Of course, with such impressive qualities also comes a microscopic 4% acceptance rate. But for those who do make it in, Harvard University offers everything one could want from a great institution.


All the important information on what Harvard is known for has been discussed in this article to enable you to know more about the school and also know what made the university outstanding among other universities.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share on this topic, you can do that using the comment box.

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